The Resolution That Changed Everything

peggy avagliano

Like millions of people throughout the world, I make a New Year’s Eve resolution to lose weight and eat healthier. When I tell my four kids, they roll their eyes believing that the resolution will only last a few days to weeks, as it has in the past. While I was still on the health kick this year, a friend emailed me Family Circle’s Healthy Family Challenge entry form. I entered, pausing only briefly to consider what it would mean if our family was chosen to be in the challenge; after all, it was Family Circle. So many people would enter. Why would they chose us?

A few weeks ago, I received an email saying that my family was a finalist! Wow! Before I spoke to anyone, I had to tell my family. Responses included:

“Why didn’t you tell us about this before you entered?”

“Do we have to?” and

“I am not giving up my cookies at lunch.”

I told them that we were finalists, and nothing was decided. We would not do this unless everyone was willing to try. Bottom line. They all agreed. Even my two daughters in college (Katie and Christina) said they would try and follow the challenges. We would do this as a family.

We were told that the challenges would not be “too hard” and we could win “fabulous prizes.” The first challenge would begin on Ash Wednesday! It was perfect. Lent has always been the Catholic excuse to diet. Throwing 2,000 years of guilt on top of any resolutions you want to make sure helps. As a good Catholic, post Vatican II, you need to give up something and do something. I gave up chocolate, and will try to do the challenges. Okay, maybe that is a little too self-serving. I’ll give up chocolate (not an easy thing for me), and try to get other people to join us in this challenge—and improve their health along with us.

I’m happy my family is to be a part of this challenge. The one thing I feel I have not given my children is a good role model for proper nutrition, and now Family Circle is going to help me fix that.

If my family, friends, co-workers—and anyone who happens to see this blog, loses weight and gets into better shape, we will have won—even if we never get one of the “fabulous prizes.”

Leave a comment and let me know if you’re on board!

One Response to “The Resolution That Changed Everything”

  1. Wahoo! So thrilled that you were chosen by Family Circle, Peggy! This is going to be a great ride for all of you!