Peggy, Week 1: “How Do You Say ‘Salad’ In French?”

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Ever notice that life has a way of challenging all of our good intentions to change our habits? We’ve all made plans to change only to find that, somehow, there is an excuse. Some reason as to why right now is simply not the best time for that change. Maybe the holidays are approaching, and we know that we will never be able to resist Pappa Tom’s Christmas cookies, so we dig in and indulge. Or maybe there’s a wedding, or a birthday or an upcoming trip to Paris that gives us an excuse we’re looking for to resist change.

This challenge started just as my youngest daughter, Amanda, and I were leaving to join my middle daughter, Katie, in Europe. Katie is a freshman at Florida State studying abroad for the year. We have the planned two trips—one now and one during her Spring Break. My husband, Peter, and son, Michael, are staying at home and working.

Prior to this trip, I have only been around the world in Epcot Center. Normally, I would have tossed all my good, healthy intentions aside. After all, this is a trip of a lifetime. But something else is different now. We’ve made a promise to try and do the challenge of increasing our fruit and vegetable intake as part of the Healthy Family Challenge. And, as Amanda pointed out at the airport, a promise should be kept.

So, we added a salad to our dinner, and bought some fruit for the plane. We landed in Paris, and found a grocery store so we had we had fruit in the room. Yes, we are still eating brie and croissants, but we added pears, and apples to the lunch. Salad or vegetables accompany dinner. Basically, we made a compromise with ourselves to continue the challenge, but to enjoy the vacation, too.

If we can do this in Paris, we should be able to continue to try at home.

A promise is a promise, but maybe the most important promise we make is not to some challenge, but to ourselves. So, if you are taking the time to read this, try the challenge along with us, and remember that compromise is not the same as giving up, and a promise is a promise.

Post a note and let me know how you manage eating healthy on vacation.