Tiffany, Week 1: You’ll Never Guess Our New Favorite Vegetable


We have been given an abundance of produce from Melissa’s. Every week they deliver a shipment filled with new fruits and vegetables for us to try right to our door and have loved almost all of it!

One of my newest favorites is Jicama. I’d never heard of it before this challenge. Jicama is a starchy root that contains only 35 calories per 100g.  It’s high in fiber and anti-oxidants.  You can add jicama to stir fries or have it in strips with some lime squeezed over top of it for a refreshing snack. It is so good. I cut it up and it’s great plain.

The kids didn’t care much for it plain. So I spray a cookie sheet with an olive oil non-stick spray, cut the jicama like French fries and sprinkle seasoning salt, spray a little more of the olive oil spray and bake at 400 for 20 minutes and voila! They were crunchy, salty and sweet. Almost like fries. Really does it get any better than that? Don’t we all want something crunch, salty and sweet?  It’s the triple threat.  This makes it even better because it’s good for you too!

It’s been tough getting the kids on board with the challenge. But its helped us to realize that in the world of fast, fast, fast and go, go, go, fruits and veggies can be just as fast as other grab and go foods. You can grab an apple or a pear faster than you can wait on line at a sub shop for chips. We just need to think in that light.

Leave a comment and let me know your favorite healthy on-the-go food.

Photo via Farmanac iPhone app