Peggy, Week 1: Trying to Eat Healthy Abroad

I have noticed a few things while trying to keep up this challenge abroad. In London, most places do not have side salads with dinner—although you can get one with an omelets in the morning?! I find that I eat healthier through the day, if I start with fruit in the morning. So that’s what I’ve been aiming to do.

We have not managed more than 3-5 servings of veggies and fruit per day while away. But we wouldn’t have eaten even that amount if it weren’t for the challenge.

At home, my husband, Peter, and son, Michael, have been working on the set for a high school play: “Into the Woods.” They have been having their own challenge of trying to eat fruits and vegetables while working until 10 pm each night. Peter has been in touch with Chef Miki and Robert Schueller (director of PR) at Melissa’s/World Variety Produce, who plan to expand our horizons. Every week, they’re going to be sending shipments of new fruits and vegetables to our house for us to try.

While the challenge is on my mind, this trip really has me reflecting about raising kids. As parents, if we do our job right, our children grow up to become independent adults who feel confident in creating their own path. We know this: after all, we left our parents to build our own lives. Yet, somehow, this process of letting them move on is much harder than I ever imagined. We drop them off at college—or the airport. We support them through the initial adjustments of college: roommate issues, how to cook that chicken dish they love. And, soon, they have settled into their new life.

At some point, we visit, and it is weird to become the visitors in our children’s lives. We meet their friends, of whom we have heard stories or read about on our children’s blogs. But we don’t really get to know their friends the way we did when our children lived at home. At some point, it is time to leave, and I can’t help but wonder: Where did the time go?

Visiting Katie in Paris and London has been amazing. I have not traveled abroad before, and it is great to have my own personal tour guide taking me to museums, leading me on and off buses and the Underground so I don’t have to worry about where to get off. I know she is becoming an impressive young woman, but sometimes,  it’s like in the movie “Father of the Bride.” You look at your daughter and you see her not as the adult she has become, but the three year old, she used to be.

Tonight, my eldest daughter, Christina, who is 20, will join us. We will have one night together, before Amanda and I head home and we are going to see Wicked. Tonight all the girls will be together!

Leave a comment and let me know how you feel about our kids growing up and moving on.