Tiffany, Week 2: Did I Say This Was Easy?


With any major change come lessons to be learned along the way. And that those lessons don’t always come easy.  Don’t get me wrong I deeply appreciate the opportunity given to us from Family Circle. However it’s a lot of work.

Both my husband and I work full time outside the home, we have two school-aged kids (Anna and Jack) and lead a busy life. I am a machine in the gym. I love to work out!  Call me crazy, I know, but I need to work out like we need to breathe. It’s my way of waking up, de-stressing, having energy, being balanced, etc.  When I don’t have that time, my day is just not right.  On average I work out 5 times a week. I love to run and do hardcore circuit training. The more I sweat the better I feel.

We are currently in a challenge to eat as many fruits and veggies as possible and we are to log them and record them.  While logging food isn’t strange for me, it is hard to physically put pen to paper and write it down. I’ve always used online journals rather than good old-fashioned pen and paper. (A company called FLogg Daily sent us journals we can use to keep track of our food intake, exercise, water intake and more). Andy and Anna are having a hard time remember to write down the specifics and amounts. We are learning and getting better but the process is a tough one.

What we are really learning so far in this challenge that this isn’t a contest of East vs. Mid-West. It’s a life change in learning to make small changes in our foods, exercise, portion control, and truly being aware of every liquid and solid that touches our lips and account for it all!

I’m learning it’s OK to have a mini meltdown (yes I’m a cry baby) but then pick yourself up by the work out shorts and get to work.  To quote a great shoe company “Just Do IT!”

Leave a comment and let me know how you like to work out!

One Response to “Tiffany, Week 2: Did I Say This Was Easy?”

  1. you are doing fantastic tiffany!! i’m proud of you. yes, it’s okay to have a melt-down … you are human and this is difficult physical-emotional work you are doing. keep up the great work. you have my support!