Tiffany, Week 2: Our Favorite New Healthy Foods

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Fruits and veggies…are you getting enough?  Chances are probably not.  I know the Lehmans were not!

As you know this month’s challenge is all about eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Melissa’s is sending us fresh produce for the month and those shipments include things we would have NEVER thought to use.

Like many we are a very busy family and we don’t have a lot of time to stop and prepare vegetables and fruits. So Melissa’s sent us dried fruit. LOVE dried fruit now because of this challenge. It is so good to just throw some dried blueberries into a salad or eat dried mango as a on-the-go snack.

Another one of my favorite things Melissa’s sent to us is quinoa!  We loved quinoa before Melissa’s sent it to us but we had no idea how versatile it was until Chef Miki from Melissa’s told us different ways to prepare it. One way that I really love is to take a cup of rinsed and drained quinoa, cook it with a cup of water and a cup of apple juice, teaspoon of ground cinnamon, pinch of nutmeg, raisins and then follow the package direction. Yummy breakfast and especially good if someone has a gluten allergy or sensitive to wheat/gluten. Another wonderful thing we love about quinoa is that we can make a large batch at once and freeze it and it keeps well and we’re able to grab it and go.

I can’t wait to hear the ways you’ve started to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily lives! Leave a comment below!