Peggy, Week 3: Shaking Up My Shopping List

Armed with my shopping list and my coupons, my weekly trip to the supermarket is all about three things:

  • getting in
  • getting out
  • and occasionally, getting a great deal by combining a coupon with a special sale.
kiwi berries

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I have never lingered in the produce aisle to check out fruits or vegetables I have not previously tried. I simply gravitate to the bananas, grapes and apples—with perhaps a brief glance at a product I don’t really recognize. On an adventurous day, I might grab a different type of apple, such as a gala or rome instead of red delicious. But I never would have glanced at sunflower chokes; let alone bring them home to try. (Just so you know, sunflower chokes came in the weekly produce package we get from Melissa’s Produce as part of the Healthy Family Challenge. You cook them as you would a potato).

Some of my family’s favorite arrivals from Melissa’s include:

Kiwi berries. They are the size of grapes and do not have a fuzzy skin. You simply rinse them off and eat them. They are bite sized and a great snack after a long day. Amanda loves them.

Pomegranate seeds. These seeds are both sweet and sour at the same time! Put a teaspoon in a salad for a great burst of flavor. They also make a good snack when you want to eat sweets! The seeds arrived vacuum sealed and separated from the pomegranate, making them a very convenient. Although I never noticed them before, I now realize they’re in my local supermarket. )

Baby cucumbers. They’re just the right size for a single salad. All you have to do is rinse and slice.

Mini sweet peppers. They add a little fun color to any dish you would use peppers in.

So, linger a few minutes in the produce aisle, and pick out one new thing this week for your family that is a little more adventurous than a different type of apple. Leave a comment and let me know what you’re going to try!