Tiffany, Week 3: Our Healthy Taco Night Dinner

Veggie Tacos

What a blessing it was to weekly have fresh fruits and veggies waiting for us so we could use them and become more healthy! A big thank you to Melissa’s for giving us tips, ideas, the books and your knowledge. NEVER would I have guessed there is so much variety out there. Red quinoa? Pixie tangerines? Baby kiwi?

To those that give a second thought to fruits and veggies or think they are too expensive. Think again. It is amazing how a piece of fruit as a snack versus something out of a vending machine or one of the “healthy” bars will fill you up faster and keep you more satisfied.

Our first challenge is to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible and we had quite a variety sent to us to try to help us execute this challenge. I fell in love with lentils. Never have I had a lentil until this challenge and chances are I never would have either.  Lentils are a great source of fiber and help fill you up which makes for eating less that ultimately helps reduce your waistline.

The nutritionist we are working with also gave us a great idea for a meatless meal. Quinoa tacos or taco salad. Cook the quinoa to the package directions, drain and rinse black beans, combine into the quinoa, add taco seasoning (we learned you only need about a half packet of the taco seasoning if you’re using store-bought seasonings) and serve.

If we’re having tacos we use whole grain soft shells. For the salad we’ll serve it over spinach—in a bowl, not a greasy taco salad shell bowl, use plain fat free Greek yogurt rather than sour cream, a little shredded cheddar cheese and salsa and dinner is served.  It is so good and filling you don’t miss the meat!

This challenge really helped me put produce in the forefront of my mind and made me open up my eyes and realize how important it is to eat these things.  I felt like I had more energy and I just felt clean and light.

Post a comment and tell me your favorite healthy dinner recipe.