The #1 Secret To Expanding Your Taste

Spinach with Asparagus & Goat Cheese

They say familiarity breeds contempt. And that’s the last thing you want when it comes to fruits and vegetables. But if you eat bananas day after day, you may get sick of them and quit eating fruits altogether. Or you could go to the other extreme, trying some exotic new vegetable, hating it and leaving your diet lacking. So we asked Miki Hackney, corporate chef at Melissa’s Produce for some tips on expanding your repertoire of fruits and veggies. Her advice: take baby steps.

“Let’s say you don’t like prunes,” says Chef Miki. “Consider that they’re related to plums.” Then follow a progressive food chain to get from one to the other. “Go from eating plums to eating more grapes. Then go from grapes to raisins. And then go from incorporating more raisins in your diet to working in prunes,” she explains.

Another easy, slow transition? Get from iceberg lettuce to dark leafy greens. “Iceberg doesn’t have much nutritional value,” explains Chef Miki. “But you could start by adding mixed greens to your salad.” Once you get accustomed to that, try adding in spinach or arugula, finally progressing to kale and collard greens.”

In a food rut? Post a comment and tell us what fruit or veggie you’ve gotten stuck on.

In addition to sending our Healthy Family Challenge teams weekly bundles of new fruits and vegetables to try, Melissa’s Produce offered up corporate chef Miki Hackney as an advisor to our families.