Peggy, Week 4: Ready For Our Close-Up

Today was the professional photography shoot for the magazine. We always meant to get professional photographs of our family, but we never did, and somehow, it seemed like we’d have time to get it done. Some day. We brought the kids to see Santa in the mall, and even to the local big store photo shop for a photo, but not the six of us. Either our work schedules or our lack of money or our lack of planning prevented us from getting that big family portrait.

After all these years, we were finally having professional photographs taken in our home as part of the Family Circle Healthy Family Challenge. Unfortunately, our oldest two daughters, Christina and Katie, are in college, so they were not in the picture!

Looking through old photos, brings back the memories and emotions of the day; which is probably why we feel the need to share them:

kids on slide

Having four kids in less than five years, is a great way for any child to grow up, because they always have each other. As the eldest child, Christina has always looked out for everybody else. As the middle daughter, Katie has always been able to bridge the gap between each of her siblings–managing to be best friend to everyone. As the only boy, the girls look to Michael for advice on the “boys’” point of view; as their brother, he places himself in the role of protector, whether they want him to or not. As the baby, Amanda is slightly more independent than the other kids. Two years younger than Michael, but three years in the classroom, due to a change in birthday cut-off dates, placed her in a different school (grammar school v. middle school; middle school v high school) until this year.

Five years difference in age will have no meaning by the time they are 30, and the difference is already starting to shrink.

When I think of my kids, I often think of them as they were in this photo taken in Disney when they were all still in grammar school. Our home only feels “right” when we are all under one roof.

kids at disney

The reality is that they are growing up – as this photo taken 2 years ago shows.

kids at disney now

Making me wonder, where did the time go?

Photographs are memories, so take a few of your family today. (If you have teenagers, they will complain, but someday, they will be glad they have them).

But, I digress….

Today, was the professional photo shoot for the “before” pictures. The team arrived at our house minutes after I got home from work. The make-up artist did our hair and make-up, while the photographer and assistant set up their “studio” in our living room.

By the way, it would be nice to have someone do you hair and makeup every day before work.

We donned our bright orange FC challenge t-shirts; no, we did not chose the color, and smiled for the camera: “happy family,” “look left,” “look right,” “Jersey tough,” “duke it out,” “Congrats, you won!” “Yeah! We won!”

In about an hour, the photo shoot was over, and we went out to dinner; after all, we had our hair and make-up already done. (Yes, we changed our t-shirts first).

Post a comment and tell me about your last family photo.