Peggy, Week 4: We Won The First Challenge!

“Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is.” – Zig Ziglar

As you may have already guessed, we believed we had lost the first challenge. We had a lot going on this month. The challenge began as Amanda and I left for a week-long trip in London visiting my middle daughter, Katie, who had the week off for spring break. She is doing her first year of college abroad. (Christina, my eldest daughter, spent her spring break in London as well. Our last night, was her first, and we all went to see Wicked on the West End).

the avaglianos at wicked

My husband, Peter, and my son, Michael stayed home to work on the set for a high school’s production of the musical, Into the Woods. (Michael desires to be a Broadway set designer). Michael helped Peter design and build this year’s set. Each character came out of their fairy-tale books. One of Michael’s design contributions was the pop-up book for the bakery. This set pops up from the central book pictured below the bridge in the first photo.)

into the woods set

into the woods set

Although we added fresh fruits during the trip, and my husband brought fruits and vegetables to the theater to snack on, we were not incredibly strict on our diet.

Once we were home, and the show opened, more small changes occurred on a daily basis. We added salads to our pizza nights, and fresh vegetables with dinner. Amanda began to make smoothies for dessert using berries, yogurt and ice, and to dip fruits in chocolate. Michael’s favorite: the chocolate covered bananas. Peter started to eat apples or carrots and celery, with peanut butter or ranch dressing for dipping, instead of chips on his road trips related to work. In the end, small changes, in my case swapping bagel sandwiches for 3 cup salads I brought from home, pushed us into victory on the challenge.

Our prize: a T-Fal gift card worth $250! T-Fal makes pots and pans that are reasonably priced. A full set of pots and pans for induction cooking costs under $145; this leaves plenty of opportunity to get a big stock pot. The company also makes AirBake cookie sheets, and small appliances such as toasters and bread makers. I discovered that the factory for T-Fal is here in New Jersey. I plan to shop at the factory store, once I have a free day! (Maybe when Christina and Katie are home).

Bottom line, small changes make a difference.  In my next post I’ll share our winning secrets. In the meantime, post a comment and tell me about some small changes you’ve made this month.