Tiffany, Week 4: We Didn’t Win, But…


Challenge #1 is over and the Lehman’s did not take home the prize from Family Circle but we didn’t walk away LOSERS either! We gained so much and won so much through this challenge.

We learned that it is just as easy to grab a piece of fruit and go as it is to grab a “healthy bar” and go. It’s just changing your mindset. I know after we eat a lot of those good-for-you bars I’m left feeling more hungry than what I was before I ate it. Not to mention a serving is two bites (ha!).

Now that I personally have incorporated a lot more fruits and vegetables into my daily diet I feel more satisfied, not deprived, no crazy cravings. I feel like some one has cleaned house on the inside of my body. Andy said he feels the same way. His job is pretty physically demanding and he’s a big boy so he needs a lot to keep him satisfied. So for him to feel not full but not starving is great for him. This, too, has helped us both shed some much-needed inches off our waistline.

Anna, LOVES all things sweet. It doesn’t matter if it’s good for you sweet or bad for your sweet. If it tastes like sugar she’s on it! She has grown to LOVE and CRAVE things like pineapple, oranges, tangerines. She loved the mango’s Melissa’s Produce sent to us, she loved the dried fruits.

Jack is our tough eater…He has just a few things he will eat. It doesn’t help too that he has severe food allergies. He is allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. His peanut allergy is so severe that it could, if he went untreated, kill him. So he/we are very set in what he eats, what brands he eats, etc. He didn’t eat much of the fruits and vegetables but he would try some things. He did like the dried fruits–it reminded him of the fruit snacks you can buy in the store that are loaded with sugar and nothing good for you. He also liked the baby cucumbers Melissa’s Produce provided. They were bite size, fit in a small hand nicely, had great flavor and crunch.

I’m not going to leave you thinking that I am a happy loser because I don’t like to lose. Show me someone that doesn’t mind losing and I’ll show you a loser. I think I was about to drive some of the staff at Family Circle a bit crazy with my competitiveness: fear of failing Family Circle, fear of failing our family and fear of failing you but someone told me that we/I are not failing.

To remove the challenge/contest part out of my mind and remember this is about making changes in our lives, not to win a prize but to win our life! So go out there, give it all you’ve got and when you have those times of feeling like you’re failing step outside of yourself and think: “What positive changes am I making in the process and what is my progress?” I guarantee you’ll see success and you’ll be a winner!

Post a comment and tell me about some positive, healthy change you’re making in your life!