Tiffany, Week 5: The Last Supper (Kind Of)

the lehmans

This past weekend Andy and I enjoyed every sip of wine or beer we had. . . maybe a little too much. But we weren’t celebrating anything. Here’s what happened.

On our weekly call with our nutritionist, Stephanie Karpinske, I had a feeling the next challenge was going to be related to water. I started thinking, “Oh this is going to be easy.” We can drink anyone under the table when it comes to water! Personally, I drink a gallon or more a day. I crave it! I have to have it! Also, I do drink coffee (about 20 ounces a day) but the rest of the day it’s water. About three times a month I’ll treat myself to a Diet Mountain Dew but that’s really it.

People think I’m nuts when I tell them how much water I drink. I get comments like, “How do you get anything done?” and “How many trips to the ladies room do you make in a day?” Lets just say that I’m well hydrated and my skin looks good as a result.

Andy doesn’t drink as much as me but I’m sure he’s not far behind. Anna drinks on average about 50 ounces and Jack around 35 ounces. The kids drink milk (Jack has rice milk) and water that’s about it. We are not big on soda or juice. That’s just who we are.

So back to the call with our nutritionist. Stephanie asked me if I had any ideas on what the next challenge would be and I belted out: “Water!” I’m walking around while talking to her almost dancing because I’m thinking we are so going to win this next challenge.

“The other family doesn’t drink nearly as much water as yours does,” she said. “But they don’t consume the amount of wine and beer that you do either.” (For the record, the kids don’t drink wine and beer, only us parents). “So their challenge is to increase the amount of water they consume and yours is to keep your water up and drink as little wine and beer as possible,” Stephanie revealed. SAY WHAT?????? OK so I’m not dancing around the room anymore.

Stephanie tells me on the call that the challenge starts on Monday so enjoy the weekend because it’s on like Donkey Kong after that. (OK, I said that last part, not her). So we took the weekend and Andy and I enjoyed our wine and beer. But now the challenge is on.

This challenge is equally as difficult as the last but in its own way. I am kind of embarrassed to talk about this because I don’t want to seem like we’re lushes because we’re not. We just love wine and beer and it’s a way for us to unwind, makes the food taste better and it’s great conversation.

But I will admit that the amount we consumed in the past was not a “healthy” level. I’m learning that we can still have our wine and beer and enjoy it as much as before just not as much volume-wise. With hundreds of calories in each glass, wine can pack on the pounds.

Would you be willing to give up alcohol to lose weight? Post a comment and let me know.