Peggy, Week 5: 3 Truths About Drinking More Water

Sigg water bottle

Most of us know that we should drink more water, and less of everything else, so it is not surprising to learn that this month’s challenge is to up our H20 intake. To help us get into the habit, Family Circle asked Sigg to send us some aluminum water bottles. Each of us had the opportunity to choose our favorite bottle from their website.

Amanda chose the Return to Nature theme. At fifteen, she is our most environmentally conscious family member; reminding us all to turn off lights and to reuse and recycle. Michael took the Tribal theme; Peter picked Interference; and I selected Balancing Act.

The Pros: These water bottles are pretty. The water stays cold within them for a long time. The screw cap does not leak.

The Cons: The screw is better suited for a hike in the woods or a sip at your desk. It’s hard to get the top on and off when you’re in the middle of exercising at the gym. Overall, I with the bottle had a pull top lid.

The bottles helped my family be more mindful of the amount of water that we’re drinking. We know it’s important so we’re trying to improve. So far, I’ve found there are three truths when it comes to increasing your daily water intake:

1)      You will want to drink water if you work out.

2)      You can decrease the amount of food you want to eat, by drinking water before you eat

3)      You have to think about drinking water, to really change your habits. (I alternate hot tea and water at work)

We are all supposed to continue to eat fruits and vegetables while adding at least 8 glasses of water. The idea is to slowly change our habits and we’re getting there.

Have you been successful increasing the amount of water you drink in a day? What worked for you? Post a comment and tell me here!