Peggy, Week 6: An Eco-Friendly Reason to Drink More Water

This month we got a special delivery courtesy of the Healthy Family Challenge: a SodaStream. This home soda maker turns tap water into sparkling water. Add in one of the 30+ different types of syrups they offer and you could be drinking anything from cola to ginger ale to kiwi strawberry sparkling tea to mint-flavored seltzer.

Given that this month’s challenge was to decrease our intake of sugar-sweetened and caffeinated beverages, we only got sent the unsweetened MyWater Flavor Essences (to make seltzer flavored like lemon-lime, for example).

A surprising benefit of the SodaStream: It allows you to enjoy your favorite flavors and decrease your carbon footprint. That’s a big plus to my youngest, and most environmentally conscious daughter, Amanda. By making seltzer or soda at home, you are decreasing the pollution caused by the transport of the bottled soda to the store and the packaging waste from the cans and bottles in our landfills!

Making soda at home is easier than buying it at the store as well. That’s because you don’t have to lug the heavy bottles home! And, of course, you save cash too!

Would you ever try a product like this? Post a comment and let me know.