Peggy, Week 8: Day Two of Boot Camp

peggy avagliano

To be fair to the Island Gym, the boot camp is actually called AOS, or Art of Strength. Anyone in their twenties might refer to it by this name, although I think I will still call it boot camp. Putting in three workouts per week is a challenge with my work schedule and boot camp has only limited hours. Since I begin work at 7 am, and had two late night meetings, I had to go in Saturday morning in order to get in three workouts.

Unfortunately, on Saturday I was running the Atlantic Medical Imaging Foundation’s annual singing fashion show and basket raffle at 11 am. (AMI Foundation is a charity which provides money to various health and wellness related organizations in South New Jersey. Each year, the fashion show proceeds get split three ways: the AMI Foundation, and two charities we choose.) That meant I had to get my workout in at 7 am.

I arrived at the gym about 5 minutes before the start of the session. Today’s instructor was Shiloh. The class was small, only 5 women. He told us to start by doing 20 push-ups.

Twenty push-ups?! Obviously, this is not the program for couch potatoes! I informed Shiloh that I could not do 20 push-ups. He said I could do “girl push-ups” on my knees. Since everyone else was ready to begin when I had done 10 “girl push-ups” to their 20 regular push-ups, he decided to let me go this one time, and we began.

Boot Camp is a series of stations: giant shoelaces, called ropes; a looped rope which hangs from the ceiling, which you hold for balance while doing squats; kettle bells, which you swing through your legs and put in front of you. Interspersed between them are standard mat workouts and traditional weights. There were 6 stations and only 5 of us in the class. We did each station for 1 minute, and then did calisthenics before moving on to the next station. Some stations were harder than others. And we had to do the circuits four times! Shiloh asked us to end the class with 50 sit-ups and 20 push-ups.

After everyone else left, he told me that he’d let me go–just this once–having done about half the required amount. I went home to shower, for the Images of Springtime fashion show. Thank God, I am only the speaker, and do not have to walk down the runway.

Have you ever done a boot camp-style class? Was it tougher or easier than this? Post a comment and tell me about it.