Tiffany, Week 8: It’s a Tie!


As I shared before, our challenge was to consume as little wine and beer as possible. While we love water, we equally love wine and beer. That’s not to say we consume equal amounts of water and alcohol. If that were the case, then I think we’d need more than the Family Circle Healthy Family Challenge. We’d need to go to some meetings and an intervention.

In the beginning it was hard. We really had to keep our eye on the prize and know that we’re challenged with this so that we can gain more healthy habits. After talking to experts and really feeling a difference in consuming less, it wasn’t difficult.

When we heard we tied with the Avaglianos, I was happy for both of us. I knew that we, Andy and I, worked so hard in changing and from what I heard the Avagliano family worked hard to get the healthy amount of water in daily. This was great for both families because it made us both realize the importance of everything in moderation regardless of whether it’s wine, beer, soda, coffee, or energy drinks.

The prize far exceeded what I ever thought. I imagined maybe we’d get a water delivery service or something. But NO. They shocked us (in a good way). We get tickets for Six Flags water and amusement park in St. Louis, MO and a hotel stay in the area, just for making healthy choices. This comes at a great time because we weren’t financially equipped to take the kids on a family vacation this year.

We are blown away with the opportunity this challenge–all challenges really–have presented us with. We are so blessed and so thankful to Family Circle!

3 Responses to “Tiffany, Week 8: It’s a Tie!”

  1. I can’t belive it has been 8 weeks. Keep up the good work Tiff.

  2. Keep up the great work! I get Family Circle magazine and saw your familiar faces. Now I can’t wait til the next month’s issue to see your progress. Enjoy your well deserved vaca!

  3. Way to go Lehmans!! It’s so fun watching your progress! Keep up the great work!