Peggy, Week 8: We Won Again!


“Water becomes water and she reflects and contemplates herself till she is water and finally she is water and she does not exit as water
but she is composition of W-A-T-E-R.”
–by Nyein Way, ZeN Poetry of Water

So the water challenge ended in a tie and both families are winners. What did we get? Season passes to Six Flags Great Adventure, which is only an hour away from our home in New Jersey. And, interesting fact, we never knew: If you buy a season pass to one Six Flags theme park, you receive free admission to most of the other Six Flags theme parks. We have never been to any of the other theme parks, but I think we may plan a weekend trip to one of them to celebrate. It’s nice to have a prize we can enjoy as a family all summer long!

Did you duplicate our hydration challenge at home? How did you do? Post a comment and let me know!