Tiffany, Week 9: A Little Motivation Makes A Big Difference


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Family Circle sent us an email saying something special was coming in the mail. A package we should open up, study up on and get familiar with for the start of the next challenge. But I didn’t have that delivery on my mind when I got to my mailbox later that afternoon which is why I was so surprised. There were four Fitbits inside the package!

Some of you right now are probably scratching your head saying what the heck is a Fitbit? Well, I’m sure 99% of those of you reading this blog have watched The Biggest Loser and you’ve seen that black band contestants wear on their arm called the Body Bugg. Well this is similar to the Body Bugg, but smaller. They’re wireless activity trackers.

Earlier this year I wanted a Fitbit so badly and almost bought one. But I didn’t. I couldn’t justify the extra cost. It was a want not a need for me. So when I opened my mailbox, I was screaming like a schoolgirl and literally jumping up and down giddy with excitement.

THANK YOU FITBIT AND FAMILY CIRCLE! The Lehman’s <3 YOU!!! The kids love their Fitbits and love wearing them and seeing how active they’ve been through out the day and we even have a little challenge going on within our four walls. It’s to see who can have the most activity in the day and we are throwing around a lot of trash talking between the four of us. It’s really fun for all of us.

Have you ever tried wearing a pedometer to track your steps? How did you do? Post a comment and let me know!