Tiffany, Week 9: How Hard Do You Work Out?


I felt like a slacker today because I have just over 10,000 steps. Andy, Anna and Jack have over 13,000 each. But then I need to remind myself that I did a double workout on Monday and I had my tush handed to me at the gym last night. It was brutal.

I wanted to work out with Andy, but he had a personal training appointment. So I asked if I could tag along and Wes, Andy’s trainer, said sure. Wes is a power lifter and he’s BUFF. I think he has 1% body fat on him. He worked us hardcore and then made us finish by doing hill sprints.

Needless to say I needed a little break today. Tomorrow is my PT session with my trainer, Michelle, and it’s a scheduled double workout day. First, I’ll work out during my lunch hour at the gym in my office. Then I’ll have my session with Michelle at 5pm.

Sorry to ramble…fitness is my passion. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me but there is nothing I love more than a good sweat fest. The more gross, sweaty and harder I push the more I love it! I wasn’t always a freak like this but once you get going it really is hard to stop!

How tough are your workouts? Have you ever done two in a day? Post a comment and let me know.