Peggy, Week 10: Keeping My Family Close—and Fit

The Avagliano Family

My two daughters in college, Christina and Katie, are each home for two weeks before they embark on their summer studies in Florence. For two nights their visits will overlap and our family will all be under the same roof. That’s something we used to take for granted, but now it has become very precious.

To celebrate, tonight’s dinner will be steak and shrimp on the grill with salad, carrots and brown rice. Maybe not the healthiest choice, but a far cry from the fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn we had over Christmas break. Amanda will make chocolate covered strawberries and bananas for dessert.

One of the challenges we now face is how to keep the family together as we all move along such divergent paths–sometimes on different continents! Skype and Facetime help a lot. We still see each other, almost every day, through video feeds. We read blogs by my daughter, Katie, about her experiences as a freshwoman studying abroad.

A new tool we’ve started using to stay in touch us is the Fitbit. We got four for the Family Circle challenge, but I also ordered two for my oldest girls to take to Italy. Now, we will be able to form our own online group on the Fitbit website. Our family can follow each other’s activity throughout the day.

Our family will never be together as much as we once were, but every little association that keeps us connected makes a difference. Even the small steps count in surprising ways!

How do you stay close to your family as everyone starts to go their separate ways? Post a comment and let me know.