Tiffany, Week 8: Running With The Kids

asics gell challenge 8 Thank you Asics for the new sneakers for our whole family! We love our new tennis shoes. Anna is excited for anything hot pink, Jack loves his because they remind him of his favorite college football team, the Iowa Hawkeyes. And Andy and I are just happy to have new shoes to work out and run in! We needed shoes in a BAD way and it’s one of those things you know you need to buy, but you just dread spending the money.

My running shoes have more than 500 miles. I haven’t been able to really get out there and run because I need new sneakers and they’re expensive. But the tread on my old pair was still good so I’d been doing a lot more other types of cardio that don’t require a new pair of shoes right now. Andy’s shoes were really worn too and we were actually going this weekend to get him fitted for his first pair of running shoes, so this delivery couldn’t have come at a better time.

I’ve taken the kids out for a couple of runs in these Asics and they feel really good and support me the way my old sneakers did. The kids and I went on a run/bike ride today. They rode their bikes while I ran. The school Jack goes to is less than a half-mile from our house and it has a walking/running track. They played basketball and played on the equipment while I jogged. It was fun just having a little moment like that with them. Andy was back at home preparing dinner for us. He’s such a great cook! He’s making one of my favorites today, Chicken Picatta from Gina’s Skinny Recipes website.

If you want to know more information about what shoes you should wear to avoid injury, make sure to go to a local store that focuses on running. They will have all the top sneakers and fit you for the best shoe for your foot. Also when starting a running program, take it slow and easy. Trust me, this coming from a girl who went too far too fast and tore her patella tendon. Put me behind in my training program and landed me in physical therapy all last summer. NOT FUN.

OK I think that’s enough from me for now…Enjoy and get out there and make sure to move it with your family! I told you how I do it. How do you? Post a comment and let me know.

Photo via Asics