Tiffany, Week 12: Everyone Has More Steps Than Me!


We’ve quickly learned that Jack was the family member with all the bragging rights when it comes to number of steps taken per day. That child has two speeds: fast and asleep. If he’s not sleeping he’s constantly moving. He is the most active child I’ve ever seen.

Andy is a close second. Because of his job, he’s constantly on the go all day, 5 days a week. Anna is neck and neck with Jack and Andy because she loves dancing and riding her bike.

Me, I really have to work at getting my 10,000 steps in a day. I’m behind a desk 40 hours a week so it really has to be deliberate for me. I park as far away as I can in the morning when getting into work, I walk during my 15-minute breaks and occasionally climb the stairs. Then I work out at lunchtime and two to three times a week I work with my personal trainer at Gold’s Gym.

When this challenge came up I was so excited because I love to work out. It truly is my passion. This is kind of gross but I love it…the more I sweat the more I push myself harder. It’s hard to believe that as much as I love to work out I’m so overweight. I am the self-proclaimed “fattest fit girl in America.” I have a blog outside of this blog (that has sadly been neglected, HA!) and the title is “Tales of a Skinny Girl Trapped Inside a Fat Body.” Blogging about fitness and working out has been so therapeutic for me and this challenge, thankfully, is getting me closer to my goals.

Do you ever feel like a fit person in a fat body? Post a comment and tell me!