Tiffany, Week 12: The Trouble With Kids and Exercise Technology


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One thing I have learned during this challenge is that Fitbits and kids don’t really mix so well. Family Circle sent us four Fitbits at the start of the challenge. With in a week, Jack’s got accidentally washed in the laundry. I thought it might keep ticking, but that wash cycle was jut too much for it. There’s even a warning in the box that gives you a heads up not to leave it clipped to clothes when you do the wash. Anyway, the company was nice enough to send us another one for him, but then about a week later we thought we lost Anna’s Fitbit.

I had to report it missing and they sent us out another one. But within a couple of days of my reporting it missing we found it. Two weeks went by and Anna truly lost her Fitbit. So we use the spare they sent us before. Then that weekend Jack’s got washed AGAIN. (I know, I know). So Fitbit sent us another one so we could keep up with the challenge. Then I was doing some cleaning around the house, my Fitbit got caught on the couch and broke. Plus one. I just want to thank you Family Circle and Fitbit for being so gracious to us and patient with our ever-loving drama. The kids really don’t wear theirs anymore, but Andy and I do and will until I break this one and buy another! I’ll always wear my Fitbit!

Have you ever tried getting your kids to wear pedometers? Post a comment and let me know.