Peggy, Week 13: Putting Ourselves to the Test

peggy avagliano

As a wife, mom and doctor, I’ve accomplished a great deal in my life. But I have to admit that I think we’re going to lose the next challenge because it’s all about sleep. Still, we will try our best to make some changes.

After having a phone consultation with Dr. Robert Oexman, a sleep expert who also reviewed sleep data from our Fitbit activity trackers, we got a list of new sleep behaviors to try. Every time we do a positive one, we get at least a point. Every time we do a negative one, we lose at least a point. For example, you get one point if you: sleep 7 hours; walk 10,000 steps (after all, exercise can give you a good night’s rest) or keep your cell phone out of the bedroom or don’t fall asleep on the couch.

You get two points if you: Sleep for 8 hours or stop video games for 30 minutes before bedtime.

You lose one point for every cup of coffee or tea you have after 5 pm. You get the picture.

On average, we all get between 6 and 7 hours of sleep. I work about 50 hours a week, and one weekend a month. Sleeping may be a priority to the Sleep Doctor, but I truly doubt we can add more rest into our daily routine; unless I am willing to give up housekeeping, cooking, and spending time with my family. Stay tuned and see.

Do you think you could squeeze more rest into your day? Post a comment and tell me.