Tiffany, Week 14: What’s Your Wind-Down Plan?


It’s week two of the Sleep Challenge and we’re trying to get as many points as we can. One way to do that is to take 30 minutes to unwind before going to bed—without the TV, iPad, computer, video games or anything electronic. What can you do? Some ways Dr. Oexman (the sleep expert who helped design the challenge) suggested for relaxing were to read a real book (not an e-reader), talk to your spouse about your day, spend the time in prayer…you get the gist.

As I mentioned in my last post, we’re also trying to get points for getting 7 or more hours of sleep per night. This was hard in the beginning because of the list of things (surfing the internet, watching TV) I like to do at night after the kids have gone to sleep and I have a moment to myself. I would oftentimes go to bed still not fully ready for bed but knowing I had to at least turn in by midnight so that I wouldn’t be so tired. I used to always think that if I stayed up late then I could have extra coffee to help keep me alert the next day. Not so much.

I have to admit, the wise Dr. Oexman knows his stuff. I still am not going to bed by 9:30 on a Friday or Saturday night. But Monday through Friday we try really hard to get to bed by 10pm at the latest so we can get in at least 7 hours of sleep and I’m shocked at how much better I feel the next day. I don’t get as sleepy as often as I used to and I know Andy loves it too. He feels so much better and with him being on his feet all day everyday he really appreciates a good night of sleep. In the past I wouldn’t go to bed with him because he liked to go to bed where I wanted to stay up. Now I know he loves it that we go to bed together and we both get a good nights rest together.

Could you give up electronics before going to sleep? No last-minute emails, online shopping or clearing off of the DVR. Give it a try tonight and post a comment and let me know how it went tomorrow.