Win a Fitbit Ultra Fitness Tracker! Enter by 10/31/12


Want to drop pounds almost effortlessly? Do you dream of waking up feeling refreshed instead of exhausted? This tiny motivating tool could be the answer to your prayers. (It worked for the Lehmans and Avaglianos!)

The Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker not only tells you how many steps you take each day, but how many flights you’ve climbed, how many calories you’ve burned and how well you’re sleeping. One lucky family will get four of them!

Just go here to enter by October 31, 2012.

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6 Responses to “Win a Fitbit Ultra Fitness Tracker! Enter by 10/31/12”

  1. I need this so much and can’t afford one

  2. I enjoy walking with my husband in the evenings! It gives us quality time together & we can catch up on everything as our household is very busy with our 9 children!

  3. I need to get healthy for myself,for my family and my daycare kids.

  4. What a great idea to have a promo for free Fitbits to encourage people to get more active. This little gadget is a great motivator. My husband and I both have one.

  5. Would love to have the opportunity to be motivated with such an amazing tool. I have struggled with weight my whole life, but am constantly stiving on ways to be healthy. This device will give me necessary feedback for tracking everything I do, including any issues I may have while sleeping.

  6. I want one!