Tiffany, Week 17: How I Learned To Listen (And Talk) To My Body


In October 2010 I made a decision that changed my body, mind and spirit. I decided I was going to run the Des Moines Half Marathon, the following year, in October 2011. I’d be rising way earlier than the 8am starting time to run through the streets of downtown Des Moines farther than I’d jogged. I was headed towards a huge training commitment A) because I was going literally from no running to running 13.1 miles and B) because I was extremely overweight.

On May 8, 2011 (Mother’s Day 2011) I went for my longest training run so far. I felt great and just kept running past my goal. Unfortunately, I wound up hurting my left knee and that landed me in physical therapy all summer. I was devastated by this injury because it wasn’t part of my plan. I cried my eyes out for about 3 hours then I picked myself up and said to myself: “This is a detour. And because of this, I will become a better runner.” Rather than let myself fail, I did all of my physical therapy and I learned to listen to my body.

I want you to know that I crossed the half marathon finish line on October 2011 and got my medal. I didn’t run the entire race. Instead, I did a 10 minute run and then a 5 minute walk until the race was complete. It was very hard to train for this while being injured but I knew I had to do it! I had to prove to myself that I had it in me. Other than marrying Andy and having my kids this was one of the greatest personal achievements in my life.

Has an injury ever tried to knock you off course from a fitness goal? Post a comment and tell me!