Peggy, Week 20: We Won A Treadmill!

Avagliano familyWhen our trainer set our goals for the gym challenge, I believed she had Bruce Lee’s philosophy in mind, “ A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often simply serves as something to aim at.”

We came back from Italy, and expected to be far worse off in the gym than we were when we left, but, to our surprise, the walking we did paid off. It was still a stretch to achieve each of our goals, but we managed to pull them off.

The gym challenge is over, and both families achieved their goals. The journey has been a struggle, but hitting our goals does have its rewards. Peter’s A1C, a test which measures how well he is doing with his diabetes, has significantly improved. Amanda is stronger and more confident. Michael is faster. We are all thinking before we eat.

Of-course, we also have the opportunity to win prizes! This time both families won. This month’s sponsor is Epic they let us choose a piece of fitness equipment. We’ll be getting the treadmill in this photo. Not bad, huh?

My entire family has been using the treadmill at the gym, so we thought this would get the most use at home. We’re looking forward to using the iFIT function. This automatically tracks how we are doing and is sort-of a virtual trainer to keep us on track with our goals even after the 6-month challenge is over!

Post a comment below and tell me about a fitness goal you’ve set for yourself!