Challenge Yourself: Get Your Family Healthy, Too


healthy family challenge

Follow the Lehmans’ and Avaglianos’ leads and get your family healthy by following these do’s and don’ts.

Do create a diet democracy. Discuss—don’t declare—your intentions with your family. “Share your wellness goals, but ask them for ways to get there,” says Stephanie, the dietitian who worked with the Lehmans.

Don’t go overboard. “Slow modifications over time usually last longer than radical ones,” explains Elizabeth, the dietitian who worked with the Avaglianos.

Do find a fitness goal. “Explore local events where your family can participate as a team,” suggests Larry Soler, president and CEO of the Partnership for a Healthier America. Try a bikeathon, 5K, adventure race or hike.

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  1. I have six children in with raising them by myself its been really hard and depressing I have gained 35 lbs since I gave birth to my 2 year old I realy need help. I want to live to see them all graduate …..If you can help me please please let me know