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Tiffany, Week 7: You’ve Got Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain


Every so often we get a special delivery courtesy of the Healthy Family Challenge. It started with Melissa’s Produce sending us everything from Ojai pixie tangerines to red quinoa to baby mixed heirloom tomatoes. This week, we got a package from Lipton with a selection of different flavors to try.

My family adores sun tea and Lipton’s cold brew packets save us time by creating it in an instant! YEA! And their Bedtime Story tea (in these cute little pyramid bags) helps me unwind and puts my mind at ease before I hit the sack. I don’t know about you but I tend to start thinking and planning for the next day at night and sometimes that will wind me up (instead of winding me down) at night. Anna especially loves the Blackberry and Pomegranate green tea. Andy really likes the Strawberry Acai.

I tell you all of this partially to encourage you to take a chance like I did. If you’ve ever wanted to get into a challenge like this one all I have to say is GO FOR IT!!! All the publication can say is no. You have nothing to lose! And so much to win.

It’s not just about the freebies. Though they’ve been nice. The whole process has truly been such a gift. We have had the opportunity to work out with some of the best personal trainers in our area at Gold’s Gym, we’ve gotten great nutrition advice from Stephanie Karpinske, been in fun photo shoots with an amazing photographer, gotten our hair and makeup done and more. It’s great motivation. But what’s really amazing about this that everyone involved wants the same thing. We all have one goal in mind…to make the Lehmans the best we can be!

What would it take to help you become the best you can be? Post a comment and tell me!

Challenge Yourself: Teach Yourself Portion Control

Red wine

Tiffany has told us about her struggle with cutting down on wine and beer in her quest to lose weight and get healthy. And her nutritionist, Stephanie Karpinske, shared advice on how to keep your alcohol intake in check. To learn another way to do so, plus more ways to teach yourself portion control, check out this story.

How have you taught yourself portion control? Share in the comments below.

Challenge Yourself: 48 Ways to Drink More Water

Water bottles

As you’ve seen this week, the Lehmans and Avaglianos are well on their way to upping their daily water intakes.

If you’re also looking to drink your way to a slimmer waistline and clearer skin, check out these 48 great ways to stay hydrated all day.

What helps you drink water all day? Share in the comments below.

Challenge Yourself: Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Grilled Peaches, Beans And Arugula With Warm Bacon Dressing

The first challenge is over! While the Avaglianos emerged as the winners, both families were ultimately victorious in getting healthier and losing weight.

You, too, can follow their lead. Use these tips as your guide to working more fruits and veggies into your meals:

How to Get Your Fill
★ Put it on top. Puree fruit to use on pancakes and waffles in place of syrup, and mash fresh berries to spread on toast instead of store-bought jam.
★ Bake it in. Mix frozen berries into muffin, pancake and quick-bread batters.

★ Refresh old meals. Put a new piece of produce, like chopped clementines or kale, into a familiar dish, such as your favorite salad.
★ Get saucy. Dipping veggies in low-fat “sauces” makes produce more appealing—especially to kids. Try marinara, vinaigrettes, low-fat ranch or slightly sweetened yogurt.

★ Follow the half-plate rule. If you have a choice of two sides when you’re out for dinner or lunch, opt for two veggies rather than one veggie and rice, bread or pasta.
★ Start on Sunday. Roast large amounts of veggies on the weekend and use them as no-fuss side dishes for dinner throughout the week.
★ Bring fruit to the dinner table. Make a fruit salsa with mangoes or peaches to serve with grilled meat. (Get our recipe for the grilled peach and bacon salad, shown above, here.)

Fruit and Vegetable Daily Serving Guidelines
Confused about how much produce to feed your child or yourself? Here, the latest recommendations for those who average less than 30 minutes of activity per day:

Fruit Guidelines
Kids (9–13 years old): 1.5 cups daily
Girls (14–18 years old): 1.5 cups daily
Boys (14–18 years old): 2 cups daily
Women (31–50 years old): 1.5 cups daily
Men (31–50 years old): 2 cups daily

Vegetable Guidelines
Kids (9–13 years old): 2 to 2.5 cups daily
Girls (14–18 years old): 2.5 cups daily
Boys (14–18 years old): 3 cups daily
Women (31–50 years old): 2.5 cups daily
Men (31–50 years old): 3 cups daily

What’s been your most effective way to work fruits and veggies into your diet? Share in the comments below.

Challenge Yourself: Make Guilt-Free Pizza at Home

Tropical Pizza

As Peggy noted earlier today, you don’t have to give up pizza if you’re trying to lose weight. You just have to be smart about the crust and toppings.

Opt for thin crust over stuffed or deep dish. Go easy on the cheese, but pile on veggies–I love peppers, onions, broccoli, spinach, arugula and tomatoes on my pies. If you’re craving meat, stick to grilled chicken, rather than sausage or meatballs.

Try making one of these healthy pizza recipes tonight:

Tropical Pizza

Taco Pizza

Smoky Vegetable Pizza

Got any tips for making healthy pizza at home? Share in the comments below.