Meet The Lehmans

Meet the Lehmans


The Parents: Tiffany, 39, mortgage underwriter; Andy, 45, building engineer
The Kids: Anna, 9; Jack, 6
Home: Des Moines, Iowa
Current Stats: Tiffany, 250 lbs and 5’3″; Andy, 257 lbs and 6’2″
Goal for Anna: Quit looking to food as her comfort and reward
Goal for Jack: Eat more veggies and less fast food

Why They’re Ready For The Challenge: Though Tiffany logs all her food and four weekly workouts on, 100 pounds stand between her and a healthy weight and lower blood pressure. “I’ve dieted on and off for years, losing about 10 pounds each time,” says Tiffany. “Then something comes up, like a stressful day with our son, who is autistic. I overindulge and the weight comes right back!” And she’s not the only Lehman tipping the scales, something that hit her when she saw last year’s holiday photos. “Sure, we all had smiles on our faces, but I was surprised to see how much space we took up in the picture,” Tiffany says.

Better-Health Hurdles
Eating turns into a free-for-all. “This is one of our biggest weekend challenges,” says Andy. “We don’t plan for lunches. Most of the time we go for the easiest route like frozen pizza or fast food, or we have a tiny snack and then gorge ourselves at dinner. We also indulge in beer and wine on the weekend!”
Portion sizes are a problem. “I love the taste of food and want to keep eating,” says Tiffany. “We never measure anything.”
We’re foodies. “When people ask, ‘What’s your favorite food?’ my reply is ‘Yes!’ because we love everything,” explains Tiffany. Topping the list are wine, cheese, bread, desserts and rich meals like steak.

Their Fit Future
Lighten up by 165 pounds. “That’s 50 for me, 100 for Tiffany and 15 for Anna,” says Andy. (Their son doesn’t need to slim down.) “I’ll be 40 in January and I refuse to spend the next 40 years making the same mistakes I made in the first 40,” Tiffany insists.
Teach their children well. “We need to change bad habits we’ve instilled in our kids, like rewarding with food,” reveals Tiffany. “My daughter says, ‘I was really good at the grocery store. Can I have ice cream?’ Or my son asks for McDonald’s if he’s his school’s Superstar of the Day.”
Make fitness a family affair. Being active isn’t a problem for Tiffany, who loves running, weight training and boot camps, or Andy, who walks a lot for his job and does isometric workouts at home. “But I want us to exercise as a family every weekend,” Andy says. “It would be a fun way to get healthy—things like playing outside, going to the park or riding our very dusty bikes together.”

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