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Peggy, Week 7: Breaking the Tea Habit

lipton tea

This week, Family Circle asked Lipton to send us a large supply of decaffeinated green and herbal teas as a part of the hydration challenge. If you follow my blog, you know I normally drink tea all day long.

I drink a mug of black tea on my back porch, as the deer eat my grass and the fog lifts over the trees. I enjoy a mug in the car, while I listen to an audio book from the library. I use my commute time to catch up on my “reading.” I alternate between fiction stories from authors I follow and novels I have always said I would read, but have never taken the time to finish, such as Catch 22 or Catcher in the Rye.

Once at work, I grab a fresh mug for the morning read-out of screening mammograms, and make another once I finish the first biopsy. My mug of tea travels with me throughout the day, as I tell patients their results of their diagnostic testing and biopsies. The process of making the fresh mug of tea rejuvenates me as much as the tea itself. As I finish the tea, I am ready to, once again, be in the moment.

The everyday, black tea, I usually drink happens to be Lipton. This is the brand we purchase at work. I also keep a supply of aromatic, specialty black teas: Christmas Blend, Tazo’s Earl Grey, and Harrod’s 1840 blend for my extreme moments—those that are either really good, such as a sunrise over the beach when no one else is awake or those that are really bad, such as telling a friend that their cancer is back.

During this challenge, I have tried to:

  • Alternate a mug of water with a mug of tea in order to increase my total water intake.
  • Switch a mug of black tea for a mug of green tea in the afternoon.
  • Cut down on the black tea.

But tea is my one vice I don’t think I will ever be able to break! What’s yours? Post a comment and let me know.