Peggy, Week 18: Road Trip! Taking Our Kids To College

The Avagliano Family

Tomorrow we leave to drive three of our kids back to college. Amanda can’t come with us, because she must attend band camp this week. The marching band runs band camp from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m., Monday through Friday. A family friend will stay with Amanda, Minnie, our cat and the dogs.

We plan to do a family road trip, and the first stop is University of North Carolina School of Arts in Winston-Salem. The kids were assigned move-in times based on their last name. Michael’s move-in time is at 8 a.m. on Tuesday. We have time to shop until 2 p.m., when we have to head to a parent orientation. A welcome BBQ is planned for the evening, so we plan to stay over in North Carolina until Wednesday.

Once Michael is settled into his college, we will head to Tallahassee, Florida. Katie is arriving on campus early to audition for the Florida State University Marching Chiefs. Katie played the mellophone for Absegami High School’s Marching Braves, and hopes to become Chief following auditions. Although she must arrive by Friday at 8 a.m., she can’t move into the dorms until 8 p.m. Friday evening. Although Christina is scheduled to move in on Saturday, we can’t head to Sarasota until Katie is settled.

Christina has been living on campus for the past year, but this year she has an apartment with some of her friends. Each girl is to bring a few items for the kitchen, and we’ll try to make sure it’s stocked before we leave for home.

Normally, a road trip would mean Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies, M& M’s and fast food. With this challenge, I bought fresh fruit, celery, Diet Snapple and—I’ll admit—small bags of M&M’s. I chose hotels with free parking, a fitness center and free wi-fi.

Hopefully, we can stay on track while away. Michael will have to do his final weigh-in on campus.

How do you make your road trips healthier? Post a comment and tell me.