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4 Easy Ways To Drink More Water


To pump up your intake, you first need to recognize all the places you can (and can’t) turn to for hydration. Yes, beverages like milk and juice give you a dose of H20. But so do popular summertime foods like watermelon, tomatoes and leafy greens. A glass you don’t want to reach for if your goal is hydration: a tall iced coffee or a margarita. Anything that contains caffeine or alcohol will act as a diuretic, causing you to lose water through frequent urination.

Committed to the “clear” choice? Here are some simple ways to get more water into your day:

  • Drink up first thing. Instead of a hot cup of coffee, start your morning with a cool glass of water.
  • Dilute your fruit juice. Try mixing it with seltzer or water. Consider filling your glass ¾ or almost full of water and just topping it off with a little cranberry juice or orange juice.
  • Keep a large water bottle on your desk and make sure to finish it every day.
  • Drink a full glass with each snack and meal of the day.

Reminder: It’s important not to wait until you are thirsty to drink water. By then you’re probably already dehydrated!

How do you get more water into your day? Post a comment and share here!

Registered dietician Elizabeth Fassberg runs Eat Food, a New York City-based company that designs and delivers custom food and nutrition programs for businesses, organizations and individuals. She’s coaching the Avagliano family through the six-month Healthy Family Challenge.

Challenge Yourself: 3 Amazing Mocktails to Try

By Maria Masters

Summery drinks like pina coladas and margaritas can top 250 calories or more. Part of the problem is that alcohol itself can be caloric—and that’s before we start adding mixers into the glass!

But like Tiffany and Peggy have reported, you don’t have to limit yourself to water if you want to slim down. We’ve rounded up three lighter, alcohol-free indulgences for you to stir up at home. These delicious drinks replace booze with juice, seltzer or tea instead of a heaping cup of sugar. Plus they all come in at under 130 calories a serving. Cheers!

Velvet Sienna
From Cristian Molina, head bartender of Rouge Tomate in New York City

(Serves 1)
3 sage leaves
4 oz fresh pineapple juice
3 oz carrot juice
1/2 oz cranberry juice

Muddle and shake with ice. Strain in a highball glass with ice. Garnish with sage leaf.


Peach Spritzer
From Family Circle
(Serves 2)

½ cup peach nectar
½ cup ruby red grapefruit juice
½ cup seltzer

Blend peach nectar, grapefruit juice and seltzer. Serve over ice.


Black Tea Sangria
From Lipton’s
(Serves 6)

2 bottles Lipton 100% Natural Iced Tea with Lemon
1 cup unsweetened grape juice
¼ cup orange juice
1 small orange, sliced
1 Gala apple, cored and sliced
1 lime, sliced

Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher. Chill at least 2 hours or until ready to serve.

Visit Lipton’s Tea Recipes for even more great summer drinks.

What’s your favorite mocktail recipe? Share in the comments below.

Tiffany, Week 6: How We Got Hooked on Sparkling Water

As part of the Healthy Family Challenge, SodaStream sent us one of their soda makers and a supply of flavorings (with no sugar or sugar substitute added) to mix into the water. What a cool machine this is! Its biggest fan is our daughter, Anna. She loves making healthy “sodas” for her friends and for us after school and on the weekends.

The neighborhood favorite is the lemon/lime. It reminds them of Sprite or 7-up. I really like the mint mix in. It’s refreshing and reminds me of a Mojito with out the added calories of alcohol.

Once you learn how to use the SodaStream, it’s easy to get hooked! We drink a lot of water anyway so this makes the water even better. All the different flavors are fun to experiment with mixing and just trying flavors we’ve never had before.

The SodaStream isn’t the only freebie we got this month. Family Circle also had the kids pick out super cute water bottles from Sigg to help them consume as much water as possible. They also sent Andy and I wine glasses from WineTrax with discrete markings of 4 ounces, 6 ounces and 8 ounces. All of them will help us towards our goal of winning the challenge!

What’s your favorite flavor of sparkling water? Post a comment and tell me!

Are You Hungry? Or Just Thirsty?


Did you know a hunger cue is the same as a thirst cue? It’s true. And it’s another eye-opening tip I provided the Avagliano family.  Because the signal your body sends when it wants a tall glass of water can be mistaken for the sign it sends when you need a snack, you have to react wisely to save yourself hundreds of calories. Your best bet: have a drink first, wait to see if you’re satisfied and then eat if you are still hungry.

You can avoid cue-confusion by staying hydrated in general. How much water should you be drinking every day? According to the American Dietetic Association’s (ADA) Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, the average adult loses about 10 cups of water daily. You’ll need to replenish at least this. If you are a smaller person, you may need less. If you’re a bigger person or you’re sweating a lot due to exercise or the weather then you’ll need more.

That probably sounds like a lot. But consider this: You could survive without food for a month or so. When it comes to water, you probably couldn’t last longer than a week. Water is essential and is needed in almost every part of the body including the cells, tissues, and organs.

How much water do you drink in a day? Post a comment here and tell me.

Registered dietician Elizabeth Fassberg runs Eat Food, a New York City-based company that designs and delivers custom food and nutrition programs for businesses, organizations and individuals. She’s coaching the Avagliano family through the six-month Healthy Family Challenge.

Peggy, Week 6: An Eco-Friendly Reason to Drink More Water

This month we got a special delivery courtesy of the Healthy Family Challenge: a SodaStream. This home soda maker turns tap water into sparkling water. Add in one of the 30+ different types of syrups they offer and you could be drinking anything from cola to ginger ale to kiwi strawberry sparkling tea to mint-flavored seltzer.

Given that this month’s challenge was to decrease our intake of sugar-sweetened and caffeinated beverages, we only got sent the unsweetened MyWater Flavor Essences (to make seltzer flavored like lemon-lime, for example).

A surprising benefit of the SodaStream: It allows you to enjoy your favorite flavors and decrease your carbon footprint. That’s a big plus to my youngest, and most environmentally conscious daughter, Amanda. By making seltzer or soda at home, you are decreasing the pollution caused by the transport of the bottled soda to the store and the packaging waste from the cans and bottles in our landfills!

Making soda at home is easier than buying it at the store as well. That’s because you don’t have to lug the heavy bottles home! And, of course, you save cash too!

Would you ever try a product like this? Post a comment and let me know.