Tiffany, Week #25: A Fond Farewell!


I cannot believe the end of this challenge is here. I want to first thank Family Circle for believing in our family and giving us this opportunity. What an amazing experience it has been and we are so blessed to have been a part of this journey.

Thank you to our family and friends who have supported us in this journey. Thank you to the people we don’t know who have been following us online and in the magazine.

Thank you to the wonderful people we got to work with and meet along the way. WOW what a pleasure to deal with you. Your knowledge and strength is priceless. Thank you to the vendors who gave us all of the tools to make healthy living and weight loss possible and fun. Thank you to the photographers, make up and hair artists who made us feel like movie stars and for becoming friends.

While this is the end of this journey this is not the end of my ride, of our ride. We have a legacy to leave. We have two beautiful kids who we need to continue to teach how it is vital to use food as a means to fully live. God’s word says I have come to give you life abundantly. I believe that to my core. This journey so far has not only changed me/us physically but spiritually as well. We are to honor the temple God gave to us so we can serve. Serve those in need and serve Him. I have learned in this process that I am a servant and my heart is to serve those in need.

Honoring your body and making sure you’re healthy in your life is the best gift you can give to yourself, your husband, wife, kids, family, friends, etc. As I’ve said before, all it takes is a little time and planning. Deliberate actions get deliberate results.

If you’re telling yourself “I don’t have time to work out” or “I can’t leave my kids, I’ll feel guilty.” I’m here to tell you as a wife, mom, and full-time employee you make the time. If you have shows that you DVR and you sit on the couch and watch them, you have time to work out. Rather than fast forward through the commercials use that time to do jumping jacks, run in place, if you have the room jump rope, next commercial break do push ups, squats, use your dining room chair and do some triceps dips, etc. All it takes is a little imagination and determination. Do like I did for a long time, use your lunch hour at work.

Right now I’m still working very hard with my personal trainer that Family Circle provided for me so I work out with him pretty much every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. The kids are used to this routine and they love it when mom gets her workout because while I’m a hot sweaty ugly mess I’m happy, I’m energized, and I’m fully present for them. Because I work so hard on my 3 days with the trainer I take the other days off but I still am all of those things because I’m feeding my body well and getting proper rest.

So if you say “I can’t,” get that word out of your vocabulary. Let’s pretend that word isn’t even a part of our daily lives. Don’t say I can’t but say I’ll try. Trying is doing and doing is success. So if you try and you’re consistent in trying you will be successful!

Challenge Yourself: Get Your Family Healthy, Too


healthy family challenge

Follow the Lehmans’ and Avaglianos’ leads and get your family healthy by following these do’s and don’ts.

Do create a diet democracy. Discuss—don’t declare—your intentions with your family. “Share your wellness goals, but ask them for ways to get there,” says Stephanie, the dietitian who worked with the Lehmans.

Don’t go overboard. “Slow modifications over time usually last longer than radical ones,” explains Elizabeth, the dietitian who worked with the Avaglianos.

Do find a fitness goal. “Explore local events where your family can participate as a team,” suggests Larry Soler, president and CEO of the Partnership for a Healthier America. Try a bikeathon, 5K, adventure race or hike.

Challenge #6: Mission Accomplished!

healthy family challenge

With the help of nutritionists, personal trainers, a motivational coach and a sleep expert, our Healthy Family Challenge participants revamped their lifestyles. Both groups had ups—they won Epic home cardio machines—and downs—one family lost their Fitbit activity tracker in the washing machine…twice. But today the Avaglianos and the Lehmans look and feel like different people and are eager to share their insights to help transform you and your crew. Read on!


What the Avaglianos Accomplished
Peggy: lost 16 pounds
Peter: lost 9 pounds
Michael: lost 12 pounds
Amanda: lost 9 pounds

“We’d been talking about eating better and exercising for years, but always came up with excuses not to,” says Peter. Thanks to the motivating challenges, the Avaglianos have shed 46 pounds and made lasting changes. The perfect example: “The program helped our son prepare for his freshman year of college, where he’s eating on his own for the first time,” says Peter. “Just the other day, Michael told me that he grabs yogurt or an apple at the student center before class rather than skipping breakfast. He never would have done that without this experience.” Their DIY advice:

1. Go for the (specific) goals.
The kids needed to learn how to make smart food choices before heading off to college (check!). Peggy wanted to whittle her middle (guess who dropped three pants sizes?). And Peter, a diabetic who hates injecting his insulin, was determined to slim down so he could reduce his medication. “After six months, my average blood sugar levels went from 320 to 180, which is huge,” says Peter. “My endocrinologist was really impressed and said that if I lose a few more pounds, I’ll be able to cut back on insulin.”

2. Plan to move as one.
The New Jerseyans needed help finding physical activities they could enjoy together and entertainment that didn’t revolve around food. Now, at least once a week, they go on an hour-long post-dinner walk—a suggestion from their trainer Ann Erik at Tilton Fitness. “We’d tell the kids on Friday that we want to bike ride at the boardwalk Sunday morning,” explains Peggy, who suggests giving children advance warning.

3. Eat right on the go.
When the family embarked on a seven-day, 2,800-mile car trip to drop three of their children off at college, they didn’t succumb to fattening road-side fare. “We went online every night and found a list of food options for the next day available at every exit,” says Peter. “And rather than bring potato chips or M&M’s for snacks, we packed grapes and apples.”

4. Don’t quit on vacation.
Despite driving 10 hours a day during their road trip, Peggy and Peter found time to work out as trainer Ann Erik suggested. “In the morning, we’d head to the hotel’s fitness center to do cardio and free weights—again something that we never would have done before,” says Peter. “It also really helped my legs loosen up after all that driving!”


What the Lehmans Accomplished
Tiffany: lost 19 pounds
Andy: lost 19 pounds
Anna: lost 6 pounds

“Yo-yo dieting was the story of our lives,” says Tiffany, who was determined that her children avoid the weight loss struggles she and Andy experienced. “I could see Anna adopting some of our bad eating patterns and wanted to change that.” Soon enough their daughter was eagerly following their new habits and loving it. “Eating healthy every day is hard when there’s a lot of tempting junk food at school and on field trips,” says Anna. “But I have more energy when I make good choices. And I don’t feel gross like you do after eating a hamburger.” Most important, the Lehmans (who dropped 44 pounds) permanently overhauled their diet. “This is a lifestyle change—not temporary,” adds Tiffany. Their top tools:

1. Strike up some friendly competition.
“The smartest tip was from trainer Wesley Keith at Gold’s Gym. He told us the best way to make fitness a family thing was keeping it fun so that it doesn’t seem like work,” says Andy. “We learned to turn it into a game.” For instance, each family member used his or her Fitbit activity tracker to see who could log the most steps each day.

2. Create fat-free incentives.
One bad habit the Lehmans previously had was rewarding their kids with unhealthy fare like fast food or ice cream. But their dietitian Stephanie suggested they come up with other ways to acknowledge accomplishments. “Instead, we treat them to a family activity, like going to Sky Zone trampoline park or the playground,” says Tiffany. “We lead very busy lives, so having quality time with each other is actually a great reward for all of us.”

3. Catch your 40 winks.
“The most shocking weight loss advice I got was to sleep more,” says Tiffany, who learned this from Robert Oexman, D.C., director of the Sleep to Live Institute in Joplin, Missouri. “I didn’t realize how much sleep is required to lose weight and how the quality and quantity can help me make wiser food choices. It also gives me energy to get through the day and kill it in the gym!”

4. Sweat together.
Both Andy and Tiffany began to fill their weekends with activities everyone could enjoy: playing outside, going to the park, running while the kids ride their bikes. “Before, Tiffany and I wouldn’t participate in these things. We’d just watch the kids have fun,” says Andy. Anna and Tiffany also followed a workout program designed by trainer Lass Lassiter of Gold’s Gym. “It got us both sweating and having a blast together,” says Tiffany.


What the Avaglianos and Lehmans won: We asked Reebok to reward both our families for the hard work they’ve done slimming down with new—and smaller—workout gear. How’s that for motivation to keep moving?

Plan for Stress and Have Success


Tiffany often tells me that she had a stressful week. Sound familiar? It’s common for work and family obligations to overwhelm you some days or weeks, causing tension. But that’s no excuse to eat poorly or skip your workout! The Lehmans know this first-hand. The Healthy Family Challenge has taught them strategies to stay on course even during times of anxiety. Here are some tips I’ve shared with them which can help everyone.

  1. Stock the freezer. When you’re short on time and stress levels are high, you’ll be tempted to order take-out or head for the nearest restaurant, where you’ll likely eat far more than if you had eaten at home. Avoid that by having a freezer full of healthy frozen meals.
  2. Get a fitness buddy. Have someone in place to motivate you to keep working out, even when you have no interest in moving from the couch.
  3. Make a different diet friend. Find someone who is also trying to lose weight or make healthy changes and act as each other’s support person.
  4. Plan for special events. Holidays, birthdays, parties. It seems like we’re always surrounded with excuses to eat. Decide now what events are worth that extra splurge and which foods you most look forward to. Then say “no” to the rest. Love those holiday sweet potatoes? Enjoy them! Don’t really care about that cake at your office party? Skip it!

Think about any other things that would help you stay on track and then write them down, making your own personal plan for staying healthy. Stressful events often occur when you’re not expecting them. So have a plan in place now to help ensure you’ll continue your healthy habits when anxiety rears its ugly head.

Through her Des Moines-based nutrition company, SK Health Communications, registered dietitian Stephanie Karpinske writes and develops recipes for magazines, books, supermarkets and food companies. She is the author of Read Before Dieting: Your 4-Step Plan for Diet Success and writes a blog about healthy eating, She’s coaching the Lehman family through the six-month Healthy Family Challenge.

Tiffany, Week #24: Challenge Recap Part 2


Outside of marrying the love of my life and having my children this whole process has been one of my best accomplishments. The past six months have personally touched my soul and I am forever grateful to Family Circle in giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity. In my last post, I recapped the first three months of the challenge. Things got kicked up a notch for the last three:

Challenge 4: Sleep Tight.
A good night’s rest is so vital in weight loss and over all health. If you don’t get the proper amount of sleep it could lead to weight gain, lower your immune system so you get sick or even impair your judgment. We won that challenge and we won new beds for the four of us which we’re loving. They are so comfortable!

Challenge 5: Get Fit.
Exercise goals were set by our personal trainers at Gold’s Gym. Anna was challenged to do an at home routine and lose a few pounds. Andy and I were pushed further than we thought possible and met those challenges and we even broke a couple of personal records! This part of the challenge was also especially hard for us as we had the most difficult time in our parenting lives. It made us come together and the four of us grew. While the road was hard it was a journey worth traveling and made all four of us better for the struggles. Because of us doing so well and the A-team (the Avaglianos) doing the same, we both got to choose a piece of training equipment courtesy of Dicks Sporting Goods. Andy and I chose the elliptical.

Challenge 6: Slim Down.
This month’s goals were just for me and Andy. It was to lose as much weight in a healthy way as possible and get points by doing activities together as a family, staying true to portion sizes and not using food as a reward. Find out how we did when the challenge ends, next Tuesday.

What did you love most about the last three challenges? Post a comment and tell me!