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Peggy, Week 11: How To Beat A Sweet Tooth

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

We all have our diet pitfalls. If sugar is what tends to do you in, I came up with a few suggestions to help you stay on track. They’ve worked for me.

If you’re craving chocolate, make it healthy by having:
A frozen, chocolate-covered banana. No, it’s not an everyday snack. But it is a nice sweet treat every once in a while.

A chocolate -covered strawberry. These can get addictive, so only make one per person!

Apple slices with chocolate or peanut butter drizzle or BOTH! Because it is a drizzle, you eat less of the high calorie chocolate and peanut butter!

If you’d love a sundae, instead make a:
Greek yogurt sundae. Empty a 6-ounce container of yogurt in a sundae bowl. Add fresh fruit and one crushed granola bar. It seems far more indulgent than it is.

If you really want a milkshake, whip up a:
Yogurt and fresh fruit smoothie!

What’s your favorite healthy sweet treat? Share in the comments below.