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Tiffany, Week 4: What Is A Healthy Weight?

tiffany lehman

I know how hard it is to want to be a certain weight on the scale. While that is important, it isn’t the be all, end all.

I’m finding that as women we put so much weight on that number that flashes up to us from the scale. What I’m learning is that the percentage of fat and the circumference of my waist line, hips, thighs, etc is what is more important.

I have fallen into the trap of: “If I eat less, then I’ll lose more.” Well that will work for a short amount of time–however, rather than losing fat, I’m going to lose my muscle mass. I want to keep my muscle and lose the fat. I’m seeing how important it is to strength train. Forever I thought if you want to lose weight you need cardio, cardio and more cardio…WRONG. While cardio is important for heart and lung health, it isn’t going to sculpt muscle and get rid of fat.

If cardio was all it took to lose desired weight and be lean, I would be 125 pounds. I love all things cardio…I ran a half marathon last year, love to work on the elliptical, kick box, do boot camp type workouts, etc.  I LOVE to sweat and if I don’t leave a big mess on the gym floor then I don’t think I’ve done my job. But I’m learning that it isn’t always necessary to sweat like a pig to get a good work out in.

I guess what I’m really trying to get across is: Don’t let the scale determine your worth.  How do you feel?  Do you feel healthy?  What is your body fat percentage? What is the circumference of your waist? Don’t let society tell you what you need to do. Be the best you, be the healthiest you, love who you are and love who you will become. Greatness is yours for the taking…all you have to do is grab it!

Post a comment and tell me how you determine how healthy you are.