Is It Ever Okay To Drink Your Calories?

Kiwi-Honeydew Smoothie

After reviewing the Lehman family’s food journals the past few weeks, I’ve found that they get more fruit servings a day when they drink a smoothie for breakfast. Their smoothies usually contain a banana, a cup of berries and orange juice—3 servings of fruit! Sometimes they put spinach in their smoothies, adding a serving of vegetables.

Although smoothies can be a healthy drink, some are better than others. In fact, I usually tell people to eat, not drink, their calories. I say this because beverage calories add up quickly and for many of our favorite drinks–sodas, caramel lattes, shakes, energy drinks, cocktails–those calories come in the form of sugar.

Plus, it’s easy to forget those calories and not count them. In fact, drinks are often left out even when people keep a food journal. When I review logs and ask people about their beverages intake, they are shocked to find out how many calories they’ve been drinking each day.

So if you want to jump on the smoothie bandwagon, here are the top two smoothie do’s I shared with the Lehmans:

Do Ask How it’s Made. Smoothies sold at shops or health clubs may be comprised of sugary mixes rather than real fruit. Ask about the ingredients before ordering or, better yet, make your own smoothies at home so you know exactly what’s in them.

Do Add in Protein. That makes it more filling. To boost the protein, pour in some regular milk, soy milk or plain Greek yogurt.

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What’s your favorite smoothie combination? Post a comment and tell me!

Challenge Yourself: Make Your Smoothies Healthier

To up her daily fruit intake, Peggy is starting her day with healthy mango-strawberry smoothies. Blended drinks are great ways to work fruits and veggies into your diet–as long as they’re not laden down with sugary syrups and juices or fatty ice cream.

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