Tiffany, Week 9: How Hard Do You Work Out?


I felt like a slacker today because I have just over 10,000 steps. Andy, Anna and Jack have over 13,000 each. But then I need to remind myself that I did a double workout on Monday and I had my tush handed to me at the gym last night. It was brutal.

I wanted to work out with Andy, but he had a personal training appointment. So I asked if I could tag along and Wes, Andy’s trainer, said sure. Wes is a power lifter and he’s BUFF. I think he has 1% body fat on him. He worked us hardcore and then made us finish by doing hill sprints.

Needless to say I needed a little break today. Tomorrow is my PT session with my trainer, Michelle, and it’s a scheduled double workout day. First, I’ll work out during my lunch hour at the gym in my office. Then I’ll have my session with Michelle at 5pm.

Sorry to ramble…fitness is my passion. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me but there is nothing I love more than a good sweat fest. The more gross, sweaty and harder I push the more I love it! I wasn’t always a freak like this but once you get going it really is hard to stop!

How tough are your workouts? Have you ever done two in a day? Post a comment and let me know.

Tiffany, Week 9: A Little Motivation Makes A Big Difference


photo via fitbit.com

Family Circle sent us an email saying something special was coming in the mail. A package we should open up, study up on and get familiar with for the start of the next challenge. But I didn’t have that delivery on my mind when I got to my mailbox later that afternoon which is why I was so surprised. There were four Fitbits inside the package!

Some of you right now are probably scratching your head saying what the heck is a Fitbit? Well, I’m sure 99% of those of you reading this blog have watched The Biggest Loser and you’ve seen that black band contestants wear on their arm called the Body Bugg. Well this is similar to the Body Bugg, but smaller. They’re wireless activity trackers.

Earlier this year I wanted a Fitbit so badly and almost bought one. But I didn’t. I couldn’t justify the extra cost. It was a want not a need for me. So when I opened my mailbox, I was screaming like a schoolgirl and literally jumping up and down giddy with excitement.

THANK YOU FITBIT AND FAMILY CIRCLE! The Lehman’s <3 YOU!!! The kids love their Fitbits and love wearing them and seeing how active they’ve been through out the day and we even have a little challenge going on within our four walls. It’s to see who can have the most activity in the day and we are throwing around a lot of trash talking between the four of us. It’s really fun for all of us.

Have you ever tried wearing a pedometer to track your steps? How did you do? Post a comment and let me know!

Challenge Yourself: Start Walking!

woman walking

For Challenge #3, the members of the Lehman and Avagliano families are each striving to take 10,000 steps a day.

Are you ready to get moving too? Ease into exercising with this four-week, get-back-in-shape walking plan.

What motivates you to walk? Tell us in the comments below.

Peggy, Week 9: How Many Steps Do You Take a Day?

walking sneakers

This week I realized that I walk less than 2,000 steps while I’m at work. And here’s how I found out: As last month’s hydration challenge was winding down, a small package arrived at our house. It contained four Fitbit Ultras. These devices look like clip-on flash drives; come in two colors: blue and pink; and they’re like a personal trainer in your pocket.

First, it tracks activity. Because it contains technology similar to the Wii, it even knows when you are climbing stairs! The front of the Fitbit contains a display in blue lights. It can show a surprising amount of info including:

Your name – So you know it is your Fitbit and not your husband’s or your kid’s.

Steps – It tracks your activity long as you are wearing it.

Distance – It tells you how many miles you have walked.

Sleep – That’s right, wear it on a wristband while you sleep and you can find out how long it takes you to fall asleep and how many times you awaken throughout the night.

Fun messages –My daughter, Amanda, gets a kick out of the Fitbit “talking” to her.  It will give you a virtual high five, or tell you to take a walk!

All the info wirelessly uploads to your computer so you can see how you’re doing (say compared to yesterday or last week) when you log onto their their site. The daily feedback encourages you to push yourself to do more. As I mentioned, the first day, I was surprised to find that I take fewer than 2,000 steps while at work. Trying to make it to 10,000 steps, the recommended amount for us all, is challenging and something I do not always accomplish!

Today I walked 14189 steps, 142% of my goal of 10,000 steps/day.

I climbed 1 flight of stairs, or 10% of my goal of 10 flights/day.

I traveled 5.92 miles, and I burned 2039 calories. Overall, I achieved 76% of my goal.

I may have a long way to go, but at least I now feel like I have started the journey!

Do you think a Fitbit would change the way you look at getting in shape? Post a comment and let me know.