Tiffany, Week 13: Oh The Sweet Rewards!



The last challenge was all about moving it! As I’ve shared we are a very active family and we love to sweat. We won the challenge as a family and as a family we earned a $1000 gift card to!

With the challenges, daily life, busy work load, hectic schedules, this family could really use some relaxing spa time. So far Anna and I have indulged in pedicures and gel manicures. Andy and I also had wonderful massages.

It is so fun to be pampered and feel like a princess! I haven’t had a massage since before I had the kids. I used to get 2 massages a month and manicures twice a month BC–Before Children. Funny how things like kids turn off the indulgences in life. Still, next I think I’m due for a facial!

Next up we’re headed into a sleep challenge and I can’t wait to get started!

When was the last time you allowed yourself a trip to a spa or even the nail salon? Post a comment and tell me your favorite way to treat yourself.