The “Knockout Game”: 2 Ways to End Horrifying Childish Assaults

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By now you’ve probably heard about the “knockout game,” in which a young person targets an unsuspecting victim and punches them as hard as possible. However, out of respect for the victims worldwide—one of whom died—you won’t see any images of those assaults here. And in an attempt to deter copycats, you won’t be able to click through to any links to videos of those attacks here either.

I’m of the opinion that repeated viewing of these antics can minimize the horror because we watch them and then turn off the TV or move on to the next news story. What’s missed are the aftereffects: the perpetual trauma experienced while innocently walking down a street with the purpose of getting home or to work or school after having been blindsided by a vicious blow to the head. It’s unfathomable.

Anyone who excuses such horrifying behavior as a childish prank is grossly mistaken. There is a huge difference between pranks that embarrass and surprise folks and the knockout game—meant to intentionally cause bodily harm for the sake of a laugh or screen shot.

Violence is not a game. The recent sickening posts involving ruthless, immature hooligans who target innocent men, women and children for assault and videotaping are criminal acts and should be dealt with accordingly. Media outlets should stop the distributing videos of the attacks. I am certain the victims are further traumatized by the repeated airing.

There’s work for parents to do as well. Unsupervised teens who hang out in groups are more likely to be involved in questionable activity. If their destructiveness is born out of boredom, let’s increase volunteer opportunities in environments that promote self-esteem and compassion for others. Parents should also be held to a higher standard for the untoward behavior of their children. Something has to change.

What do you think? Post a comment below and let me know.

Janet Taylor, MD, MPH, is a mother of four, a psychiatrist in New York City and director of guest support for The Jeremy Kyle Show. Follow her on Twitter @drjanet.

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129 Responses to “The “Knockout Game”: 2 Ways to End Horrifying Childish Assaults”

  1. Lets start with calling these vicious acts what they are:Assault. And stop calling them pranks. A prank is when you jump out of a dark corner and scare your best friend, not when you assault a perfect stranger.

  2. I agree with Pam, knockouts are NOT PRANKS, people can DIE from being punched in the head. The way to stop such “pranks” is arrest, court and PRISON. You don’t go around hitting ANYONE. And this is a case of COWARDLY sucker punching. THEN they LAUGH??? dear god, help us all.

  3. I agree that these CRIMES are NOT Pranks. They are always perpetrated against an older or younger person who is alone & the cowardly person is usually accompanied by several accomplices. Victims of these vicious crimes are seriously injured & will never be the same. They are committed by thugs & these thugs must be punished. Do NOT MINIMIZE the seriousness of these evil deeds!!

  4. I agree whole-heartedly with Dr. Janet. These thugs/criminals should be arrested and sent to jail. They are also not very smart in putting them on UTube or another kind of social media site. I believe the news media supports these kinds of actions when they show the videos or part of them on TV. I also am against TV shows like America’s Funniest Videos when they show any kind of violence against someone especially children hitting other children. The videos which show someone getting hurt in any way is NOT funny. It advocates this type of stupidity when they make people think it is funny to do those dumba$$ actions. I refuse to watch that show because it upsets me when someone is hurt or injured.

  5. If this happens to me there is a good chance the “teens” will be shot. I have a medical condition and good chance that a shot to the head might kill me.

    I will end the game within 1 second of starting with a salvo of 38 shells

  6. I will protect myself and my ability to provide for my family. That will almost certainly result in the death of someone who tries to take that from me and my family. I would not laugh about it as the pranksters would, but I certainly would not lose any sleep over it or feel remorse for the parents of these thugs.

  7. There is no “knockout game.” There is NO evidence these attacks are part of any “Trend” or “fad.”

    At least one of these has been debunked when the woman who reported being “knocked out” admitted she was a victim of domestic violence and latched on to to the “knockout game” fear as a way of covering for her abuser.

    These are unconnected semi-random assaults…THAT IS ALL.

  8. Dan, it is very foolish to choose to ignore this knock out “gam”. Instead of ignoring it people should be helped in warning others to protect themselves and be aware of people around them. For now, we have laws that give us the right to bear arms and agree with those who will choose to protect themselves and family. Of course before shooting someone they must tell the offender that they will be shot and that they are afraid for their lives and then of course tell the police that the statements were made before the shooting which will probably be fatal. This would not be murder at all but self protection which law provides for.

  9. I believe this game is real. Dan, you are talking about one instance where a lady lied. I have seen some of these Knock out games on You Tube. A man in England was sucker punched by a 14 year boy walking in an alley. The man was not robbed and the boy now 16 said that he did it because his friends dared him. It is a sick thing and anyone who is caught doing it should get 5 to 15 years. Then all this would stop.

  10. All of you, including the writer, are missing part of the equation or deliberately ignoring it. ALL the videos I’ve seen are black teenagers doing this. Why can’t you all just say it ?

  11. Arrest, Court, Prison. We haven’t figured it out yet. Arrest, Court, Prison! How has that worked for drug crimes, robberies, and all other crimes. People just don’t get it. We spend $34,600 a year in Pennsylvania to keep someone locked up. There is always money in the budget to lock someone up. We get what we deserve as brutal as that may sound. We can’t afford this and we can’t afford that BUT we always can afford to spend whatever it takes to lock someone up. America has more people locked up than anywhere else in the world. Pennsylvania has more “kids” locked up for life than any other state. We get what we deserve. We haven’t yet figured out we arrest and imprison our way out of crime. Rec center, hell no, too expense. School budget, hell no, can’t afford it. Jails, unlimited budget, whatever we need to spend.

  12. Why give power to the perpetrators by allowing them to name it? Why not just give it the dishonorable name it always had: “Sucker Punch”.

  13. I prefer the name “brutal, vicious assault.”

  14. Call it what it really is: BLACK on White Crime. Jail the Parents or even better PUBLIC CANING

  15. Maybe these thugs need a taste of their own medicene. How about they stand by themselves with a hood over their head for several minutes not knowing if they will be “sucker punched”. Oh yeah I forgot—thats considered “cruel and unusal punishment.” Maybe we tell that judge—its just a prank or a game.

  16. Good article. At least two writers think they can protect themselves with a gun. No. The felonious assaulters look for people who who are not capable of self defense, When these guys get close to you, you cannot reach into a pocket and get your gun into position fast enough. They will disarm you. The airhead respondent who said he will shoot and protect his family? No. The thugs just won’t pick on someone flanked by a “bodyguard”.

  17. There is a book available on which has over one hundred documented cases with video links of each individual cases of the knockout game which all major news networks are afraid to report. Name of the book: White Girl Bleed A Lot.

  18. As a couple of other brave posters pointed out these “young persons” a universally Black & their victims have been overwhelmingly white. The Black comunity suffers an appalling absence of actual parents. I know it’s not PC to point this out but the “knockout game” results from a culture where women have multiple children with multiple men, none of whom stick around to raise their children.
    The media constantly reports on the perceived racism of White Americans but never a wordabout the active racism that dominates the Black Community. Black Rappers make millions from their so-called music that gorifies violence directed at white people. Black “activists” teach young Blacks that they don’t succeed due to white racism when in reality it’s because they lack education & skills.
    When Black people begin accepting responsibility for their lives & bthe lives of their children then maybe their children will start to succedd & things like the knockout game will fade into history. I don’t see that happening any time soon. it’s so much easier to blame your problems on someone else.

  19. I hate this it makes me crazy I grew up in a black neighborhood in the seventies and was always abused by black people because I was white so sorry but I have no problem saying there are niggers in the world and there are blacks in the world the sad part is the small majority of the niggers out there put a bad name for all of the wonderful black people. And for the people offended by the word nigger sorry it applies perfectly to these inner city thugs that knock out inncent people. AS THEY ARE IGNORANT! If you don’t like the word stop acting ignorant and the word will not be used! Also I am tired of all the excuses I grew up poor as all hell and worked myself through school I have immigrant friends that did not even speak the language when they came here and are now wealthy business men and women so why is it that the “Niggers” from the inner city can’t fix themselves ohhh I know because they don’t have to they get everything free! And for the record when my moms applied for food stamps when my dad split on me at six months old the welfare worker denied her and said look around you you’re white these stamps and checks are not for you!!!! So don’t tell me about racism I lived it! And overcame it!

  20. Some of what Dr Taylor had to say makes sense, however, parents are not responsible for what their teens do way from the house. Teens are old enough to know that if you hit someone as hard as you can, you can cause great harm. These animals need to be caged.

  21. Just wait until they sucker punch a guy with a CCW permit and they get their body full of holes.. These guys are a waste of food and air.

  22. Why do you show a white kid in the photo as if this is a white on black crime when it is overwhelmingly a black on white crime. Is it because you are black and are trying to cover up your peoples crimes?

  23. It amazes me how ignorant some Americans truly are and they refuse to wake-up. It all comes down to personal responsibility and ethics. I vent my anger toward the main media and politics for allot of our mess in this country as well. We really need liberal conversion therapy for some in this country…

  24. carry your gun if you don’t get knock out shoot them. It will stop Quick.

  25. carry your gun if you don’t get knocked out shoot them. It will stop Quick.

  26. Perhaps the authors ethnicity blinded her to some of the overwhelming facts here, but in all the depictions of this “knock out game” that I have witnessed, there have been no Latino, Asian, Jewish, or Caucasian youths involved in the perpetrating of these atrocities. However; the overwhelming majority of the victims have not been
    Black, but these aforementioned ethnicities. So let us at the very least call it what it is, the very definition of a “hate crime”. My work has taken me into some of the worst neighborhoods of the city I served, during all imaginable hours of the day and night, and never once have I been accosted in any way. There are two very good reasons for this fact, first it was known in no uncertain terms that only one of us would be walking away, Second I have always spoken to everyone I met along the way, treated them with the respect that I expected to be treated with, and never had a disparaging remark for anyone, whether they had one coming or not. Until we can at least admit what the problem is, there can be little hope of dealing with it effectively. In closing, my advice to all is to one, get a gun, two, learn how and when to use it, three, don’t leave home without it. The police can not protect you, they can only be reactive, when it is all too late for you. George Zimmerman’s gun may have stopped Trayvon Martin’s heart, but it was the black youth culture that killed him. We all need to be honest with ourselves before it is too late, how many more young, promising lives have to be snuffed out before we wake up and confront the root causes of the problems that we are facing.

  27. Hard Time for proven rotten evil perpetrators and tried as adults is the third way – advertised so others know what’s in store.

  28. Everyone thinks punishment is a deterent. Punishment is just an act of law. What children need long before they become assalting teens is parental attention, teaching of morals, their place in society and religion if taught as God intented for it to be taught.
    We as a nation have disavowed our responsibility as parents in the attempt of having it all. Our children don’t need things they need loving parents guidence and love.

  29. William Post is absolutely right about this and I’m getting tired of reading these articles where people completely gloss over the truth of today’s black culture. The spotlight should be pointing just as hard at the kids family life and what is going on with their parents (or lack thereof) that allow them to think that this is a reasonable way to act. Any one of these kids could get arrested for assault and a whole slew of problems will arise as a result. They will find it harder to find work or get into college (if that is their chosen path), and instead of calling a spade a spade they will blame it on White America. And to the genius who posted that a parent should “not be responsible for what their teenager does when they are not around”….I sure hope you didn’t breed, because that is the mentality that bad parents have. Yes, BAD parents. You absolutely MUST be concerned with what your child does AT ALL TIMES and if they don’t represent you or your family in a way you see fit, you can ask them to leave the house. Don’t want them to leave the house? BE A PARENT. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

  30. Let’s not mince words here and call it what it is, unprovoked attacks by Blacks on Whites that has been going on for several years now.

  31. Have any of these “players” been caught? And if they have, how many were charged under the Federal guideline for hate crimes? There is a recent article about a white man, who decided to play this “game” to see if he could get away with it. He has been denied bail in this offense (and by the way I’m for that), but I have yet to see any of these other thugs charged the same way. Is it just possible that there is a double standard here? Is it impossible for a black man to commit a hate crime against a white person? Many black people feel that way, as in their eyes(bolstered by comments by the “Reverend” Al Sharpton) racism is only white on black, or white on any other race. They’ve been told that there are no black racists. Charge these hooligans with hate crimes, the way they should be.
    I saw previous posts not to condemn the parents of these thugs. These kids have NO parents, they have NO positive role models, they are simply “feral people”. People who were once tame, and have been allowed to go wild. When a farm animal is found this way, they are put down. It’s time to weed out the feral part of this population. Stop filling the prisons with non-violent drug offenders, and start filling them with these goons. Better yet, since most of these offenders are minors, create “work camps”. Teach these kids how to do something… anything productive, and release them when they can be a contributing part of society. If they are found to have no skills, and no inclination to do this, put them down. Something has to be done to get these psychopaths off the streets.

  32. This should raise awareness for the need for Concealed Carry in every State of the Union. If these gutless punks are going to “play their deadly games”, let them do so at the very real potential of losing their own lives. The games won’t last long…at least with the same “players”!

  33. Volunteer Opportunities? Are you serious? These thugs really sound like the type that want to volunteer their time to something worthwhile. Children need discipline, guidance, routine, structure and responsibilities. Put these kids to work doing something useful and constructive. MAKE THEM work – don’t wait for them to volunteer.

  34. When caught and convicted these young thugs need to spend many years in prison. If prisons in the Northeast part of the country are too expensive as some posters have noted, send them to Angola in Eastern Louisiana, I am sure that the state of Louisiana will take real good care of these “boys” for a whole lot less than 36-40K per year. What we have here is a failure to communicate the price that should be paid by the perpetrators of these vicious assaults.

  35. Black culture, liberation theology etc. It’s a great money making scam perpetrated on America. Keep us divided, cause sensational and shocking reactions to indoctrinate and isolate. We’re at each others throats while the politicians and corporate oligarchs enrich themselves at our expense.
    How many of those rat bastards from wall street have gone to jail since 2008? How many defense contractors have been tried for espionage for selling technology to our sworn enemies.
    How many politicians are millionaires since they came into office decades ago? Stop drinking the kool aid and wake up. To these people we are cattle to be exploited. Stand on your own two feet. Stop calling yourselves hyphenated Americans. There is only one America.
    Those of us who love this country understand that truth. We have been subjugated for decades with the above mentioned social systems. They are but two of many that keep us down. Wake up dammit!

  36. The best way to stop this garbage is for people to utilize their right to bear arms and get the concealed weapon permit, keep their eyes open, and utilize deadly force if necessary.

  37. Best way to deter this is let those legally allowed to carry guns solve the problem.

  38. First…in all videos I’ve seen, the “teens” are black, attacking whites.

    These type crimes are not happening in STRONG Right to Carry Concealed Firearms states!
    Great that I live in one of those states!

  39. Funny how this “knock out game” is doing primarily by BLACK people (mainly teens and older) and yet you use disgustingly use a picture of a young grade school WHITE child as your article prop’s. You should be ashamed. Next time use the CORRECT image for your story!

  40. I agree wholeheartedly with NOT giving these punks the fame that they want, but in my mind, there is a much better way to put an end to “the knockout game”. Concealed carry and USE of a firearm. Maybe once several of the thugs are removed from the gene pool, maybe others will realize that playing this “game” just isn’t worth it. At least the thug that gets shot will not commit any more felony assaults.

  41. most kids want respect but will disrespect someone else. can you imagine how low these ppl must feel if this was done in front of their child , wife , or gf. hate to say it but nothing will be done until the whites become the suspects more so than vice-versa. until then they are referred to as pranks!

  42. If you will allow a bit of sensible sarcasm – We must be careful about calling this a black on white hate crime. We wouldn’t want “the anointed one” to get involved covering and taking up for a black youth who could have been him when he was younger. BULLS**T !

  43. Divorce and single motherhood created these fatherless wild male children with no discipline.

  44. The more these people do this, the more chance that they will come in contact with a licensed concealed carry permit holder and end up shot. This is the only thing that will stop these idiots.

  45. I know some people will take my comment as racist, but I don’t have a racist bone in my body and my opinion could be applied to ANY similar situation. I do however, see a coincidental? ….similarity to Trayvon Martin supposedly jumping out and punching Zimmermon in the face. Tragically, Zimmermon had a gun. There will be more tragedies if these stupid attacks continue for whatever stupid reasons they are happening.

  46. How about turning jails into jails and not country clubs. Balogna 3 times a day no TV no workout rooms no phones no vending machines. Then take the money saved and put it for education and other things.

  47. While the vast majority of the perps are black, to steadfastly insist they’re ALL black is wrong, and thus diminishes the validity of some of the comments I’m reading here. Do a little cursory research and you’ll see for yourself (if you care.) Furthermore, you Internet tough guys who think you’re going to stop any of this mess by pulling your gun are full on delusional. YOU DON’T SEE THE ATTACK COMING! That’s what a sucker punch is. Your best line of defense is to always be highly aware of your surroundings. Always assume the worst of people until they prove otherwise. Avoid troubled areas, particularly when alone. Steer clear of groups if possible. Take a casual peek behind you every few seconds. Make eye contact with anyone who looks like a trouble maker. Keep your hands out of your pockets in order to quickly get them up in the event of a quick attack. Take wide turns when approaching a corner so you can see any potential surprises before they happen. If you think you’re being followed. Stop, turn around and head right for the person following you and make direct eye contact. All of this will give you a better chance at survival than thinking your going to blast your way out of trouble. I own a gun, but I also know it’s limitations.

  48. As long as anyone considers themselves a “victim” with “special rights” as many urban Americans do, they will continue to abandon personal responsibility led by their “victim advocates,” who feed on playing the race card!

  49. Dr. Janet….why are 99% of the attacker black and 99.9% of the victims white? Isn’t this a classic example of a hate crime? Yet, AG Holder charges a white person with a “Hate Crime” because they attacked a black person. Show me 1 black that has been charged with a “Hate Crime” from the KO game. Personally, my friend Mr. Glock is always with me. If one of these thugs attacks me, he will look like a piece of Swiss cheese since I have a hi-cap clip. Emperor Obozo better get the word out to all the baby-daddy’s to stop this chit.

  50. Concealed carry, open carry? Hasn’t anyone noticed that these attacks happen to perceived ‘defenseless’ individuals, and so fast and unsuspected that to even think you might have a chance to prevent it is beyond comprehension.
    Don’t appear like a potential ‘victim’ and your chances of being passed by are hugely extrapolated.
    Only in two incidences have I heard about the intended victim turning the tables. One lady was armed, and was aware that the attack was about to happen, successfully armed herself and shot BOTH perps. In another incident, a lady master in martial arts trounced her attackers.

  51. I have not heard of any of these crimes occurring in states that allow concealed carry. I know that in states like Texas or Arizona an attacker is likely to have his head blown off by the victim. The thugs know this. I carry a 9mm pistol with a laser sight in my purse for just such occasions.

  52. Everyone talks about the parents teaching morals, That is the funniest thing I ever herd of. How can the parents teach morals, when the parents don’t have any.

  53. I love how the title suggest that the article has solutions… but those solutions don’t work with irrational and aggressive people like these knockout game “players”. How about we come up with a real solution. Like prison, labeled them as terrorists and have them have to announce to the public and register as an offender just like pedophiles do, and allow shoot on sight if people do this in front of you.

    Maybe talking works for you guys, but every single time someone has ever assaulted me they ended up in the emergency room needing stitches at the least or completely unresponsive. The punishment always fits the crime because they attack me with malicious intent and I defend myself until they stop, voluntarily or involuntarily.

    The last guy that attacked me had to have repeated surgeries and tried to sue me but the judge threw out the case because the police determined by video footage that he indeed assaulted me and he would have been dead if his buddy hadn’t stopped me from stomping his head in!

    People who attack others unjustly deserve ANYTHING coming to them. Death being the most desirable outcome of their actions.

  54. Practice hip shooting from various positions on the ground.

  55. Please note that this game also goes by the name of “Polar Bear Hunting.” As in white people hunting. Note that the victims are targeted for their ethnicity. If this were white/Asian on black crime, Eric Holder would be arresting these people for hate crimes. He would be calling for the biggest beer summit ever. But because the black/white narrative here does not fit in with what the left is trying to push, the elites are silent. Hang your head in shame, O’Bomber!

  56. So you propose not letting the “hood rats” hang around in gangs and getting bored? Who’s going to stop that from EVER happening? The single mother on crack with 4 little “beasties” at home? Good luck with that!

  57. Calling them pranks and antics is a thinly veiled racist attempt to downplay these assaults.

    Arm yourselves people.

  58. Big problem this.
    Yes, arrest them, but then I have to pay for more police and police cars to “get them”. But then I have to pay for more public defenders, prosecuting attorneys, judges and courthouses. But then I have to pay for more prisons and more programs of rehabilitation and job training and the cost of imprisoning a growing percentage of our population. Then we have to hear its not fair to be arresting a disproportionate number of blacks in the almost all black attackers playing the knockout game. Then we have to hear it’s society’s fault for not taking more money in taxes or borrowing against our children’s future by raising the debt ceiling to provide more parks and “free” youth centers so the unfortunate bored black teens wont hurt us (yes I’m white).

    No one likes to hear it, but it all goes back to our progressive movement away from God and family and an ever increasing number of social programs ( that I pay for) replacing fathers in the homes of at least two thirds of black homes and better than one third of white homes.
    Please go home to God and your families and love them. Then the racial hatred goes away, the courts go away and the prisons go away. Then the charity of loving people and families replaces the social programs and the fathers stay home because they feel needed. Sons and daughters grow up at least hoping to marry and have stable homes and value love for God in their future family.

    Then I can pay less in taxes and have more money…and then I can help poor people in my town and be more giving…like our God asks of us.

  59. There’s a third way.

    The George Zimmerman method

  60. Prior to this site I read a story about a punk (that’s all they are)who tried to assault a man with a concealed carry permit, got shot twice and sent to prison. If that happened often enough, this nonsense would stop.

  61. Back in the sixties when I was a mail carrier in a mostly black area I saw a lot of grand mothers raising grandkids. This generation of grand mothers taught the grand children about respect and morals. The breakdown seems to have begun when this generation of grand mothers starting aging or passing on. Somewhere along the line a generation of grandmothers didn’t know about respect and morals themselves which brings us to where we now stand. Nobody is teaching these kids anything and they are just out like a pack of animals running wild. There is no use to even mention the race thing with our population consisting of about 13% black and roughly the same in hispanics, yet the ratio of attacks go, probably in the high nineties As for the kid in the picture, I just took that he had witnessed a sucker punch on his monitor and was aghast at what he had just seen. As long as this country continues to pile the money on for these illegitimate kids to be born and doesn’t do anything to try and curb it, it’s only going to get worse. To try and curb the problem which would involve forced birth control would mean screaming from the liberals of civil rights violations.

  62. I simply just could not imagine one of my children doing such an evil act. And that is exactly what it is. Pure. Evil. Period. I look around and realize the times we now live in are prophetic,evil abounds. Never, never, not once in my wildest imaginations did I ever picture living in a time when children are inflicting serious bodily harm upon innocent people simply for the “fun” of it.
    We must protect one another, watch each others back, never trust anyone while we are out alone. Sad that we are surrounded by the absolute maliciousness of a great majority of todays all but damned youth.

    Saddened deeply. Come Lord.

  63. I am always armed when walking either alone or with family and friends. The “Animal” that attacks me, my family or friends will sacrifice his own life. I don’t care your color, race or sex – your life will end with a volley of shots to their “Center of Mass”.

  64. The best way to address this is make it a hate crime with mandatory sentencing. Make video outlets responsible for getting releases from all parties including the victim before they can show the videos or face prosecution themselves. If we take away the glory and instead publicize the arrests and punishment it will slow this down.

  65. This sucker punching by punks is cowardly game. However another point she touched on and I beleive is key to many violent acts (mass shootings) is the watching the videos and violent video games. Young minds are desensitized to the violence of the act and then feel it is OK or have the urge to act out in real life.

  66. Raymond, you mentioned overcrowded jails. Yes they are because the prisons and jails are not there to punish. They are there to “rehabilitate”. You eat three healthy meals a day, don’t work if you don’t want to and can get a better education inside than most can buy outside. What is the deterrent?
    If jails were mad to PUNISH rather than reward criminals, I bet they would not fill up as much.
    What these “kids” are doing is assault in the least and attempted murder or even murder in the max. Though it seems like minorities do this the most, there are proven cases of Caucasians doing the attacks. The answer? Be aware of your surroundings; don’t let any young person get to close to you, your conceal and carry permit and actually CARRY your gun and be prepared to use it. If these thugs think they will get shot playing their “game”, they are less likely to try it on you. If any of this crud gets caught, make their life a living Hell. HARD time with forced physical jobs to perform.

  67. carry a gun and make it risky for the perps

  68. Knoa said: “I look around and realize the times we now live in are prophetic, evil abounds.”

    Famous Satanist Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) wrote: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

    Watch almost any modern rock/rap/r&b music video on YouTube, and you will see the common thread of “I’m gonna do what I wanna do;” reflecting Crowley’s mores. Contrast that with Jesus Christ taught His followers: Luke 6:31 – “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” (sometimes referred to as the Golden Rule)

    We rational adults need to collectively get the message out to children (if if the children are not our own) that violence begets more violence and that our culture needs to shift back into the “old-school” mode of helping one another. Make “random acts of kindness” cool again.

  69. I live in a rural part of the country. I have little fear for me or mine being attacked this way. However, last night at the Walmart parking lot I found myself quietly “standing guard” as my wife exited the vehicle and we began walking from the car. I am suspicious of anyone waiting in their car or truck.

    The disrespect for self and others has gone too far in our country. I am continuously shocked by the unimaginable things some will do to others. I firmly believe ALL of this evil behavior starts and ends at home. Parents are to blame (and credit) for much of the actions of their children.

    Already there are certain parts of cities and even states that I will no longer visit. I won’t schedule meetings or conferences in these locations either. Over time many of these leaderless locations will be virtually sealed off by decent people.

    I fear we are all in for, especially the lawless, some very harsh times. The lawless think they will be the winners when push comes to shove. They may be adept at attacking helpless people. They will be sorely surprised when we’ve had enough.

    It seems that jail has become less a threat and almost a haven to those who have only known a structureless existence at home.

  70. they should sterilize the parents so they cant breed anymore of these troubled yoofs

  71. I’ve got 11, .40 hollow points that will stop the “knockout game” players cold. Hope they’re ready.

  72. I will give these perps a lesson in manners that their parents forgot to teach
    …and it will quite possibly be the last lesson of their young lives

  73. Please post a picture of a black youth in a hoodie
    when you talk about this crime

  74. I encourage all potential victims to respond with “EXTREME PREJUDICE”….meaning you do whatever is necessary to prevent such an attack.

  75. Solution is simple…if you get caught playing the “Knockout Game” I propose that we amputate both arms at the shoulder then set the criminal free. After a few are caught and punished in this fashion, I’ll bet the game will not be so played quite as often.

  76. if assault and battery has turned into a mere “childish prank”, then does that also apply to other crimes such as rape?

  77. I clicked on this to see what 2 things you were advocating to be done to end this practice. After reading the entire post, I still can’t say I have 2, practical/do-able items. Obviously, parents need to make sure their kids are too busy and supervised to participate in something like this. The only other thing I think I saw was that the internet/media is contributing to the problem by showing videos of attacks and/or victims. I guess I was expecting something more concrete and practical that even those who don’t have teens could do, rather than just rehashing the problems. Many of these ‘kids’ are nearly adults, don’t have fathers living at home, and their mothers may be working long hours. Welfare has provided a disincentive for dads to live with their families. Teens can’t find jobs, so don’t have productive ways to spend their time. When minimum wage goes up, employers are reluctant to pay inexperienced workers high wages. When marriage isn’t protected and encouraged, single moms are stuck with the jobs of both parents and can’t adequately supervise their kids. Solutions? In our present politically correct culture, where God isn’t allowed in public schools, ‘hooking up’ is encouraged and supported with free birth control and abortions which reduces the need/desire to get married (and almost all families below the poverty line are 1-parent households), and parents are afraid to discipline their children for fear child welfare will remove them from their homes, I’m not sure there are any solutions. As long as we go down this path, this is just one of the consequences.

  78. I fear that publicity may be encouraging many to participate in the KO game. No use blaming the parents for not teaching morals when few of them have morals themselves. Maybe the publicity when a few of the perpetrators assume room temperature would help.

  79. I think the children doing this stupidity are not being held responsible by their parents and not being taught better by their parents. the parents when they see their kids on television doing stupid stuff like that should first cut off all ties for their kids with those who they are running around doing it with and then take them to the police station and let the police put them in jail cells for about a week not knowing what’s going to happen to them and then take them to the hospitals and make them work free for a prolonged period of time with the people who have had it happen to them, and being watched to make sure they are not doing stupid things to those people, and if they cant develop a respect for others then they should get to spend some time in other places where others might take advantage of them of course not unless supervised so they don’t really get hurt but just so they can see what they are wrongfully forcing upon innocent others and what ever else it takes to see that they shouldn’t be doing that kind of stuff, and that people are really being physically harmed to the point of death or other disabilities wrongfully being forced on them for no justifiable reason other than a stupid ego trip

  80. It’s not a game. It represents, in graphic form, the decline of our civility, our culture and our entire society. It’s not just these vicious attacks. We have the specter of mobs of “youths” rampaging malls and stores, occurring more frequently than we are being told by the media. Authorities are powerless to stop these attacks and slough them off. They are a danger to all of us and we deserve better. There’s no point talking about parents, since so many of these thugs have only one. The erosion of good and the increase of absolute evil are to be seen everywhere. Have we no guts to stand up to these assaults on our liberty and freedom?

  81. i’m just curious dr. janet. being an intelligent woman surely you are aware that in every single case but one, the thugs who play the ‘knockout game’ are black, and the victims are typically white, with the occasional white looking jew or white-hispanic thrown in – possibly by mistake or bad lighting. now i don’t expect you to be honest with us, but at least be honest with yourself: how would your story have been written if the assailants/thugs were white boys and the victims innocent blacks just walking home from the mall? i think we can all assume that you would have mentioned something about race and hate crimes in your story… and i am disappointed that you could not offer the same courtesy to us because surely you have no reason to shield these punks, who you yourself would not want to run into, from such obvious truths.

  82. Parents? These feral yard-apes don’t have ‘parents’, just an absent sperm donor, and a lazy, worthless brood-sow that’s just as bad as they are. Deportation is the only viable solution, as they’ve proven again and again that they are evolutionarily incapable of adapting to a civil, human society. They should be released back to the wild of ‘da muddahland’. After all, I’ts the humane thing to do.

  83. Surgically remove both arms and penis. Imprison him in a basement cell full of the death row sodomites. Pay-per-view televise the pajama boy games in the cell; proceeds to the victims family. His family loses voting rights.

  84. Not viewing or making knockout video’s available amounts to sweeping it under the rug and covering it up.
    Potential victims need to know about this violence. No, it does not need to be glorified, but it SHOULD be published. The public NEEDS to know what is going on, and WHO is doing it. The FIRST step to solving a problem is to admit that it exists.

    Far too many potential victims are walking around, zombie like in “condition white” preoccupied, totally unaware of their surroundings,situation and oblivious to maintaining their personal space.
    Even having a weapon will do these people no good because they are totally unaware and unprepared, rendering them unable to resist, and thus make the perfect victims.

    Stopping the violence:

    A. Avoid being a victim! YOU are responsible for your personal safety.

    1. AVOID potentially violent areas. Know where the “BAD” parts of town are and simply avoid going there. Avoid using bank ATMs after dark. There have been many robberies by guys jumping out of the bushes.

    2. be prepared. Mentally be aware. When out in public be AWARE of your surroundings,actively notice the people around you and anyone about to invade your personal space. If you are ALREADY in a violent situation, then your only choice is to defend yourself and meet violence with violence. Carry a weapon and be trained and fully prepared to use it, even if it is only pepper spray, a taser or stun gun, a knife, or firearm. Make any attempted attack on you carry an unacceptably high a cost as possible for the attacker. If enough people did this, and the attacks had a usual outcome of the attacker arrested, severely injured or dead, the attacks would stop.

    3. Publicize the attack. This will inform other people of the problem and also allow possible witnesses to come forward.

    4. Hold the perpetrators responsible. Too many times this crime of violent assault has been minimized, characterized as just a ‘joke’ or prank. It is low risk for the criminals, the police are busy with ‘real’ crimes elsewhere. That is why the victims need to escalate, making the crime much more costly for the attacker, and at least indelibly leave their mark on him, preferably involving considerable pain, for later identification.
    Try them as adults for a crime of violence. A violent felony conviction for felonious assault plus a sentence of about 5 years of ‘hard time’ might get their attention change their attitude.

    B. Change the culture. I agree that there has been far too much glamorization of violence in gangsta rap, and far too much that the world owes me whatever my heart desires… and a failure to appreciate the seriousness of these attacks.
    I don’t know how you stop the free speech of rap. But if you go out and try committing real life harm on a real life victim, don’t be surprised when you end up getting real life harm in return.

  85. I blame our liberal leaders they don’t call these things as they are, a serious crime.I agree with some of these comments I have a permit to carry I have no problem shooting one of these assholes no problem a all.I don’t care what color they are you try to fuck me up your dead, so all you tree hugging liberals can go to hell.

  86. At all times I carry a weapon for personal safety. If anyone attempts to “knock-out” me or a family member with me, they’ll receive a double-tap and be on the ground. The threat will be eliminated. If they survive or die I care not.

  87. I just want to see the knock out where the lady turned and shot the perp… You know his friends have it…

  88. its clearly black on white ! white liberals need to play with them ! the rest of us keep shooting till all of them are in the ground !!

  89. hold the attackers and their parents responsible…regulate media coverage so that the videos of the idiocy occurring don’t influence other idiots who follow the media morons…these attackers are thugs plain and simple neglected at home and very likely at school and bored – and out on the streets mistaking toughness for idiocy and ignorance.. the only thing they prove is their cowardice…they are the losers of society and the pain they inflict on victims and their own family is a meaningful manifestation of their mindlessness…get A LIFE.

  90. 90% of the attacks are crimes against whites. In Chicago they call it polar bear hunting.

  91. I agree with the comments here, but one thing that bothers me is the title vs. the content of the article. 4 paragraphs describing the issue and its abhorrence and then two very generic sentences about how to stop this crime. …why bother with the article at all?

  92. “Prank” my ass. I’m 62 years old and something like this can be deadly. If I see it coming Mr, Sig in my pocket starts shooting 9mm down range. Arrest these “hooligans” as you call them, and put them in jail where they belong. “Big Bubba” can have some new play toys.

  93. I dare one of these guys to swing at me. id knock the whole crew out, they never know whos the highly trained blackbelt and amazing bozer all in one/ if I ever saw these guys do it, I wouldn’t dial 911 until they needed it. thanks Charles palmer/ id give my address if they need it. punk ass cowards, hit a real fighter

  94. I am a minority and when I was in third grade circa 1979 I witnessed this type of behavior from black kids on white kids. It was disturbing to say the least. At Granada Hills Elementary a little black girl named Mary walked out of class to the playground and while walking up to another girl sitting at a tree bench she invited all her friends to see her come over to Lynn and socked her. Out of nowhere, and the little girl Lynn began sobbing. This was typical of black kids at the time at our school. I’ll never forget that. The lesson I learned was I was not black or white but that thing there was not about color, it was about hate. The hate stems from the remnants of segregation. Disturbing that this war on race is as well provoked by everything in the history of America. Did you think that all that history would disappear just because segregation is over? Please, I can think of a million ways Americans keep racism alive– they work on it. Jim Crow is not the law anymore but that doesn’t mean people don’t wish that it was. Your comment on the education of these offenders is racist considering that to this day Americans white and black, in terms of education are disparaging. I’m not white or black, but as a minority I was cheated of a proper education and in my adult hood have recently been diagnosed with a disability that I have likely had since childhood, and not one of the schools I went to ever noted anything in my transcripts– because they didn’t care. Teachers and the teachings of the last 120 + years of proposterous reasonings from bygone eras that still creep in like a plague. Sucker punched. Hmmm, I wonder why! Get a clue America, think of the people you are defending with your Comments and then let’s talk about WTF is goin on in Florida, @ the DOZIER SCHOOL FOR BOYS!!! Then tell me about it.

  95. these animals need to be killed the same as a wild beast.

  96. The answer is simple. Carry a gun, and NEVER turn your back on a black person.I would love for one of them to try it with me. They would be dead before they hit the ground.

  97. Yup, increased volunteer activities and improving self-esteem are surely gonna stop these attacks. How about universal pre-k? While we’re at it, let’s throw a couple hundred million into after-school activities. Are you serious? That’s your solution? What’s your solution to murder? Group hugs?

  98. Maria Mergenthal, your post is a mishmashed jumble of confusing statements. Are you saying minorities are disadvantaged so don’t blame them? Or are you saying that blacks are pre-inclined to violence? Meanwhile, you popped in your own anecdote. You know what, never mind. My fault for trying to make sense of your post.

    The bottom line is that it’s all blacks attacking whites in this so-called game. They do it because they’re pack animals. Would never do it unless they knew they could get away with it. Never turn your back on a black male between the ages of 13-50.

  99. ‘The Great Society, War on Poverty’ ended all Traditional Family in exchange for the ‘Subsidized Feral Associations’ including their inevitable dysfunctional Spawn. Resultant spawn of which is now violently aborted by the countless millions to ‘control’ their numbers.

    Traditional Family with their role models, Faith and self motivation, is now heavily taxed, restricted, regulated and rendered so irrelevant by law, that less than 25% of school children today exist under that now Demonized demographic.

    What else can be expected when the Only Sustainable society throughout history, Traditional Family, is forced by Liberal Leftist government into subservience, while elevating, funding, teaching, encouraging the Feral societal system into positions of ultimate Power..

  100. This writer has missed the boat altogether, or has deliberately attempted to continue minimizing the severity of this trend by using the words “game” and “antics” to describe these felonious and vicious attacks.

    Shame on Family Circle for publishing such an article.

  101. Be honest this is a Black Thug Hate Crime Against Whites. The only way to stop it is to shoot their sorry black ass. If you see any black thugs be ready to shoot.

  102. The punishment for these hate crimes should be swift and severe. The court should overlook excuses….poverty,outside influence,age,and remorse. The punishment should be one that impacts the criminals life an an enduring way.

  103. Stop tolerating these damn blacks

  104. The “change” that should come regarding the way these “knockout” events should be treated can start with the headline for this article! Instead of being titled “The ‘Knockout Game’: 2 Ways to End Horrifying Childish Assaults,” it should have been titled “The ‘Knockout Crime’” 2 Ways to End Horrifying Criminal Assaults.” Instead of using words like “Game” and “Childish” in connection with these acts of violence, label them and their perpetrators for what they are. Although the article goes on to discuss exactly that, many people never read past a headline.

  105. It they don’t stop this crap these kids will begin carrying baseball bats and play the “Home Run Game.”

  106. Tis high time we arm ourselves and succumb to the impending doom that is soon to befall us all. The Roes are animalistic half humans, inspired and even encouraged by the insipid banality of their hate filled (C)rap music, their desire for “bling” and their apparent hatred of women. It is a given that a majority of these tribesmen are on the down low, cruising and engaging in homosexual prevocarities amongst themselves, whilest trying to appear as pimplike as they can.

  107. The solution is really simple. Concealed carry and the will to use force will work wonders. Both my wife and are have our carry licenses. Her weapon of choice is a compact Px4 9mm and mine a mag research compact .45. Anytime we are approached by a group of males that match the likely demographic we have a hand on and safety off.

  108. “Knock out Game”? Almost always it is feral black ‘youth’ going after whites. Mostly seen in cities like St Louis, Birmingham, Atlanta and so on, where the white population has moved away (fled?) to the suburbs. Also called ” Polar bear hunting”, for obvious reasons. The only solution is widespread concealed carry. The blacks probably will not change…..

  109. Why will no one say the obvious? These punk man wannabbes are BLACK RASCISTS!

  110. Own a firearm and be competent in it’s use. Protect the 2nd Amendment, as it protects the rest, and is your last line of defense. Take responsibility for the safety of yourself, and your family. Talk is cheap.

  111. This type of behavior has been displayed by blacks since I can remember them being bussed into our schools and put into Government Subsidized houses in the middle of our neighborhood. This unfortunate event happened when I was in the 4th grade, early 70s and forever changed/formed my opinion of blacks (before that, I didn’t have one really). This opinion has not changed, if anything it has gotten worse. With every black kid that was put into our school, a white one was bussed to an all-black school. I really felt sorry for them, as we all know how they were treated. They all ran around in packs and were constantly bullying us whites. Every day I woke up wondering which one I would have to fight today. I was big for my age and once they realized I would fight back, they pretty much left me alone and tried to half –ass befriend me. As for a solution? My answer is segregation again, period. Every black that is convicted of a violent crime, particularly against any other race, send them to anywhere in Africa and let them fend for themselves, with NO chance to be let back into the US or ANY other country, PEROID. Send both of their parents also. If they have other children, send them too as an example. If like in MOST cases the father cannot be located, the jails I propose will handle that part eventually. Next, a MAJOR reconstruction/reorganization of all jails. First, 3 meals a day of bread and water ONLY. Eliminate ANY and ALL recreation including TV, I-Net, outdoor activities, indoor activities, visitors, cigarettes, ANYTHING except a 4 by 8 cell and a pot to urinate/defecate in, that THEY have to empty once a week. Inmates do NOT get to interact with each other either, EVER. NO parole, PERIOD, EVER. Hang anyone who tries to escape. This punishment also applies to ANYONE in a “gang”, no matter what nationality you are. If you are Hispanic, you and your entire family gets a one way trip back to Mexico. Anyone caught crossing the border into the US should be shot, no questions asked, and no return. Anyone caught being corrupt on our side, put them in “my jail” for 20 years minimum. These are THE ONLY solutions that will work. These POS animals no nothing else but violence and have NO compassion for anyone or anything but themselves! Unfortunately, what I propose would never come to be (in my lifetime anyway). That is why the America that Americans knew before the early 60s and the “civil rights movement” that helped and his helping to destroy our nation, is gone forever and is becoming more and more of a ghetto-cesspool every moment that passes…Blacks=Plague

  112. “If their destructiveness is born out of boredom, let’s increase volunteer opportunities in environments that promote self-esteem and compassion for others.”

    Thinking back to my youth, I was never bored. I never needed increased volunteer opportunities. I never needed my self-esteem promoted. And I guess I’m never learned compassionate. But this solution is preposterous. It puts the onus on us. Let’s put the onus on the perpetrators. My solution is much simpler, more effective, and consequently, no doubt, anathema to any self-respecting psychologist.

    Bring back stocks in the public square.

  113. One of the real downsides with playing the “knockout” game is that you never know when you may come upon a victim who is playing the “boom boom” game. In the “boom boom” game, the object is to shoot the guy who took a swing at you with your legally licensed concealed carry weapon. It is really best if this happens in view of a security camera because the “knockout” player or their family will likely accuse the “boom boom” player of committing a “trayvon”.

  114. I am armed at all times, and I pay attention to my surroundings. At the sign of an attack-and I consider a fist to be a deadly weapon, I will double-tap the predator with a hollow-point .45 round to the chest, followed by one to the head.

    Message received!

    SamAdams1776 III Oathkeeper
    Molon Labe
    Qui tacet consentit
    Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.
    Idque apud imperitos humanitas vocabatur, cum pars servitutis esset.

  115. “target innocent men, women and children for assault and videotaping are criminal acts and should be dealt with accordingly. … If their destructiveness is born out of boredom, let’s increase volunteer opportunities in environments that promote self-esteem and compassion for others.”

    That’s right, we need both the carrot and the stick, though Ms. Taylor’s stick part (“should be dealt with accordingly”) was unnecessarily vague.
    To put it more explicitly, we should increase volunteer opportunities that promote self-esteem and compassion for others, and we should try to increase the likelihood that the next person who tries this game gets shot down on the spot.

  116. I remember the Watts riots. (I’m old) I stopped in on a small business every week, because of not being able to deliver near by because of time.
    I ask the owner what he thought about the riots?
    ” THOSE FUCKEN NIGGERS ARE JUST BURNING THEM SELVES OUT !” by the way, the owner was a black man that I liked very much ! I have always believed there are niggers, and there are black men and you can tell the difference !
    I’m too old to fight,too slow to run,SO I CARRY!
    When I had a business in the L.A. area my customers were about 50/50 black and white, most of my best customer were black .

  117. Only those without a conscience could perpetrate a knock out “game” against unsuspecting, vulnerable people. But to hear those in leadership positions say these games are just non-occurring myths in order to hide the gravity of the situation are also without conscience. Society’s failure to teach our youth the difference between good and evil will only continue to harden the hearts of men. God help us.

  118. Blow the assailants away. That may not stop all knockout games, but it will take that one player out of the game. Maybe it’s time we quit coddling criminals, making excuses for them, and let them know that there are consequences for their actions.

  119. these are a trend gangs of kids but first let me say cowards because anyone who cant be tough alone and needs backup is nothing but a coward. i am 60 i have fought and trained all my life i am dieing for someone to try this to me they wont even get the punch off before i cave in thier throut. also the best defence is to always be aware look in the slanted store windows to see who is behind you and if they seem shady cross the street if they do carry a whissel and blow it everyone will look because whissels are never heard also just stop and face them they are cowards they wont attack they are looking fo a sucker punch not a fight.

  120. if everyone fought back it would stop.

  121. When you have Eric Holder not labeling it a hate crime when a paticular group of people do, but labeling a hate crime when another group does it what do you expect will happen? The group that doesn’t get it labeled as a hate crime just got away scott free. If this is going to end all events of this hate crime need to be labeled as such regardless of who commits it.

  122. Childish pranks? Seriously?

  123. Are you kidding its a COWARDS way of scoring points with her friends as a wanna-be tough guy. Problem is that IF you miss -Im gonna come back on you so make sure you know HOW to throw a punch cause I do-Oh and I’m always armed,illegally but that makes no difference I’ll still put a hole in you.

  124. I can’t believe that anyone would even consider these kids bored or even “try” to understand where these idiot cowards are at mentally.WHO CARES ! If ya hit anyone with a sucker punch then WHY don’t you grow some BALLS an fight the person head-on? Its cause your a coward that can’t even fight-LOL,so plain to see. LMAO

  125. You failed to mention one fact: this is blacks doing this to white people.(I bet you can find one or two instances where it happened to a non white victim, but I can’t).
    They also call it polar bear hunting.
    Racist? Yep. Racist attacks that the media, and you, will not address properly. Too scared that blacks will be offended to point out their violence as “theirs”.
    Call it what it is: black thugs committing hate crimes against whites.

  126. I completely agree with the comment by Dana Bell. By the author of this article, Janet Taylor, refusing to identify the criminals who are doing these crimes, she is coddling them. Why do people, mostly African Americans, refuse to accept the fact that these thugs are racists who hate whites? These punks hunt white people down like the savages they are, and enjoy beating and sometimes killing them. This problem will never go away until ALL people realize we have a very serious problem here. Until we are willing to fully identify the criminals as “black” thugs, and put them in jail where they belong, these barbaric acts will continue.

  127. A country that whose openly tortures people,then fails to punish those who made the call that it’s ok to do so;a country that killed almost 200 thousand people in a war fought under false pretenses;a country that daily has incidences of murder,and even mass murder committed by guns, is concerned about some overblown Fox News story involving “evil” black thugs(just like the illegal nazi African dictator in the White House) Hey,go fuck yourselves. You have it coming,and more.

  128. Prison or jail isn’t the answer; unless your goal is to take an untrained sociopath and turn him or her into a trained, depraved, psycho.
    A bullet through their heads or chest is the righteous response. It’s also 100% effective at preventing recidivism.

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