The Case for Snail Mail Holiday Cards

Written on January 8, 2014 at 2:30 pm , by

Like many, I spent a good part of last weekend de-Christmas-ing my house. One task was to take down all the holiday cards that arrived throughout December, which I tape around the “window” in the wall between my kitchen and living room. I know some people say cards aren’t necessary in this day and age—”That’s what Facebook is for!”—but I definitely beg to differ. A snapshot on my Facebook newsfeed is here and gone in an instant. A paper card lasts the whole season and becomes part of our holiday decor. My kids (9 and 6) get excited when the envelopes start to arrive, and it quickly becomes a nightly ritual to ooh and aah over the photos. As for our own family card, we spent more than an hour looking at options on Tinyprints and Shutterfly, my hands-down favorite sites for high-quality cards and invites. (Tinyprints had the winner this year, but it was a tough call!) According to Hallmark, 85% of consumers surveyed said they send Christmas cards, letters or photos. I hope that number continues to hold up in our increasingly digitized world. To me, it’s a tradition worth preserving.

Do you send holiday cards in December, or is it not worth the effort or expense? Do you enjoy receiving them? Tell us in the comments. 

8 Responses to “The Case for Snail Mail Holiday Cards”

  1. I love sending cards and receiving them as well. I totally agree that it is a tradition worth preserving. I think it is definitely worth the effort and expense. There is nothing like holding a physical card and/or holiday picture in your hands!

  2. Definitely worth the exercise. This year, my husband and I won a weekend at a lodge which, because of scheduling, we had to use in mid-December. I spent an entire day, looking through the trees out to the ocean, addressing and signing our cards. Having the luxury of time, I was able to write personal notes in each. Some friends can’t manage cards, but have sent me e-mails or called in response.

  3. I love getting and sending cards! Plus, after the season is over, I cut the pictures out of the front of the cards and use them as gift tags the next year!

  4. We love to receive (and create) Christmas cards .. it’s such fun to get those little smiles delivered to your mailboxes! I am curious though, what do you do with them after the season is through? I have been keeping only the ones with photos or letters in a keepsake box, but am looking for a recycling option for the balance. Would LOVE some input, thanks!!

  5. I love to send and receive cards. I, too, like your 6 and 9 year olds, get excited when I see them in the mailbox! I think when you receive an actual card you see who your true friends are. They cared enough to send the card, a note on their year, or whatever. I will keep up the tradition and I hope my friends do, too!!

  6. I live in Canada now but keep in touch with my US family and friends with letters and Christmas cards. I look forward to them and also enjoy them all through the christmas season. Just took them down last night but will reread them all before disposing. Also for the many not on FB.

  7. It was getting pretty late in December and decided I was not going to send out cards this year, as I have done for the past 40 years. But then, the Christmas cards started to arrive. I loved reading them. I thought if I received so much joy by getting these annual cards, then others would too. Therefore, I did sent out Christmas cards.

  8. I love creating cards and making them personal. I totally enjoy sending cards. The people receiving my cards are disappointed when they don’t get a card (my slip up) or it is not made by me – but store bought. I always send Christmas cards. For friends and family out of town, I include a yearly letter of our events for the year.