Justin Bieber’s DUI: Frankly, I Don’t Care

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Oops. He did it again. Justin Bieber was just busted for drunk driving and drag racing at 4 a.m. after leaving a Miami Beach strip club (where he allegedly spent tens of thousands of dollars!). He didn’t take it well. Resisting attempts to pat him down, he shouted, “I ain’t got no f—ing weapons. Why do you have to search me? What the f— is this about?” and “What the f— are you doing?”
All of it, of course, captured on cell phones and posted online—from videos of his arrest to his mug shot (he’s smiling!). It’s just the latest instance of the once-sweet teenybopper breaking bad (sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel, illegally spray painting a hotel wall, urinating into a mop bucket while yelling “F— Bill Clinton” and desecrating a photo of the former president). Age-old tragedy of a child star growing up and going off the rails? Or, as cynics say, an orchestrated train wreck to turn him into a sexy, dangerous but very adult superstar? It makes for great headlines, snares lots of eyeballs, but frankly, I don’t care. My 12-year-old daughter could care less. Do you? Does anyone?

How would you handle this behavior if it was your teen?


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  1. If it were my son, I would put him into the Scared Straight program in Pinellas County, Florida (if they still have that program). I have seen it work wonders in the past!

  2. if he were my kid. the money would all go to organizations. he would be put in a boot camp rehab program which requires scrubbing toliets and not taking back to people in charge. maybe if he would understand what it takes to be a good member of society and prove himself than release him.

  3. Honestly, what should people expect? Even though I think he’s just a little punk, I can’t see how I would’ve been any different at 19 had someone given me tons of cash and girls were throwing themselves at me.

  4. If you don’t care, why are you even commenting on this? If magazines and the news media did not make gods out of these stars, their life may not go wrong! Please continue to use your magazine to promote good deeds not popular personalities. God in Heaven should be your child’s only idol. To say that these people in the entertainment world are idols is blasphemy! Parents promote this unhealthy love of these “stars” by allowing children to have their products.

  5. I feel bad for him, believe or not. He needs to get an education and donate time to community service. He was such a nice kid. I know there is a heart behind all of his bad boy crap!!!
    Good luck Justin
    Keep your chin up!!

  6. I feel bad for him, believe or not. He needs to get an education and donate time to community service.
    He was such a nice kid. I know there is a heart behind all of his bad boy crap!!!
    Good luck Justin
    Keep your chin up!!

  7. Bishop Tom here. I work with lotsa 18-22+ year olds who are students at the Univesity of California. Every year new guys coming in and older ones graduating and moving on. I love working with this age group as I have already moved on from K-12 students. Remember, Biebers mom kept him on a tight leash until he was 18. It is not uncommon for minors to unwind during this period. Normally its a phase. I love the Bieber and even invited him to move into my Calif residence. If you look at the so called drag race photo Bieber and his race pal are in a straight line.Thats no drag race. To drag, you have to be side by side. Above all, I want him to be safe and happy. I am not a hater but a lover. Hugs to my little guy….Bishop Tom

  8. For those of you saying, “if it were my son I would (fill in the blank). BULL. If it were your son and he paid for your vehicles, homes, clothes, jewelry–made you millionaires off his talent–you would ‘talk’ to him, that’s it. Money changes people. Hoards of money from a child changes parents.

  9. His father was with him, blocking the street so that he could drag race. Obviously, his parents are making no effort to stop him, as long as the money train keeps going. First, the Court should appoint a guardian ad litem. Yes, I know he’s 18, but he’s clearly breaking the law if he committed DUI, and it is apparent his parents aren’t going to do anything. A financial manager should also be appointed, so he can’t drop $70,000 in a strip club. Honestly, I’m not so concerned about him, I’m concerned for the innocent people that will at some point become victims of his temper tantrums. He needs to be in rehab, and if it continues, deport him back to Canada.

  10. . I believe its just an act. These child stars are seen innocent until the day they die, in order to break free from that label one must act like a spoiled, drug addict who don’t care. once that happens no one see’s them as a innocent child star anymore and then they can start a new career away from the child star expectations. Not sticking up for him, he makes my eye twitch in anxiety but It is what It is.

  11. Your daughter “could care less”? So she does care. How are you writing for Family Circle with this writing skills? The sentence structure of your post, including the bold, italics question, is that of a ten year old.

  12. I truly hope the judge throws the book at him. Make an example of him, deport him and seize his U.S. holdings. He needs to learn the hard way, and be snapped back. Once he’s deported, Canada should put him away for several years. Let him show other punks what exactly can and will happen

  13. I would take him to a fencing school and both learn some basics
    Then commence a duel with masks and knobs on the foil tip to instill confidence which should take little time for such an arrogant twerp
    When ready the knobs on the end and masks are removed and a quick swipe or two to his pretty little face
    He will then be a man and look like one

  14. Wow, that was really creepy Joe B. And kinda random. Also, to all of you who are bugging Paula Chin about her freaking grammar, nobody cares. That was not the question she asked everyone to answer, so give your opinion about what this is all about. I personally think that it is crazy for him to take risks like that, but its not just his fault. He needs to be controlled somewhere where he wont hut people.

  15. I just went through the same thing with my 19 year old not just as extreme. He enrolled in the youth inpatient program at Hazelden, in Minneapolis, finally accepted his addication and started working a 12 step program. In a month he is a changed person that acknolges his disease and understands that he will have to work a program and abstain from addictive things the rest of his life. I also am much healthier after accepting iti as a disease and will not enable his behavior any more. Thank God for program such as this, it very well may have saved both our lifves.

  16. Interesting observation. But please stop perpetuating improper speech — I assume that your daughter COULDN’T CARE LESS. If she COULD care less, then that means she cares more, right?

  17. Justin is just a kid who was never given any structure. His parents are as much to blame for this outrageous behavior as he is.
    Personally, I take offense when he shows no appreciation for history when he degraded the Great wall with his body guards carrying him.NO respect, when he made some off the wall comments about Ann Frank when he was in Germany. Now he is down on Bill Clinton? Go Figure!
    He probably doesn’t even know who our current President is.
    He’s a kid that needs to get on the train back to Canada, get an education and some humbleness.
    Yep, I think it is a good idea for the paparazzi to also leave him alone.
    What ridiculous behavior from everyone, the kid, parents or lack of, and manager included.

  18. Its probably all to drawn attention to bring fans to take notice again. It a another Miley like publicity stunt all BS who cares make him go away.

  19. sad thing is, his father plays wiyh him and supports this crazy lifestyle!!!

  20. I am just glad it isn’t my son, and thank God my son and our foster son, both 23yo, are respectful, empathetic, trustworthy young men. They are not perfect by any means but unlike JB they think before they act aptly weighing the risk vs reward. No one in our family are fans of his but as another human I hope he promptly reflects on his poor choice making skills, and if not we should deport him.

    There is already a petition asking for him to be deported back to Canada, and revoke his green card at


    All petitions on WhiteHouse.gov that receive 100,000 or more signatures get an official response from White House staff. The petition had over that amount by Wed. 01/29/14.

    Personally I don’t believe the petition will amount to anything, however there is also a petition started by his fans which at the same time Wednesday had a mere 1,500 signatures, could that be a sign…

  21. When Harry Was 19, He apologized to a dog after tripping over it. You Cant Blame Age On This // Please tell me how all 19 year old’s act like Justin Bieber.
    Also One Direction have girls throwing themselves at them and have they let fame get into their head? No. o k

  22. Let’s hope he gets an overdose soon, and the world be rid of another POS…Bye, bye Justin..

  23. Maybe Justin will push some cops’ hot button one time too much, and they will blow him away….Bye, bye A_____ Justin

  24. I think the people who are saying this that and the other have no idea. First, I give him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know how people believe the media and how a lot of you think your kids are so great. He was in a Lamborghini he was going top speed 30 there was a GPS in the car. Also, his prescriptions (I am sure all you Moms handle your kids medicines) and has far as pot. HELLO people sadly a large majority of people are smoking. And his alcohol was so minute maybe a half of a beer please. RELAX and hello egg throwing OH terrible. Please all I can say is pray that he doesn’t let PEOPLE push him over the edge and let him be a teen. Also, his Dad was with him so leave Justin alone. I think he is a talented dynamic young man and is energies need to go in that direction. He is awesome. Love Justin.
    Sad so many adults are such a_ _ holes!!!!!

  25. If he gets one of those old fashioned hard nosed judges in South Florida, I bet his attitude will change!

  26. Justin’s money should be going into a trust fund after donating half to various charities of his choice. He needs to go to college and associate with smart people. A man is known by the company he keeps!!! You hang out with ghetto type people covered with tattoos and piercings, you will develop their style to fit in. He is really acting like such a punk right now because of who he associates with.
    He needs to be in some type of counseling, helping him to cope with this lavish lifestyle. Hollywood is well on its way to ruining and otherwise pretty nice young man.

  27. Even with all the money he has he could not have bought this much publicity. He definitely will not have an legal cost because the publicity made the bottom line a profit.

  28. I’m so sick of Justins disrespect for people I mean who the hell cares,he’s no more important than any other human being.What he needs is his ass kicked and show him what a little BITCH he is.So what he’s a singer with no talent he needs to go back to Canada with his punk ass I can’t stand him if Obama is doing his job he will deport him he doesn’tdeserve to be in our country get him out now!!!

  29. Ah Deborah, tell us how you really feel.

  30. Quite frankly, Justin was raised without any role models (parents) who set up limits for him when he was younger. Justin is only 19, he is NOT of age to be able to drink so how does he obtain it? From adults who are his “yes” people. That has to stop. Did he graduate from High School? Why didn’t has parents encourage him to go on to college to get an education to fall back on as there are MANY “child stars” who become washed-up when they are older and need an education to make a living. It is evident that Justin does not know how long it takes a person working in a factory to make $75,000.00 if he wastes it on strippers in one night! A man working with a family it may take over 2 years to make that much money working eight hour shifts full time 5 days a week. Many a forgotten star has died without a penny to their name or bankrupt. I would have had a trust fund set up where he could get his money at different stages of his life when he was “of age” so he could not “waste it all” He should try working in a soup kitchen, in a homeless shelter, go to africa and work in a mission. Work at the Gentle Barn in California a haven for abused animals. He lives a very shallow, empty life with no direction and all that money is only going to make it harder for him to go up and find out who he is. His parents where very young when they had him and probably didn’t have great role models themselves so Justin is at very high risk for living a very unhappy life unless a capable adult can steer him on the right path he is headed for lots of heartache in his life.

  31. Justin just needs to have his a$$ whipped. That will wipe the smugness off of his impetulant looking face. Between he and Cyrus, I don’t know who is the worst.

  32. Justin Beiber is a little punk with too much cash and too little class. He needs a man to pick him up by his shirt collar and threaten to pummel his puny little arse until the pop tart sweats blood. If he is not careful, this tween train wreck could have a final fatal flameout…or…some big-name adult male entertainer could sit the boy blunder down and brief him on the pitfalls of fame and fortune. And miraculously, he could turn his life around for the better.

  33. He should be slapped ‘aside the head by his Mom and Dad, and put to bed without his dinner. He’s behaving like a spoiled brat… treat him like one. Stop publicizing his events… he thinks he’s hot “you know what”. He’s not!
    I’d never, ever let my child buy a single record of his, or go to one of his shows. How sad that he’s ruined his own image.

  34. This just makes me SO MAD. All I can say is how shameful this looks. No wonder people all around the world think Americans are Jackasses. This is just another example of spoiled kids getting everything they want, and they end up thinking they are better than everyone else and that the rules don’t apply to THEM. Wow. I mean, what else can I say? Just WOW. I have FIVE KIDS. Five. And, four of them have served or are serving in the military. (2 Army, 2 Air Force) One of them was severely injured in Afghanistan, making a slow recovery. So, its not ALL American kids. There are some who are responsible adults, even at 18, (military service or not!!) straight out of high school. And dear little “Biebs”?? Should be turned over someone’s knee and get the spanking he should have had years ago. And then? He needs to face up to what he’s doing! So he wants to de-rail his own life? Wants to act like an idiot? FINE. True, its his own life! But, he “doesn’t care”?? That’s no longer fine! The first time you put someone else, an innocent person, at risk, its no longer OK. When he drinks and drives, he’s risking someone else’s life. And what if the worst case should happen?? Is HE going to be the one explaining to someone else why their Mommy or Daddy isn’t coming home? Or why someone else’s child – maybe an INFANT or small child – is never going to have a chance to grow up!! No way. And no amount of his “thousands of dollars” will set right what he destroyed. Take his license, take his car, and throw the little rat-bastard in JAIL, like would happen to any one of the rest of us “average citizens”.

  35. What he needs is a right cross, breaking his left cheek bone and nose. Since he’s Canadian he can’t be forced to join the Marine Corps, so, this would be the second best thing to make him a little more respectful