Win a Pair of Asics Sneakers for Your Family

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Have your sneakers been looking a little worn lately? Enter to win a new pair of Asics sneakers for your family by commenting below with your favorite type of exercise! For official rules, click here.








In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, sales of these colorful Asics running shoes (, $140) benefit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, a nonprofit that raises money for research.

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489 Responses to “Win a Pair of Asics Sneakers for Your Family”

  1. Walking – I love putting on my sneakers and heading out the door any time of day.

  2. zumba is my favorite exercise

  3. I love deep water aerobics and on alternate days walking interspersed with a bit of a slow jog on the treadmill.

  4. Dancing and swimming are definitely my favorite forms of exercise!

  5. I love to walk the neighborhood with my family and dog!

  6. We love to bike ride and play soccer.

  7. I go through running shoes every 3 months as I run almost daily. ..I can always count on ASICS to last the longest! Love them!

  8. Love the sneakers!

  9. love to take my dogs for walks with comfy shoes on.

  10. I love these shoes! Zumba and running are my favorite forms of exercise.

  11. I am fixing to try cross fit, hoping it will be a favorite!

  12. i go rock climbing with my kids once a week and its terrible on shoes but its the best exercise i know

  13. I walk and walk and walk some more.

  14. Putting my sneakers on and taking my dog for a walk in the local park!

  15. We love going on walks to the beach, at parks, and in the neighborhood.

  16. Our family loves to hike. We enjoy spending time with nature and our four legged guy loves to sniff and stake his claim too. Fortunately for us, Maine has lots of pet friendly trails.

  17. We love to go hiking in the summer and snowboarding/skiing in the winter!

  18. Biking is my favorite type of exercise!

  19. Currently it is walking but am building back up to running.

  20. Love trail running, hiking with my dogs and recently fallen in love with STAND UP Paddleboarding!!!! I teach indoor cycling at a local gym and ride the road or trails as often as I can!

  21. they color scheme is so cool

  22. Running is the exercise I do the most.
    We have an active family and we also love swimming, biking, four-wheeling, wakeboarding, snowboarding, dancing, football, baseball, really anything that is fun and gets us outside!

  23. I love to jog it clears my head.

  24. My favorite workouts are my Teambeachbody workouts namely P90x series, Hip Hop Abs, Turbofire and now the new PiYo I also chase around a toddler and play referee to 4 teenagers. I have lost 175 lbs through lifestyle change and exercise.. and have kept it off for 8 years.. including gaining and losing 60 lbs with a pregnancy 2 years ago.

  25. I like bike riding and have since I was a girl. In fact,I just bought a new bike so I can start up again since we just moved to an area that I can ride in safely.

  26. walking – that never gets old

  27. My favorite exercise is walking and biking!
    Because it is easy, and I can get to places I need to go anyway – get my exercise done by just “commuting” the right way!!

  28. We love hiking and swimming.

  29. Walking

  30. I love crossfit. Always an intense workout.

  31. My favorite kind of exercise is walking.. especially with awesome new sneakers like THAT! :)

  32. I enjoy running and cross fit

  33. Walking through the trails at local park. Great trails through pretty scenery.

  34. We love to take long walks through our neighborhood.

  35. I love to run! It makes me feel good all day and Asics are my favorite running shoes. Thanks for the giveaway, Family Circle!

  36. Focus T-25 is our current favorite. But we ride bikes and take walks. My husband and the boys take martial arts. We just love to be active!

  37. I love to dance, Zumba is one of my favorite ways to workout!

  38. Going for walks with my family & kicking a ball around with the kids.

  39. To work out at the gym!

  40. My favorite form of exercise is walking. It’s very relaxing :)

  41. We LOVE to walk as a family… We have just started training for a family fun run and a 5k.

  42. My favorite exercise is swimming, but I would love to win the sneakers for my daughter who loves to bike and run! :)

  43. Morning running

  44. Walking my dog daily but if I had these,I’d walk twice to double my exercise and showing off my new shoes.

  45. Our favorite way to get some fitness in as a family is hiking!

  46. Walking is my choice.

  47. Running!!

  48. I love to WALK. At the moment I do not have a car so I walk every where. These sneakers would help me a lot

  49. I love walking on trails, running, and Zumba. I also love to take family bike rides and play freeze tag with the kids in our neighborhood. Being married to a military man, I have to stay active to keep up with him!! Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway Family Circle! :)

  50. One-Legged Cable Kickback – to work that booty!

  51. Hands down, it is going for a walk with our dog Nikko! It’s free, no equipment needed, everyone can do it and great talk time while getting in exercise for ourselves and the Pup!:-)

  52. I love goofing around with a soccer ball….much to my children’s dismay!

  53. I love running, biking and dancing!

  54. Adventure walks with the hubby and kids. Geocaching along the way sometimes can take us in odd places but the walk always does us good

  55. Love Asics! All we wear!!

  56. Adventure walks with the hubby and kids. Geocaching along the way can sometimes get us into odd places and situations but fun is had by all.

  57. Running!

  58. My favorite exercise is walking. No matter what, there’s always time for a walk!

  59. Running

  60. Playing with my kids

  61. Love asics.

  62. Running @ the gym or the stationary bike, also walking the dogs & hiking

  63. I love running and playing outside with the kiddos!

  64. Love, love Asics! We love walking and running!

  65. Walking the dog practicing football and just playing outside with the kids

  66. I love doing Yoga, just wish I had more time to do more of it.

  67. Running

  68. Yoga and walking/running are my favorites

  69. My favorite exercise is running.

  70. Walking/Hiking is my favorite way to get in exercise.

  71. I enjoy walking everday.

  72. I want to start walking to do a 3k on Thanksgiving these would be great!!

  73. Running. My alone time but also keeps me in shape to wrangle my 4 and 2 year old boys.

  74. I love playing and coaching volleyball!!


  76. Running is my therapy, I crave it.

  77. Running and walking!

  78. Going on walks with the family dog around the neighborhood and loving it!

  79. I love to walk endless miles, I live in Alaska and the scenery here makes you want to keep on going!!!

  80. Running!

  81. I love to run. I have my Fitbit, and I must run / walk every day to met my daily goal.

  82. Running, sculpt, cardio blast, I love them all! Just completed The Dirty Dash 2 weeks ago, so new sneakers would be great! Those ones got a little muddy :)

  83. I’m trying to start exercising. Just walking so far, but hoping at some point I can come up with the money to join a gym.

  84. Hiking with the family

  85. I enjoy the trifecta of strength training, cycle and yoga. You work your body effectively and efficiently!

  86. Walking . . . great way to exercise and be able to visit with a friend as well !!!

  87. Weight training and jogging!

  88. One of my favorite exercises would be dancing I simply put on some salsa, bachata or merengue and dance away . The best part is that my two little ones join in and dance alongside me, tons of cardio and fun.

  89. walking!

  90. we like to take walks to the park and play soccer

  91. Taking our kids for long stroller rides!!!

  92. Love walking/running with my lab puppy

  93. Running errands and my son to activites

  94. Walking my dog, Tink. Every evening we head out for a brisk relaxing walk. I wear my gel foundation shoes every day! I love them and our walks.

  95. My favorite type of exercise is walking.

  96. I always love to put on my sneakers and peddle for 30 minutes on my Recumbent Bike and then do 30 minutes of cardio and floor exercises.

  97. I teach Physical Education so…my favorite exercise is motivating young people to find their favorite exercise for now and in the future!!!

  98. Walking my dog. Its fun and relaxing.

  99. I love to walk 3 miles in the morning with my husband and another 3 miles in the evening with my mom. It gives me one on one time with each of them to catch up on things and share our lives. We walk every weekday and it’s benefitted our health and our relationships. Now if I could only find a time when my teenagers would walk with me!

  100. I walk..and take photographs of the landscape while doing so! I love exercising while enjoying my photography hobby!

  101. I love to walk and run. These shoes are so cute.

  102. I like walking my dog! She’s an awesome walker.

  103. Jogging!

  104. I love running and walking around my neighborhood with my red and white Aussie puppy, Isabella Blue and my black and white Aussie, Sunny. Australian Shepherd’s are very active, so they always keep me on my toes.

  105. Hiking/trekking are the absolute best for all-around toning and just great fun in the outdoors!

  106. Walking & swimming

  107. I get up and walk 12,000 steps each morning. Just over 5 miles! Going to get healthy one step at a time!

  108. Just started walking every morning after dropping kids off at school and playing basketball with the kids in the afternoon. Would love a new pair of comfortable sneakers!

  109. I love going walking with my dog Harley.

  110. I love to walk/run or ride my bike alone! That’s my quiet time without children!

  111. Walks & Bicycling together

  112. Walking and dancing!

  113. Walking on the treadmill in the air conditioned gym….and swimming with the family! :)

  114. Running with my dog before the kids get up in the morning. It’s quite and it’s refreshing to wake up with the sun..

  115. Playing ice hockey is my favorite exercise! But when I’m not at the rink, my second-favorite is running–treadmill, outside, doesn’t matter. I feel great afterwards.

  116. Love biking!!!

  117. My favorite is insanity!

  118. Working out with the TRX, hiking and being a family in comfortable shoes by ASICS

  119. Lacing up my sneakers and dancing with my so. until out of breath, then catching my breath and starting over again!

  120. Walking with my older kids and chasing my 3 year old around the neighborhood!

  121. I love walking with my dogs!

  122. Walking and Fitness Classes at Church.

  123. Swimming, dancing, and chasing after my two year old…all things that don’t feel like exercise!

  124. walking

  125. Hiking as it is always full of green scenery and fresh air. Gives me a chance to refresh and get away from everything.

  126. Walking with my hubby.

  127. Hi. I just started jogging to keep off weight I recently lost after much hard work. My daughter who is just 13 runs with a group and competes She really inspired me to trying running and I never thiught I would like it but I do. Now my daughter says I need good shoes and Asics are what her club recommend and what my daughter would love to have. I would love to own a good pair of running shoes as I know it will make a difference in our running. The best part of running is that I get to do something special with my daughter !

  128. My favorite form of excercise has to be walking my dog, good for both of us!

  129. Walking 5 days a week and zumba 3. It’s a tossup which I like more; peace and solitude after being with over 80 kiddos for hours or all that zumba energy!

  130. I have one knee that most of my cartilage is gone, so , just slow leisurely walks is all I can do until I bite the bullet and get a knee replacement…when me and my husband used to work out together we both always bought top of the line Asics, I think they spoiled my feet for wearing any other brand or even cheaper Asics weren’t comfortable

  131. I enjoy circuit training in a group setting.

  132. Great giveaway! My favorite type of exercise is walking the trails, surrounded by the tall Californian redwood trees, listening to the quiet of the woods… Would love to hear the crunch of twigs and leaves under these awesome Asics!!

  133. My favorite form of exercise is walking the trails surrounded by California redwoods, listening to the quiet of the woods around me. I’d love to hear the crunch of leaves and snaps of twigs under these awesome Asics! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  134. Volleyball! I just recently picked up the sport again….many,many years after last playing in high school.

  135. After bariatric surgery I can finally run as I did in college! Love a good 5k or more!

  136. My favorite activity is taking a walk with my teenage daughter after school and chat about whatever is going on in her life.

  137. I am training for a 5k, In November. I am also trying to get healthy for my family.

  138. I have 9 children now following several adoptions. My babies need (and want) shoes. Great giveaway and most importantly, great cause!

  139. My family that includes 9 children loves football, and busy mom here, runs errands all of the time.

  140. I love walking my neighborhood with my 3 dogs and 2 cats…it’s a great day in the neighborhood!!

  141. Dancing! My hubby and I are doing some ballroom dancing for an upcoming show-Nutcracker! Dancing gives a good workout while having fun!!

  142. Riding bikes and hiking with my three girls and my hubby. :)

  143. My favorite exercise is walking the entire school area which is more then a football field everyday when schools in session. When not able to walk due to weather such as rain or snow. I spend it on the exercise bike. Do any exercise to keep my body in motion because I don’t want to quit. I want to live! The day I can’t get out of bed will be the day I stop living and being thankful for the days I have to enjoy the beauty around us because Life doesn’t stay green forever. So get going and live each day to the fullest……

  144. walking

  145. Walking is my favorite exercise. I seldom walk alone, and I enjoy watching others who are out for fresh air and exercise, too.

  146. The shoes are beautiful. I LOVE THE COLOR. I walk with my spaniel every morning in the park, he needed to lose weight, so now I am also.

  147. Our family loves to take walks and bike rides!

  148. Need a pair – it’s been rainy and my worn shoes are making my feet wet.

  149. Walking

  150. I love swimming, treadclimbing and weight lifting.

  151. I am an avid walker – walking marathons and half marathons for 13+ years.

  152. There’s nothing like a good pair of tennis shoes (lightweight and you feel like you’re walking on air).

  153. Running

  154. Walking!!!

  155. Walking and Zumba are my favorite ways to stay active.

  156. I am not able to do much exercise due to COPD and heart problems which mean I use supplemental oxygen. Walking is the only way to get more stamina built up. Though it can be difficult, I still walk to the car, do my grocery shopping, and unload the results. That is a lot of exercise for someone with my conditions.

  157. Walking with my family and I love anything TRX

  158. Love to walk with my 4 children (10 and younger) and my husband. We go for 4 mile walks as much as possible. And at the gym I love anything TRX

  159. Walking while pushing my baby in the stroller.

  160. Trail running, especially along the edge of a stream in a forest.

  161. I do lots of walking with my daughters and my dogs

  162. My combo classes of cardio,weight training & balance work all of my muscles and brain and its FUN.

  163. Playing with my toddler

  164. We a lot of hiking along with going to the gym.

  165. Love Asics…the brighter the color the better!!!

  166. Walking — Everyone needs to walk!

  167. I love to run!! The quiet mornings help me start my day!!

  168. I walk my neighborhood in the morning.

  169. Started walking last March at the age of 63. I now have done four 5k and going to do another one in Sept. for breast cancer. I love Asics, they have made my new found passion so easy and comfortable.

  170. I love to take the new baby out in the stroller for long walks!

  171. I love training for a half marathon!

  172. I love walking and Asics are the most comfortable!

  173. We all love hiking and taking walks in this house!

  174. Walking and running with my girls!

  175. We love running with our 6 kids!

  176. We love to walk, run, ride bikes, and Pilates!!

  177. We love to walk, run, bike and Pilates in our Asics!

  178. Running after my little ones!!

  179. With raising children, my fitness routine took a back seat. I have started walking/running again, and I love it! I can sort out so many things while I am exercising, and feel so great afterwards!

  180. Walking…so great, minimal (or NO) risk of injury.

  181. Walking my dog and playing tennis!

  182. We do lot of walking and my kids are in school also. we go through the shoes!

  183. We do lot of walking and my kids are in school also. we go through the shoes!

  184. we do alot of walking and kids are still in school also!.

  185. Yoga!

  186. Running at the gym!

  187. I like to jog

  188. At my age it would be nice to win these shoes, so I could be comfortable with style, to keep up with my grandson running and having fun

  189. Walking/exercising makes me so happy and so furtunate!

  190. I love to walk and jog daily.

  191. Swimming is our favorite! We are lucky enough to live in the South where we swim from March until October!

  192. I love to walk and jog daily!

  193. My husband and kids run while I spend 12 hours taking care of patients

  194. We are all trying to be more active and our shoes have seen better days!

  195. Walking with the family!

  196. I like to walk and aerobics.

  197. walking with my dog to the beach

  198. I walk with my dog to the beach/harbor

  199. Hiking!

  200. I always love my 3 mile walk my husband and I take every weekday morning and the 3 hour walk my mom and I take together every weekday evening. It gives us a chance to talk and catch up. It’s kept me close to both of them and improved our health both physically and mentally.

  201. Kickboxing!!!

  202. Running into trees or being chased by bears!

  203. I need shoes for work!!

  204. I LOVE to walk. I have just started trying to start more jogging. I love the shoes!

  205. Love to run long distances

  206. Putting on my sneakers and going for a walk with my family is my favorite exercise :)

  207. I wear my sneakers to go shopping.

  208. I love to go for a run while pushing my 2 year old!

  209. Our family enjoys playing hide and seek outside which requires a lot of running!

  210. I love a good long run but pushing 70+ lbs of kids in the jogger stroller is tough! I work 80 hrs per week at the hospital so I invested in a stationary bike to go under my desk so I can work out while I work on my computer.

  211. Running and walking everyday. Thinking of my mom that I lost this year after a 3 year battle with melanoma.

  212. My grandgirl(s) love these Asics!

  213. We bought my son asics and he loves running in them. I have recently started running with him and would love to have a pair of asics for the whole family to run in!

  214. I enjoy jogging while my two girls are riding their bikes.

  215. I love yoga and running!! We do yoga as a family activity!

  216. I like quiet stroller walks in the neighborhood early in the mornings.

  217. I like walking the neighborhood and my small town

  218. Biking , running playing in the park together !

  219. My favorite exercise is running! I run approximately 25 miles a week with my ASICS Noosa’s!

  220. Colorful sneakers are the key to getting kids to exercise more

  221. Running! Race season is coming up and my running shoes are wearing thin!

  222. I love yard working. My yard is large, so it involves a lot of walking, bending, hauling, raking, etc. Plus, it is outside enjoying nature, fresh air, and sunshine!

  223. I have bought asics for my to to run track starting in 8th grade, he is now 40 & that’s all he has every worn. He’s in Who’s Who in Sports!

  224. My fave exercise is the Versa Climber machine, I want my own.

  225. Running, but only for short periods of time. Fortunately, I recently read that just 5 minutes of running extends a person’s life by a year! :)

  226. My favorite type of exercise is walking.

  227. Running! In fact, I am running the Chicago marathon this fall in the hopes of qualifying for Boston. These would be a fantastic shoe to run in both races!

  228. Running and family bike rides

  229. I like Insanity, I love the 30 seconds to 1 minute intervals. It gives me a short goal to work hard to achieve and makes me feel accomplished when the buzzer sounds!

  230. We like to go for long walks around the neighborhood with the dogs.

  231. Love the sneakers.

  232. Biking on a trail but the best part is watching how happy all the dogs are when theyre on the trail.

  233. Walking is the best form of exercise.

  234. Best part of my day is getting up and taking my dog for an hour walk everyday.

  235. I’ve recently discovered crossfit and I’m hooked! Even my 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son do! Nothing better than a family staying healthy together!

  236. I love running around at the playground with my son!

  237. I have 2-year-old twins, so my exercise consists of LOTS of running…after kiddos, to catch kiddos, with kiddos, etc. Our family could certainly use these. :)

  238. Walking is my favorite! All you need is a good pair of shoes & your ready. Nothing else is needed except maybe a great walking buddy. My hubby is mine. We love to go in the evening which gives us some together time & a way to catch up on the day, talk about the next days plans, pretty much just talk about whatever. It never feels like exercise but yet it we benefit from it in so many ways which with me being a Type 1 Diabetic & having numerous other health issues, it is very much needed. It also recharges our batteries to tackle the remainder of our evening because with 3 boys it is so needed! Thank you for giving me this chance to win a new pair of shoes because they too are very much needed. It’s rare us moms get new anything because we are always doing & buying for our sweet kiddos!

  239. Walking and it is great family time too! We walk after dinner 5-6 days a week.

  240. Hitting the treadmill in the morning and a family stroll after dinner.

  241. Walking and it is great family time too! We walk after dinner 5-6 days a week.

  242. Love the colors and the cause!!

  243. I like bicycling and walking.

  244. Walking outdoors, it’s great getting fresh air and helps me clear my mind.

  245. Exercise of the mind and body… walking with a true friend; and hiking with hubby and son — without them I have no sense of direction and tend to take the wrong path.

  246. Walking around local parks

  247. Walking at local parks

  248. We walk at parks

  249. Since I have PAD, I’m pretty much restricted to walking, which I do a lot, or swimming. This “baby’ needs new shoes.

  250. Volleyball!!!!! Indoor and sand…2,4,6 players 2 to 3 nights a week every season all for fun :)

  251. I love dancing and running! Sometimes I do both at the same time!

  252. I love doing little exercises with my 9 month old!

  253. My favorite form of exercise at moment is Zumba. I attend the class at my gym atleast twice a week. Sometime in the near future, I would love to get a bike and hit the trails in my area. :)

  254. My favorite type of exercise is hiking. I’m lucky enough to have several mountains nearby and take advantage of the beautiful views and fresh air.

  255. Absolutely love hiking and trail running with my high energy mutt and 3 kiddos. Regardless of who wins, this is a great cause. As an aunt of an 11 year old who is in remission after being diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma 5 years ago I love and appreciate all support for childhood cancer awareness.

  256. We love doing anything that doesn’t feel like exercise…that feels more like fun! Skiing, swimming, kayacking, playing in the yard :)

  257. As a family, the four of us love to ride our bike through the local trails, go for walks, and enjoy an occasional hike at the local state park. Individually, organized sports and Zumba keep us active.

  258. Great comfortable walking sneakers for walking and for walking the dogs. Daughter loves them when working out and for doing charity runs like Tough Mudder that benefits wounded warriors.

  259. Just walking. No fancy equipment or attire required (outside of a good pair of shoes…like the Asics) and it is the best stress buster around.

  260. Insanity, biking and weight classes are my favorites.

  261. I work a lot these shoes look very comfortable hoping to win them so I can look cool, cause no one will have these cool lookin shoes.

  262. My husband and I have 4 kids and just found out were expecting not only 1 but 2 babies in march. We are always on the go and I would love the stylish comfort to keep up with my growing family.

  263. I love to walk. Just walked “The Mall” in DC and to the White House. Love to hike, too!

  264. Walking our dog every night after dinner.

  265. Walking with my beautiful 4 daughters and handsome hubby!

  266. Hitting the treadmill works for me. It’s a great feeling when you are done.

  267. Those asics are crazy fun and would make any fitness activity a blast!

  268. walking and yoga

  269. i really love Asics sneakers especially because it is so great for everyday wear, but also for running too! The gel shoes are so comfortable it’s like walking on air.

  270. my favorite type of exercise is dancing or swimming!

  271. Love walking anywhere and would love to have some new shoes to do it. Mine are worn out and I need new. Thanks for the chance!!

  272. Love asics!!! I love the pink ones

  273. LOVE to walk. Completed the Susan G Komen 3day in Philly last October and wore two pair of Asics. So comfortable!

  274. We love to walk our rescue and foster dogs.

  275. I love taking night walks with my daughter, so does my dog.

  276. Playing outside with our beautiful children and going for walks with them is the best a parent can ask for, what better way to get exercise!

  277. Walk Walk Walk easiest and it works!

  278. walking It works!

  279. Walking outside. Love nature.

  280. Running is my stress reliever and the only exercise which seems kick me into shape!

  281. My favorite type of exercise is walking my dog he gets so excited and I love that we have fun we go three blocks every night

  282. Love wearing my sneakers for play and exercise!

  283. I love taking my dog for a walk.

  284. We enjoy hiking as a family. :)

  285. My family enjoys walking.

  286. Walking/running…..especially along Lake Michigan in Chicago!!

  287. Running is the best form of exercise for me and my family!

  288. Our favorite exercises is definitely swimming but a nature walk is starting to really catch on!!

  289. I want to get back into an exercise program. The sneakers will help motivate me!

  290. I love walking! I walk an hour every day.

  291. Walking my giant pregnant self around my neighborhood and local park to make delivery easier.:)

  292. I love running and I love Asics sneakers

  293. Walking with my kids.

  294. I am not one to exercise but these shoes make me want to put them on and get on the go!

  295. these sneakers are so awesome looking!!
    my daughter would so wear them for cheerleading and soccer practice!!
    i myself am looking to start walking and eventually running as part of a weight loss fitness program.
    knee and hip injuries have hindered me but these cool looking sneaks will help put a spark in my step

  296. Wii games

  297. Great comfortable walking sneakers for general walking and for walking the dogs. Daughter and I volunteer with a local beagle rescue and they are so comfortable when we walk the dogs. Daughter also loves them when working out and for doing charity runs like Tough Mudder that benefits wounded warriors. They are the best!!!!

  298. Walking- My son loves to walk the mile circuit at our local park!

  299. Hiking and swimming!!

  300. Great Cause!

  301. I love walking & running!

  302. My family just started walking every night after dinner and we sure could use some nice new walking shoes. We have 3 dogs that we walk too. We’re making sure we all stay healthy and have a strong heart.

  303. Favorite exercise walking my dog around neighborhood twice a day we all go as a family after dinner every night

  304. I love Zumba, my husband works out at the gym, my 13 year old plays competetive travel basketball and my 8 year old is a gymnast…last september we hosted a cookies for kids fundraiser that raised almost $1000. We would love these

  305. Not only is this for a good cause, but I have flat feet with pins/rods in one foot as a person who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis for over 30 years. These shoes will provide stability and ease when walking. I sure could use that!!

  306. Love the shoes! Yoga is my favorite type of exercise, but getting back to running also.

  307. Soccer, soccer, soccer!!

  308. I love to run after my kids!

  309. Walking or hiking with friends or family.

  310. Zumba

  311. Walking my dog and kids, jogging and spin class.

  312. We like to play dancing videogames to sweat those pounds away.

  313. These look FUN! My daughter thinks they would work great for running or hiking. She is a sophomore in college.

  314. I need a new pair of gym shows!

  315. Love these shoes! I love running and the rest of the family wants to participate! Just ran my first 5k and we are all signed up for the next. This would be a beautiful motivator!

  316. Walking, and biking are the best!

  317. Throwing the sneakers on to play with the dog is a must! She loves to have attention after being cooped up all day while we are at work.

  318. I have recently begun the Couch 2 5k program, and am currently on my second round if week 3. I am not a “runner”, but am trying to become one!

    I love these shoes not only for their appearance, but for what they represent. I never thought I would have a three year old child with cancer, never lose a four year old son to the disease, but six years ago, I did. My son Owen was diagnosed with a brain tumor just shy of 3 months after his third birthday, and he lost his life to cancer just shy of three months from his fifth birthday.

    I love that Asics has joined with Cookies for Cancer again this year in their support of research and awareness for Childhood cancer for September-Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I hope that someday no parent will hear that their child has cancer or have to look at their empty arms where their child should be. I hope that someday no child has to endure the poisons that are given to help to fight the cancer in their bodies. Until that day, I am forever grateful for those who do what they can to help raise money for research and awareness for this awful disease!

  319. My favorite excercise is gardening.

  320. Walking and Piyo!

  321. walking on the treadmill while reading

  322. walking on the treadmill and reading

  323. Walking, low impact healthy exercise.

  324. My favorite exercise walking dog with family after dinner every night and talking about our day and giving lots of love to our awesome dog from the shelter. We try and go two blocks or maybe three

  325. I love my Asics! What a great way to support Childhood cancer awareness while running every day!

  326. I love running- street and trail! It’s such a way to relax and let go of the day’s stresses!!

  327. Can’t wear anything else but Asics! Walking is my game!

  328. I would love to win these extremely functional running sneakers for my family so we can stay active in style and comfort

  329. I would love to win these extremely functional sneakers for my family to stay active in comfort and style, especially for running!

  330. I walk my dogs a mile every day that i can – it is the best exercise for me AND them!

  331. I love walking/running at the park or on my treadmill as long as I have good music to listen to.

  332. My favorite exercise walking my dog every night after dinner with family we talk about our day and have fun with our dog from local shelter. Everyone’s excited to get out and exercise our dog the most. Best part of my day

  333. kick-boxing

  334. Love doing the low impact exercise via Leslie Sansone workouts. I had such great success (along with changing my diet) that I’m now down 110 lbs. But my greatest achievement is getting my son, who only used to only move his fingers all day by playing video games to now join in my workouts. Nothing like getting the whole family on board a healthier lifestyle.

  335. Hiking is my favorite exercise

  336. I love to run but right now since I’m pregnant my favorite exercise is swimming with my kids and walking my dog!

  337. We love riding bikes as a familiy and taking hikes.

  338. I love sneakers. They are my best work accessory!

  339. Taking my toddler on wagon or stroller rides!

  340. walking with the family

  341. Love walking with my family

  342. Walking is my favorite exercise, because I can go for long distances without tiring. My foot doctor says that running shoes are the best type of shoe for me, because of the shape of my foot and the way that I walk. I know that Asics makes a wonderful running shoe because I have owned several pairs over the years. I would love to win this one!

  343. would love to show these kicks off

  344. My favorite exercise is walking my dog. We walk every night after dinner and talk about our day our rescue dog lucky gets lots of love and attention and it makes us all happy to spend time together

  345. Love my early morning walks! Would love to be wearing these gorgeous Asics on those walks! :)

  346. Horseback riding

  347. I love playing tag with my 4 younger kids. My 2 older kids love to watch and always end up joining in.

  348. Love walking with my kids! It always turns into a game of chase

  349. I enjoy walking with my 6 kids. My wife and daughters would love to have these beautiful shoes.

  350. We are a super active family and go through a lot of sneakers.

  351. I love to walk my kids and dog around the block every night after dinner for one last opportunity to wear them out before bedtime!

  352. I am handicapped and have problems walking so I avoid if possible. BUT I have reached a point where I have to walk and lose the weight. So I got a fitbit and try to get 2000 steps a day. I walk the halls of my apartment building. It is a trill when the bands starts to blink and vibrate. First of September my new goal will be 3000 steps a day. So winning these shoes would be another joy for me. They make me smile just looking at them.

  353. Buying for others means that I have not had a new pair of running shoes to call my own in quite some time. I have been trying to exercise more and am taking a class in the fall. These shoes would be perfect!

  354. my favorite exercize is riding my horse Frankie. I taught him how to “drive” by running behind him with long reins before hitching him to a cart so he would know what to do. Best way for me to get in as good shape as he is!! He loves to play games, plays ball, keep away with my gloves and shake the stuffing out of anything I leave hanging up to dry!

  355. Running….with my kids. Or running around the back yard playing tag and soccer with family.

  356. going swimming at the pool.

  357. My favorite exercise is running, and as a family we love to run around at the play ground.

  358. Anything outside. Walking especially!!!

  359. walking the dogs

  360. The best exercise is jogging. Not only does it release my cooped up energy, it gives me energy and allows my mind to reflect on everything in my world. Excellent stress relief!

  361. just starting running, bought a pair of asics and love them!

  362. My whole family are runners, so Asics sneakers are a constant.

  363. By far, my favorite is to hike, but a close second is running. Gotta love when you get to that point when you want to quit, but keep going anyways and realize you still had a lot left. :)

  364. I enjoy a morning walk every day with my two dogs and also enjoy playing in the pool with the grand kids.

  365. Swimming and walking our dog!

  366. Pilates for core strength; Funkie Fusion for a great calorie burn!

  367. Pilates

  368. I love doing organized events such as The Color Run or Warrior Dash! You get meet new people that have shared interests and it is a great way to exercise while having fun.

  369. Anything outside, so long as I’m with my kids & husband…. hiking, biking, walking dogs- as long as we’re together!

  370. My favorite exercise walking dog with family after dinner. We all get our tennis shoes on and discuss our day and our goals for week at school. Its fun and good family time.

  371. I like to walk in the morning.

  372. I just started walking, hoping to move on to jogging soon!

  373. walking through the sand at the beach

  374. walking is just about all I can do at my age

  375. My favorite exercise is a group that meets 3 days a week in our community.

  376. Jogging and the rowing machine are my favorites.

  377. Jogging. The podiatrist recommended Asics.

  378. I love jogging with music.

  379. walking

  380. I love Tae Bo, lifting weights, walking and using my elliptical machine.

  381. Walking our dogs

  382. My soon to be 12 years old son, more so than I, has a “thing” for sneakers. He never has less than 7 pairs – 1 for each day of the week. And, he never tires of looking for new sneakers in color combinations different that those he already owns/wears!

  383. My favorite exercise is going for long walk with our family dog. We try and go every night after dinner as a family we discuss our day and the best and worst things that’s happened. Our dog Lucky its the best part of his day too.

  384. Walking with our Hash group. They run I walk.

  385. Working in the yard and walking, especially on the Oregon beaches.

  386. I like zumba

  387. My favorite exercise is Wii aerobics.

  388. Walking on the beach.

  389. Lifting weights and taking walks outdoors.

  390. My favorite exercise is taking long walks with our baby daughter in her stroller.


  391. Walking!

  392. Walking dog after dinner with family favorite exercise and great bonding for everyone including dog

  393. The best exercise to me is simply playing outside with my children.

  394. walking the dogs!

  395. Zumba, Kickboxing and walking are my favorites. =)

  396. Kickboxing

  397. I like to come home from a busy day and work with free weights and ride by stationary bike.

  398. Walking my two sweet dogs that we rescued from a shelter.

  399. I always only bought Asics because they fit my feet the best. Love them for everything I do. Shopping, walking, even have a pair just for inside the house because they are better than house slippers.

  400. Walking is always fun.

  401. My favorite exercise walking dog with family after dinner daily. We talk about our day the best and worst thing that happened and then we walk about 3 blocks we also pick up trash on our street along the way our dog is so excited its his best part of day too

  402. I love yoga and going for walks outdoors with my family.

  403. Walking – Treadmill, so rain or shine! And unfortunately since my arthritis is so bad in my knee and hips, that way I can stop when I need to and start again when my joints cooperate.

  404. Walking most days, but cycling when I can.

  405. Yard work and walking.

  406. Walking outside! Love being outside in the nice weather.

  407. Running or walking the dog

  408. I love walking, hiking and running but I enjoy movement of all kinds – dancing, aerobics, kickboxing. Everything!

  409. Walking dog after dinner with family and we discuss our day and share best and worst thing that happened. Our dog loves it and its a great way to get exercise and spend quality time

  410. walking

  411. Walking with my best friend. We both lost a parent to cancer and I consider her my family since I live an hour away from mine. I partake in as many cancer fundrasing events as I can, and she runs marathons and triathlons for cancer benefits as well as creats benefits of her own.

  412. Treadmill running and elliptical!

  413. Zumba!

  414. I like the elliptical and cross training classes.

  415. Walking and dancing

  416. Taking the kids paddle boarding. It’s a really good core workout and something you can bring the kids along to do as well. Because you are having fun, you burn 500 calories without even thinking about it

  417. Hiking in the woods together!

  418. I love the Wii exercise!

  419. Running! I used to hate it. I always felt like my body never would understand the fluidity of the running motion. In previous attempts to run- my head to my toes- and everything in between, especially my boobs and my belly were out of sync. If was though each section was attempting to be clutzier than the next. I recently though completed couch to 5k training and am a truely impressed in how comfortable my body is with running now-and how comfortable I am in my body while running!

  420. Favorite exercise walking dog after dinner as a family best part of everyone’s day including dogs.

  421. I’ve just recently been able to convince my son to run with me. He’s very shy and I am hoping this will draw him out of his shell. :)

  422. Love, love, love Zumba and any exercise that involves dancing and upbeat tempo music! Fun and energizing all in one!

  423. volleyball

  424. Chasing the baby around the house

  425. My 12 year old daughter and I go running three times a week. She motivates me constantly! Love the look of these Asics! Best running sneaker!

  426. LOVE Zumba!!! The music pumps me up and lifts my moods! Burning calories is great too.

  427. Walking is the best. The kiddos love to ride their bikes though.

  428. Walking with a buddy!

  429. I love to exercise. I bike quite a bit. I have Just Dance 2 for the Wii, which is helpful when it is snowy and can’t really exercise outside. Since we are supposed to exercise every other day, I have researched abs exercises on YouTube just for that. After exercising, I always use protein Powder unless I’m at a friend or relatives house, which you can find the most choices at Meijer, compared to Kroger, Meijer, and Walmart.

  430. <3 walking

  431. I like to walk my neighborhood while listening to an audiobook on my ipod. I feel like I am enjoying a good book and getting exercise at the same time!! Plus it relieves the boredom. I look forward to getting out so I can find out what happens next in the story!

  432. I have enjoyed training for my first half marathon

  433. Walking dog after dinner each day 3 blocks best part of our day and dogs too

  434. Walking

  435. Waking, dancing, chasing my toddler

  436. I love walking the length of the beach and back with my husband and our yellow lab.

  437. I love walking on the exercise trail next to the bayou.

  438. I love playing volleyball with my 13yr old daughter. She keeps me young.

  439. Walking on my treadmill with energetic music.

  440. walking

  441. Hiking or swimming!

  442. My favorite type of exercise is my exercise bike

  443. a morning run and weekly racquetball games

  444. walking to music

  445. enter

  446. Running is my favorite type of exercise. Thank you!!

  447. I like to walk around my neighborhood. Plus I take my dog and accomplish two things!

  448. Walking everywhere to do errands for my family or to just take in the beautiful countryside!

  449. Love love Walking!

  450. Walking my dogs is my favorite exercise. It’s good fro them and for me. I just wish I was excited as they are when it comes time to walk:)

  451. I like to work out to Jillian Michaels and run outside.

  452. yoga is my favorite!

  453. Waking at a local park. Clears my head and keeps me in touch with nature.

  454. Going for a run. Clears my head, its a great stress reliever….and good exercise. :)

  455. My favorite exercise is walking down our dirt road here in the country!

  456. I love walking! By myself or with the family, there’s nothing like exploring the world around us while getting our hearts pumping!

  457. Love being outside with my 2 grand babies they are spitfires so I need something to keep up with them.

  458. Love being outside with my 2 grand babies they are spitfires so I need something to keep up with them.

  459. I love walking and I love these shoes.

  460. I really wish I could enjoy running. People seem to like it so much. I do not! Walking and dancing are more my style

  461. We love walking after dinner at night and taking long hikes on the weekends.

  462. I’m an avid runner , exercise classes such as Zumba, and I walk my puggleDaisy every morning! I have worn nothing but Asics sneakers for years! I love these new ones- flashy ! I wear out sneakers rather quickly as I enjoy staying active! Thank you!

  463. i could desperatly use some new shoes!! i been trying to lose weight so after kids are at school i go for power walks across town n back and i have an “jillian micheals” excercise dvd i use time to time….having new shoes to aide my achy feet would be a huge help!! *fingers crossed!*

  464. I travel often and always bring sneakers with me for all the tour walking.

  465. I am a hip hop teacher, Zumba instructor, and Piloxing instructor. Although Piloxing is barefoot- I love rocking funky shoes for dance and Zumba! I hate splurging on sneakers- and I would love a pair of these! A socks fit great and are super comfy.

  466. I used to love bicycling. Now I’m too nervous on the bike to enjoy it. Mostly I just chase around my toddler!

  467. I love walking and climbing!

  468. I love the outdoors, rock climbing and running.

  469. I had a vhs tape of MTV’S The Grind when I was in high school that I really enjoyed. I should find something similar to that to work out to.

  470. Walking the dog after dinner with my husband.

  471. Family walks!

  472. We take turns walking the dog. In nice weather we golf.

  473. Cardio Blast Class!

  474. My favorite exercise is walking and the park with my daughter. We get the stroller and she rides while I walk out. Then when mom is done with her exercise, my daughter gets her’s at the park.

  475. My favorite type of exercise is playing tennis.

  476. Walking the neighborhood!

  477. My favorite exercise is hiking with my family.

  478. Yoga

  479. Fast Walking

  480. My favorite is running, my husband’s is walking, and our kids’ vary drastically :)

  481. Anything outdoors when it’s under 90 and under 80% humidity

  482. Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansome.

  483. WAlk Away the Pounds

  484. attempting to run. I’m slow, but I’m moving!

  485. Walking, it’s the best.

  486. We go on family hikes in the beautiful Wasatch mountains where we live. My 2- and 4-year old love exploring for rocks, plants, and animals, and they don’t even realize that they’re “exercising”.

  487. Walking my Chow Chow in the neighborhood (and catching up with neighborhood news as we encounter other walkers, dog walkers, and porch sitters).

  488. I love jogging!

  489. I love taking the dogs out to the nature preserve for long walks
    In the gym, yoga weightlifting and Dance_A_ton class!