Win It! Back-to-School Pilot Pens + $300 Amex Gift Card

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Pilot Pen wants to help you stock up for school. Enter for a chance to win a journal, a year’s supply of Pilot Pens and a $300 American Express gift card by commenting below with your must have school supplies. For official rules, click here.


1,254 Responses to “Win It! Back-to-School Pilot Pens + $300 Amex Gift Card”

  1. Paper! It always seems like my kids never have enough paper.

  2. Paper and pens – my daughter is always doodling, drawing, coloring, etc.

  3. my must have is pens and pencils my son goes through so many pencils in a year like 6 dozen and my daughter loves to color and write

  4. Poor kids……..they have been stuck with grandparents who take their pen and pencils which are never to be seen again. When I go looking for those missing items, I’m invading their personal area. How many years will ink stay usable???

  5. I work in a school and the students go through enormous amounts of supplies – Pens, Number 2 Pencils, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Small White Boards, Dry Erase Markers, Lined Paper, Notebooks, Printer Ink, and Copy Paper. Midway through the year we are begging for supplies!

  6. My must haves- pencil, pen and sharpie.

  7. My granddaughter, going into her last year of high school, needs all the supplies help she can get in applying for scholarships

  8. Pens, pencils and glue

  9. Sharpies, notebooks, 3 ring binders, folders, backpack, and calculator.

  10. I cannot function without a good pen! I feel more motivated to get stuff done when I have a great pen to use. My day is ruined when my pen runs out of ink. I also need a great handy notepad for my random to do lists, and reminders throughout the day. Those are the two supplies that I cannot do without.

  11. Must have is pencils! There is never a sharp one around when you need it!

  12. Pens and pencils my son’s backpack seems to eat them from the time he gets on the bus til he gets to his school!

  13. Must have pens, pencils, notepad for my to do lists. I must have them!

  14. Post it notes–a necessity!

  15. Notebooks, folders (the plastic ones), erasers, pencils (lots of pencils), more notebooks, paper, glue sticks (I think the kids must eat them for snack because they asked for more every few weeks last year), and more notebooks.

  16. Pencils. Must have pencils. Lots and lots of pencils!

  17. We always seem to be short on pens and pencils. And somehow I can never find a Sharpie when I need one!

  18. My girls must have is good pens!!! I am always having to purchase more throughout the school year

  19. Back in the day. Sented markers!!!

  20. Frixion pens are a must-have in our house. With two lefty boys who have awful handwriting, we like that they don’t smudge and that they can erase.

  21. sharpies and gel pens… love lots of bright colors and use a different color everyday !! I have them everywhere… van, office desk, kitchen drawer, purse, work desk, diaper bag, and probably many that have been lost between the couch cushions and under the van seats or lost at the grocery store… I Love Pens !!

  22. Paper & Pencils

  23. My school supply must haves, are new backpacks, pencils, crayons, & markers.

  24. We have to get new cool / cold weather school clothes soon. Other than that yellow #2 pencils, crayons, paper, ziplock bags, possibly a bigger book bag. And I know there is still more I’m not thinking of at the moment.

  25. Note books and really good pens!!

  26. My must have supplies are lined spiral notebooks, gel ink pens and correction tape.

  27. Love pens!

  28. Glue sticks

  29. We are always looking for pens and pencils!! We fight over the new friction pens since they come in so many colors!!

  30. Since both my and I are in school ( he’s in the 10th grade and I am starting my third semester of college) school supplies are a must in my household. We need everything from binders to index cards.

  31. Good pens and binders!

  32. Pens, sharpened pencils and paper.

  33. Pens and notebooks- pretty colours of course!

  34. Notebook paper & pencils.

  35. all of the basics-pens, pencils, paper, folders, crayons,and a sharpie. But I’m not perfect don’t forget the erasers or get erasable pens!

  36. Pens, pencils,and erasers. ..I teach middle school and never have enough of any of these!

  37. Folders. They get thrown, torn, doodled on. The ones I get at thebeginning of the year usually don’t make it to Christmas.

  38. For me, my must have is pens. My boys need pencils.

  39. Pens, pens and more pens! We go through them like crazy! And our favorite is ur brand, best ink flow ever!

  40. Mechanical pencils and college ruled paper

  41. Pens, electric pencil sharpener, backpacks, glue, notebooks, pencils, erasers, the list goes on…..

  42. Definitely have to have colouring pencils and pens. Those are the things that seem to mysteriously disappear the fastest!

  43. Paper, pencils and glue sticks. Oh yeah and paper

  44. Pens and pencils, they always seem to disappear when it’s homework time.

  45. A good pen!!!

  46. Easy-writing pens with blue ink, 3×5 unruled cards,
    certain calculators.

  47. Must haves for school supplies good pens, #2 pencils, highlighters, paper, markers.

  48. Must Have – pencil cases to hold everything: pencills, erasers, glue, glue sticks, crayons, markers, sharpies, calculators, hair ties, etc the list goes on and on:)!

  49. Highlighters!


  51. pencils

  52. Pens, pencils and paper!

  53. Bic pens , of course!

  54. Pencils please! I think my daughter eats them for lunch they disappear so fast!

  55. New lunchbox w book bag and always paper

  56. Pens, highlighters, folders and a planner to keep us on track!

  57. Must have achool supplies are mechanical pencils, pens, notebooks and folder.

  58. I love the way my pen writes-it actually helps me write better!!

  59. papers, pens, Sharpies, crayons…lets keep handwriting skills and creativity alive!

  60. Love my pilot pens!!!

  61. Pens and paper! My son is a drawing machine!

  62. Sharpened pencils, good erasers and a new pack of crayons!

  63. Pencils and paper, my students are always looking to me to supply more throughout the year.

  64. Colored pens and pencils are must haves in our household.

  65. Pens, of course, and index cards. My daughter makes her own flash cards.

  66. Pens, notebooks, a few new binders. Maybe some folders.

  67. I need paper, pens, pencils and scantrons.

  68. PENCILS!! Like, sharp pencils, with solid erasers! My kids go through pencils like a hot knife through butter. AND they are always breaking off the erasers. Why??

    Personally – you can never have enough Sharpies!

  69. my must haves are paper, pens and folders. need them all

  70. Back to school supplies. The best pens, mechanical pencils, and 5 subject and 3 subject notebooks are a must!

  71. Good backpack, pens, and notebooks… Also a convertible computer or tablet. Or a laptop at the very least.

  72. Paper and markers! My 5 year old has to have paper and markers for her first year of school, kindergarten! My 12 year old, going into the 7th grade, doesn’t care what he has. He’s not picky at all. “Uh, just paper and pencils Mom” Funny kids

  73. My must needs are pens looseleaf and binders oh my!!!!

  74. Paper and pens. Never seem to have enough of either one! Especially these frixion pens, they are awesome!

  75. Paper paper paper – my kids go through it like water.

  76. These pens are a must because they last forever!

  77. Paper and pens…I take a lot of notes

  78. A good organizer as well as multi coloured pens

  79. New pens are always a must, a calendar, fresh new paper, and assorted post its and flags. I LOVE back to school supplies!

  80. computer paper, ink, pens, notebooks and flashcards (blank 3×5). oh! the poster boards for those presentations that always happen at the last minute. there’s always something.

  81. With three boys in college pens and paper are item of necessity. Thanks

  82. I love pens as a teacher (all different colors). My kids need pencils (regular and colored).

  83. Pens, pens, pens! That’s always top of my list.

  84. Binders, folders, notebooks, dividers, pens, pencils, paper, computer ink. So much more!!! It sneaks up on me every August!!

  85. Pens, 3 ring binders with closure, mechanical pencils, reinforced filler paper.

  86. Post-It’s and Pens – there’s always notes to be written. Notes of love, reminder notes, Birthday’s coming up notes, Shut The Door, Put The Lid Down notes! Notes everywhere!!!

  87. I teach and my students are primarily low economic. I always but extra pencils, pens, loose leaf paper, composition books, colored pencils, tape and markers. Never enough!

  88. Paper and pens. Never have enough of those..

  89. Pens, paper and sticky notes! And lots of them :)

  90. Mechanical pencils, spiral notebooks, tons of pens, and random pads of paper. I just love to have options.

  91. The must have in our house are pens, paper, pencils and more pencils. Last year he went through over a hundred of them.

  92. Pens, sharpies, and notebooks!

  93. As a teacher, a variety of items are needed. Having a choice of colored markers, crayons, pencils, etc. is very motivating for students when doing special projects. It helps to bring out their creativity.

  94. My must-have is filler paper.

  95. Notebooks, fun pens, and mechanical pencils

  96. colored pencils! My son likes to draw and doodle all day, and extra notebooks for the doodles :)

  97. Paper and the “good” pens, as the kids refer to them! Not the cheap give away ones.

  98. Pens, paper, Sharpie markers and many different colored highlighters!

  99. I love them all… the more the better…

  100. Pens, markers, paper, notebooks,scissors etc. Thanks for the giveaway

  101. After taking custody of my two grandchildren, and seeing their school supply list…. paper, pencils, markers, and pens.

  102. Never have enough pens!!

  103. Pens! With lots of different colors of ink!

  104. paper!

  105. Must haves — planner, many colored pens, for color-coding planner, drawing paper and colored pencils for doodling, and all good things Pilot!

  106. Clicky pencils!

  107. paper, paper, PAPER

  108. Ruled paper and glue sticks

  109. Paper and pens!

  110. As a teacher my must haves are Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens, Sharpies,glue sticks, crayons, pencils and erasers. My kindergarten students go through so many supplies during a school year.

  111. A great pen and colorful sharpies and pens

  112. Pens, pens and more pens. The must have school supply!

  113. Pens, pencils, and notebooks with two in college (the parents) and two in elementary (the kids)they are always in short supply. :)

  114. Erasers for my soon to be 2nd grader!

  115. Must have school supply in my house is a calendar!! Three active teenagers who don’t drive, plus hubby, me, church, family–you name it we are driving to it!!

  116. Pencils, pencil sharpener, pink erasers, spiral notebooks, crayons, Kleenex, and chlorox wipes are on my 2nd grader’s list

  117. Must have notebook paper, pens, mechanical pencils, composition books, multi subject spirals, back pack, and most of all – communication and love between parents and kids!

  118. I LOVE and must have frixion pens! I found them last fall and use them all the time now. Love all the colors!

  119. Pens, pencils, and erasers. Husband in college and daughter in first grade!

  120. Pens, pencil, and erasers. Husband in college, daughter in first grade.

  121. Coloured pens to stay organized !! Definitely a must !! Sharpies and cue cards (I put notes on cue cards attached together with a ring for studying on the go)

  122. Date book, post it notes, and different coloured pens for staying organized !! Cue cards, sharpies, and glue sticks; I write study notes on cue cards and glue diagrams when needed fasten with ring for studying on the go!!

  123. Pencils. I think my kids eat them, they go through pencils SO fast! Either that or they constantly lose them :)

  124. Pens and notebooks!

  125. pencils and pens

  126. Highlighters and printer cartridges. Lots of pencils and paper, paper and more paper.

  127. Paper for projects, pens for projects, and organization to keep said products. We go through a lot of supplies.

  128. I love pens! I cannot live without GOOD writing utensils!

  129. Notebooks, binders, pens and pencils

  130. Pencils, folders and one subject notebooks are ALWAYS something that my kids go through FAST

  131. Pens! in all colors to color code notes and hi-lighters and sharpies. What can I say I like color!

  132. Love Pilot Pens

  133. We love great pens and pencils. They are a must have in our house and at school.

  134. We must have …… PILOT PENS !!!!

  135. Pens, pencils and paper!

  136. Writing instruments are the most needed school supplies…pens,pencils, paper, tablets, computers, paper, post it notes.

  137. I love the friction pens. These erasable are great for planning.

  138. Colored pens are a must have for a teacher!

  139. I have to have a pen that writes smoothly.

  140. I have 5 children in school. This would be amazing!

  141. Pencils! Seems like we can never have enough! He can’t keep track of them to save his life! Lol!

  142. My daughter is in high school now, but has always been motivated by new pens and paper, like me, and I don’t mind spending a little extra on those things. Whatever it takes to make it more interesting! And it lets her express herself…color coding notes makes a difference for her!

  143. I always need pencils and cap erasers.

  144. Erasable Pens, Paper, and Binders.

  145. Pens and pencils, folders, and blank paper.

  146. have to have good pens always writing something

  147. I have one high school student and 3 in college and pens, pencils,binders, paper and printer ink are always a need around our home.

  148. The colors make homework and papers more fun for the teens!! Must have this year in school.

  149. My husband and I both teach. We are constantly buying pencils, paper, and various other classroom supplies. So many of our students come to school without the needed materials. We do our best to supplement what we can.

  150. Pencils, pens and paper!!

  151. 3 subject notebooks, 1 subject note books, 3 ring binders, dividers, 2 pocket folders, flash drive, pencils, blue, red, and black pens, highlighters, expo markers

  152. Mechanical pencils, gel pens and lots of paper.

  153. Pens, sharp pencils and a notepad for an endless to-do list. As a classroom teacher I could not live without these three items.

  154. Crayons, Paper, Pencils and Pens

  155. Pens Pencils and paper. Also folders.

  156. Post it flags, highlighters, & colored pens!

  157. Graph paper spiral notebooks- always hard to find!

  158. a good rolling ink pen, loose leaf notebook paper, and a new box of crayons!

  159. Always need erasers for those little mistakes, and a spare outlet for charging the tech stuff!

  160. A new backpack is always at the top of the list! Pens, pencils and paper are on the list too!

  161. Sanitizer – germs germs germs! Pencils are high on our list of needs. Also, markers and colored pencils!

  162. Paper, notebooks, backpacks (rolling and regular), pens, pencils, artists markers, sketch books, poster board, colored pencils, dry erase markers, etc. It’s the list that never ends with 3 out of 6 kids still in school.

  163. Always need more pens! Always borrowed and not returned.

  164. Pens, Sharpies, cool notebooks, index cards

  165. Pens, Sharpies, cool notebooks, index cards

  166. Are must haves are the basics but the basics run into alot of money. We always need a new backpack, pencils, notebooks, colored pencils, crayons and clothes!

  167. My kids always need pens and love using them! Especially all the fun colors and different types. Pilot Pens are always a must!

  168. Pencils…I swear the kids eat them!

  169. Pens. I have never seen my kids use one to the end. They always grow legs and walk away.

  170. Paper. My grand kids are always asking for paper and we never seem to have enough around.

  171. Pilot Pens of course

  172. I am a quilter and love those Frixion pens.

  173. Loads of fun pens.

  174. Asst. colored pens for different classes and post it notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. A must is colorful pens and paper

  176. I love, love, LOVE Pilot pens…in all colors!!! A must have!!!

  177. I must have a great supply of Pilot Pens and lots of assortment of paper!

  178. My son is always in need of pens and pencils, paper, book sox. He goes through crayons like crazy, and dry erase markers!!

  179. Good notebooks, pens, and mechanical pencils (never need sharpening!).

  180. Pens and Paper for Husband in College. Pencils and Paper for daughter in First Grade.

  181. Must must have back to school supplies are colored pens and pencils.

  182. Our go-to in the land of school supplies is the pencil. Preferably an easy-to-sharpen brand, that includes an eraser that actually erases. I despise the erasers that smear their pink-ness with the pencil mark you were trying to erase in the first place. We use our pencils for anything and everything that doesn’t require ink: homework, sketching, drawing,and my favorite-doodling.

  183. pens, good-quality pencils, and erasers (you can never have too many)

  184. Must have cool binder and cool pens!

  185. Pens, folders, paper, glue

  186. Pens, pencils, erasers, and dry erase markers!

  187. Must haves-paper, pencils, glue sticks

  188. binders, pens, notebooks, papertowels,bookbags, dry earse markers ,copy paper, glue , pencils , and ect

  189. #2 pencils are always a need, and the best pencil sharpener too!

  190. My children and I are excited about all things school supply…yay!

  191. Pens, paper, pencils, markers, erasers, glue sticks, pencil crayons, notebooks, binders, bristol board, scissors, crayons, ruler, pencil sharpener, and too much more to list.

  192. Must haves are always pencils, paper and LOTS of erasers!!

  193. Paper, pens, binders, printer ink, backpack

  194. Spiral Notebooks is a must have.

  195. Paper and glue!


  197. backpack, laptop tote, and bunch of three ring binders!!

  198. paper, pens, folders and more folders!

  199. pens pens pens

  200. Notebooks, folders, pencils, and pens!!

  201. Lots of notebook paper and folders
    Last year we needed a lot of index cards, but I think they are finally switching to a flashcard App!

  202. We always need paper!

  203. My absolute must-haves are the post-it notes made like a pointer, loose-leaf paper (college ruled), pens/pencils/highlighters and a can-handle it all binder.

  204. Notebook paper and pens are always in need.

  205. Last year I did not have the money to buy my kids new school supplies. We had to look through the house to use old supplies. It looks like I will be in the same boat this year because I am unemployed and pay for Christian ed. I would love to have help paying for their school supplies this year. The teachers have sent out a long list. The pens, pencils and highlighters would be so helpful including binders.

  206. Always in need of pens, white out, and index tabs in college :-) thanks!!!

  207. Paper, pencils and pens.

  208. Spiral notebooks! I’m a list maker and I love a fresh stack of notebooks to fill every Fall!

  209. Crayons

  210. My one must-have are multicolor highlighers…I still use them with “old-fashioned” textbooks to help as a memory jogger. Any bright (even neon!), light color will work. Pinks and oranges are the best.

  211. Backpack, Binders, Calculator, Notebooks, Paper, Paper & more Paper

  212. A pen that keeps working and doesn’t dry up in the middle of a report or drip all over it.

  213. graph paper

  214. About everything to make crafts. Pens, pencils, paper, glue, stickers..

  215. A good writing pen like a Pilot pen.

  216. my must have for back to school are Pilot Pens, notebooks, index cards, binders, pencils and erasers

  217. Binders, good pencils, and lots of paper.

  218. Mechanical pencils, composition notebooks and crayons.

  219. We need pens, pencile’s, paper for our church Sunday School AWANA …. They will be well used…. For sure….

  220. Notebooks, pens, markers and oranizer.

  221. I love all sorts of school supplies. But if I had to choose I would say highlighters, my favorite black ballpoint pen, and G2 pilot pens to make my notes less monotonous and filled with varied colors.

  222. I need some G2 pilot pens and of course paper!

  223. Paper, pencils, pens and of course post it notes!

  224. Our must-have school supplies are pens, pencils, markers, crayons, notebooks, folders, and scissors. Plus a cool backpack to carry everything!

  225. Paper, pens & correction tape ;)

  226. sharpie, notebook, pencils

  227. My girls are in elementary, and I can never seem to have enough markers and crayons! Where do they all go?

  228. Mechanical pencils, index cards, notebooks, highlighters, more index cards, more mechanical pencils, and did I say highlighters????

  229. We love the one subject notebooks. Also we need lots of pencils.

  230. Supplying these school supplies to my grandkids would be the back to school gift anyone could get.

  231. Sharp pencils and pens in fun colors. Plain old blue and black ink are boring for the kids.

  232. I buy a lot of supplies in the beginning of the school year for my daughter but somehow by the end of the first month of school she needs more! She goes through folders, pen’s, paper like crazy. Maybe it all gets lost where those darn missing socks go!

  233. With seven kids we go through tons of pens and pencils.

  234. Always need colored pens and binders.

  235. Things like, a notebook, colored pens, paper, sharpener, markers, crayons, scissors, ruler, graph paper, folders, journals, highlighters, index cards, backpack, lockable lock, paper clips, stapler, staples, calculator, pencil case, glue/glue sticks, Kleenex, breath mints, book cover, pencil erasers, red ink pens, white out, poster board for projects, construction paper, tape, spiral pads for notes, post-it’s, hand sanitizer wipes, snacks for energy power, sharpies, calendar to keep on track., and anything else that one must have to get them through school, books, lots of books…..can’t wait, for that day to begin, yes, the fun of school……love it!!!! When moms everywhere get to let go, and breath….

  236. paper and pens are mostly needed in our house for whole family

  237. I need to have printing paper, computer ink cartridges, new smartphone, binders for reports, spiral notebooks, pens, automatic pencil and extra leads. Money (or check) for Student ID card, lunch breaks, and other items are also must have supplies…

  238. Post it flags, post its, white-out, stapler, stales, binder, pencil pouch

  239. Drawing paper & crayons for the budding artist!

  240. A new journal and a colorful pen to match, tons of art supplies, more pens, glue, and more pens, notebooks and more pens and pencils too !!!

  241. Our must haves are pencils, pens, and a computer

  242. pens, Pencils, paper, notebook, note cards

  243. A really good pen that writes with ease and doesn’t run out after only several uses! *Essential*

  244. #2 pencils, lots of pens and paper!!!

  245. Good pens and an assignment book or planner.

  246. Folders, Pencils, and Pens.

  247. Must haves for us are mechanical pencils and great pens that do not smear for my left hander!

  248. A must have is mechanical pencils and great pens that do not smear for my left hander!

  249. My son needs pens pencils colored pencils crayons markers highlighters folders composition books pencil case back pack three ring binder three subject note books paper dry erase board with Dry erase markers scissors protractor ruler book covers
    they go through this stuff do fast!

  250. Everything! Paper pens pencils folders note books binders highlighters backpack crayons colored pencils glue sticks composition books pencil grips

  251. Pens and paper and pencils colored pencils crayons construction paper book covers binders note books folders highlighters backpack of my!

  252. School supplies are always nice.

  253. Must have school supplies for us- plenty if pens, pencils, and notebooks. My young daughter particularly loves colored markers, paints, and crayons. I am a pen snob, has to be blue ink and fine point for me :)

  254. My girls are always needing markers and crayons!

  255. Must-haves — Paper, crayons, markers, and pens

  256. Lots of paper, crayons, pens, pencils, glue, scissors, etc. The list goes on and on :)

  257. Sharpies & gel pens!

  258. My child needs paper, pens, pencils and notebooks…lots of notebooks and dividers…
    note cards… they are busy this year

  259. Mechanical pencils, pens and college rule notebooks!!

  260. My daughter is in 2nd grade and needs everything from crayons to tissues to cleaning supplies. I’m in college and need folders, notebooks, and lots of pens. I really need a new backpack but the adult ones are so expensive I can’t afford one. So that gift card would help a lot!

  261. My son is going into seventh grade and we homeschool. Since we pay for all his curriculum, we are always running out of pencils, notebooks and loose-leaf paper

  262. Pens, mechanical pencils…and great art supplies :D

  263. My daughter and I will be going to college and we will need plenty of pens, pencils, notebooks and a laptop would be nice, since a most of our homework will be done online.

  264. Pens and pencils

  265. 3 ring binders, paper, pens, calculator, and lunch money!

  266. Since my daughter and I will be attending college, we will need pens, pencils, paper and laptops because most of our homework will be done online.

  267. My must have school supplies are pens, paper, & folders.

  268. Notebooks and pens

  269. 1 in binders, college rule paper, mechanical pencils and red ink pens!!!!!!

  270. Pens, pencils, paper & glue sticks!

  271. My granddaughter can hardly wait to start her first year of college. She is an artist and goes through pen, pencils, colored pencils and drawing paper like mad. FYI I love your Frixion (?) pen. I use it for marking when I am quilting.

  272. Paper and pens!

  273. Good pens are a MUST!

  274. With four boys we always need an enormous amount of supplies, one main supply is paper… An endless supply may be my only option ;) then the normal crayons, pens (that work) pencils (that are sharpened), a sharpener and scissors that always seem to disappear. :)

  275. pens, pencil, paper

  276. Notebooks. One never makes it through the whole semester.

  277. Paper

  278. We have to have a steady supply of notebooks in the house ,my daughter Loves notebooks!!

  279. Binder Clips….lots of binder clips!!

  280. At our home we use and need everything “pilot” my kids and myself of course cause I’ve always loved school and office supplies.

  281. My daughter goes through the pencils! need lots of them. And plenty of paper.

  282. paper and pens

  283. A backpack, pencil lead, glue, and lots of lined paper!

  284. Pencils, pencils, pencils, pencils, and paper!

  285. pens, paper and patience!

  286. Pens, paper, pencils, binders.

  287. Paper, pencils, and erasers.

  288. Paper, pencils and lots of erasers!

  289. With a senior & 3rd grader, I’m going to need a ton of everything.

  290. Pencils, paper, notebooks, and crayons are musts in our household.

  291. Pens in a variety of colors (better than high-lighters!)and paper!

  292. Patience!

  293. My daughter needs pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, and school uniforms. My son will be home schooled now and we still need a couple large 3 ring binders.

  294. Good pencils and pens and a lot of paper

  295. A good planner, colorful gel pens, sturdy notebooks, and a journal for sketching. :)

  296. We never have enough paper & pens. My girls love having journals. They take notes, doodle, create, notes to Mom & Dad, anything.

  297. Tape, pencils, and erasers!

  298. Plain white paper.
    Anything to write/draw with.
    Glue sticks.

  299. Pilot pens are my favorite !

  300. Pens, paper, crayons, lunchboxes, lots & lots of supplies!!! …& did I mention? …Pens!!!

  301. My 3 grandgirlies ava..1st, sidney..Kind, and Quinn..preK have moved in with us ..Nana and Pap Pap, and they so need school supplies …they are girlie girls who love drawing..doodling..artwork of all kinds, and are so ready for the new school year.

  302. One in college, two in high school its always do you have a pen, mechanical pencils? do you have a colored pen? do you have colored pens that write in black , blue and red. Really? I never see them writing except typing on the computer!! texting on the phone. yes..we need pens!!! help!!

  303. I have 2 high school students and 1 middle school student. We always need pens, pencils, composition notebooks, looseleaf paper, highlighters, folders, and binders. Essential in our household.

  304. Notebooks, binders and pens!

  305. Paper & pens

  306. My must have school supplies are pens, paper, and pencials. My daughter is constantly using all of that and I can never keep enough!

  307. My family goes through a lot of pens. We never seem to have enough of them! We especially love to use different colors and not just the standard blue, black, or red.

  308. My kids can never he enough pencils and sharpeners. Whenever they get out a pencil to do homework, it’s always broken, and we can never seem to find a sharpener. And erasers, can never have enough erasers.

  309. mechanical pencils!!! My son loves them but it seems as if he needs a new one everyday.

  310. PAPER!

  311. notebooks, pens, pencil case, maybe a couple flash drives.

  312. With 12 grandkids,what DON’T we need!

  313. New notebooks … Ones with unique covers and pens. always get a new pair of sneakers too.

  314. For my son it is crayons, markers, pens and paper. My daughter is pens, pencils, and paper.

  315. I teach high school art. Students need pens & pencils everyday.Pilot black is one of the best drawing pens around. Can’t have enough. I usually buy them at Walmart, but 300 free would be a dream come true. Send me a poster to put up in my classroom. Creativity keeps us alive. Keep on drawing!!

  316. love those pens

  317. pens, pencils, folders, and paper

  318. Paper and pens and more Paper and pens

  319. Paper and pens

  320. Nothing ensures the use of a pen by having plenty of them

  321. My must have supplies are my pilot gel pens, legal pads, a 3 ring binder and mechanical pencils.

  322. Paper and highlighters and them dang on composition books I can never find!

  323. Notebooks are a must have for school!

  324. [...]…PRIZE PACKAGE (1): A shipment of 100 varieties of Pilot Pens, a Pilot Pen journal, and a $300 American Express Gift Card. Total ARV of prize package: $620.00. [...]

  325. Good ink pens and plenty of paper.

  326. Always losing pens!


  328. Notebooks and pens.

  329. My son is going off to college and could use all the school supplies. Thanks for the opportunity!

  330. tablet, laptop and cash for the overpriced textbooks

  331. Paper and pens!

  332. We always go through lots of pens. Love pens with different color ink (especially purple)to fit my different moods!

  333. pencils and pens

  334. White paper and lead pencils

  335. Paper, pilot pens, calculator, folders, markers, stick glue, scissors, paper towels, germ-x, and pencils


  337. Pens, Number 2 Pencils, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Small White Boards, Dry Erase Markers, Lined Paper, Notebooks

  338. pens! pencils!

  339. highliters, lots of folders, notepads, new backpack and lunch bag

  340. A Trapper Keeper! (Do they still make those?)

  341. Back-to-school must have are lots of Pilot pens in purple! Thanks for the chance

  342. paper and pens

  343. I need pens of all colors and types…..except a pig pen.

  344. Kids always need a great backpack…strong, comfortable, and durable.

  345. Pencils, crayons, markers, folders and notebooks.

  346. post it notes and sharpies

  347. The year starts with plenty of pencils, but within 3 weeks, they have all disappeared!

  348. Everything from crayons and tissues to colored pens and highlighters!

  349. Mechanical pencils, binders, folders, and pens!

  350. Paper, pencils, pens, binders and dividers.

  351. Pen and notebooks

  352. Pencils, Pens and Notebook/Sketch Paper.

  353. Pencils, pencils and more pencils!

  354. Pens, Pencils and notebooks!

  355. Pens and Notebooks

  356. Pens, papers, pencils and glue

  357. Pencils, pens, paper and folders

  358. Paper and colored pens. Purple and green are favorites of my children.

  359. Love to have colorful pens to keep organized Thanks for the chance!

  360. Paper and pens. Can’t have too many of either

  361. Pens and Pencils

  362. notebook paper,pencils and crayons

  363. Notebooks

  364. :) :) :) Ink pins & paper :) :) :)

  365. A great supply of pens, pencils and paper!

  366. Pens =)

  367. Paper, pencils, pens, erasers, folders and whatever else they can get me to buy!

  368. pens, of course

  369. We need pens. Where do they all go?!

  370. Must have lots of pens!

  371. Can never have enough school supplies.

  372. pens, always pens

  373. I always need a good planner to schedule due dates & activities!

  374. I always need tons of pens & notebook paper

  375. notebooks

  376. Lots of notebook paper & a ruler

  377. I must have binders, sticky notes, and a nice messenger bag or backpack

  378. Crayons, pens, pencils and paper!

  379. Mechanical pencils, lots of lead, erasers, 3 ring binders, dividers, paper, pencil pouches, and of course Pilot Pens.

  380. Paper and printer ink. We use so much of those!

  381. Pens, pencils, paper, folders, and notebooks, those are the critical ones.

  382. A good pen and notebook (or papers) are MUST! There are other items that people might need, but these are the basic and most necessary items that need to be bought before the school starts.

  383. Notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, erasers

  384. Sharpies and paper

  385. Paper is number one here but we also go through the pens.

  386. pens and pencils

  387. 3 ring binder! It contains everything.

  388. Pen and paper and pencil are always a neccesity!

  389. Paper and binders… we can never have enough!

  390. Pens, paper, and backpack

  391. Paper & Pens never seem to have enough!

  392. I always stock up on binders, paper, and plenty of highlighters each semester!

  393. New pens and highlighters!

  394. #2 pencils

  395. I need a new laptop bag.

  396. Awesome pens

  397. pens, paper, glue

  398. Nice mechanical pencils, a zebra pen or two and some comp books

  399. Honestly, it’s lunchbox foods–I don’t usually keep that stuff around in the summer.

  400. Pens, pencils, paper and a backpack!

  401. all of it but mostly paper, folders, pens, pencils, highlighters and sticky notes.

  402. Backpacks, folders, papers, expensive calculators, pens, pencils, paper

  403. Post-its. Love ‘em!

  404. My must haves are mechanical pencils & college ruled notebooks for my writing classes, & fine tip sharpies, colored pencils, a sharpener & an empty sketch book for my art classes!

  405. Notebooks and sharpies!

  406. Pilot Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Mechanical Pencils, Markers, paper and notebooks!

  407. mechanical pencil

  408. Must have to me is a “stylish day pack” to fit all my supplies …

  409. glue sticks binders

  410. Paper, pens, pencils, spiral notebooks, backpack

  411. Paper, paper, paper! Pencils and erasers are always needing to be replaced.

  412. I need two of everything: pens, paper, notebooks, pencils, glue sticks, folders, scissors, crayons, colored pencils, etc…..

  413. Good quality pens, pencils and notebooks, a backpack, and a new calculator!

  414. Must have schools supplies are an iPad, laptop, smartphone, pens, pencils, energy drinks, and snacks.

  415. Pencils and a calculator!

  416. Pilot black 10 gel pen, pad of paper with perferated tear strip, calculator

  417. Pens, Pencils, notebooks, and folders

  418. 5 subject notebooks!

  419. I must have a great set of pens, notebooks and a flash drive.

  420. My must haves – paper, pen, pencils

  421. Pens. They seem to sprout legs no matter how many we buy.

  422. My son is just learning how to write and lots of brightly colored pens are a must to keep him interested.

  423. A variety of pens to keep things interesting. A notebook for daily tasks. Notebook paper – variety of colors for fun note taking. Did I mention pens of all sorts? Keep things fun.

  424. Some good #2 pencils, not the cheap ones that are so light, you can’t read them

  425. pens pencils paper crayons scissors glue kleenex germ x folders

  426. Pens, mechanical pencils, notebook paper, index cards, folders, highlighters

  427. pens, pencils, and notebooks

  428. We always seem to run out of ink for our printer when an assignment is due.

  429. Mechanical pencils, paper and granola bars to curb the mid day munchies! :)

  430. I think I need these pens and some good folders!

  431. We need new tablets.

  432. Trapper Keeper!

  433. paper!!

  434. Crayons! Never enough crayons! LOL!

  435. Binders, binders, binders!

  436. Pens and pencils

  437. Highlighters, various colors of highlighters! Lots of them.

  438. pens, mechanical pencils and paper

  439. Backpacks and calculator is a must have.

  440. I always need a calendar/planner! It’s always nifty for putting in due dates and activities I can’t miss. Always need a lot of notebook paper & also highlighters

  441. Calculators, notebooks, erasers, pen and pencils.

  442. Must haves include pens and pencils. papers and folders.

  443. Pencils, folders and crayons

  444. pens and paper

  445. Pencils, Pens, Paper, crayons and scissors.

  446. lots and lots of pens

  447. Paper and pencils – use tons of both!

  448. papers and pens

  449. Pens! They are always the ones that seem to grow legs and walk away.

  450. Love the colors

  451. Notebooks, paper and pencils.

  452. Markers, pencils and notebooks.

  453. My must have is and always will be a backpack. Ever since I was little it was my favorite and first decision. Once you have the pack, you can fill it to the brim with everything else you need!!

  454. a good working pencil sharpener cures all…

  455. It seems colored folders are the hardest to find.

  456. notebooks, pencils and crayons

  457. Aside from the normal Back-to-School supplies, my 4 boys also need backpacks, shoes, lunch bags, and water bottles. I also stock up on items we run out of throughout the year – pens, paper, notebooks, pencils, etc.

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  458. pencils, reinforced hole paper, a good binder, pens in lots of colors, and some erasers

  459. Colored pencils.

  460. Notebooks and folders

  461. pens, pencils and notebooks

  462. Pens,Pens & Pens.

  463. Paper, pencils, pens, folders, and erasers.

  464. paper, pens, binders, etc.

  465. Must have is some good solid pens, post-its, and decent paper

  466. We all have new daily planners at the start of back to school season. This is a huge way to help organize the homework and project schedules, including recreational schedules that often need collaboration from everyone.

  467. Pens, pencils and paper!

  468. Pens and lots of paper!

  469. Binders, folders, pens, pencil, paper and sticky notes

  470. Pencils, tons of them.

  471. Can never have enough pens! Love Pilot Pens!

  472. notebooks, pens and pencils

  473. Our family uses Pilot pens all the time. They are an excellent value. Still using lots of printer paper and cartridges. good sweeps offer.
    Thanks, Judy Thompson

  474. definitely pen and papers

  475. Good sturdy notebooks that can take a beating and all the Pilot writing utensils our backpacks can hold!

  476. Pens,paper and always we run out of printer ink…

  477. pens and notebook

  478. Calculator

  479. clothes, shoes, and school supplies , such as pen, notebook, pencil, crayons, eraser

  480. we never seem to have enough college ruled notebook paper

  481. Notebooks, pens, pencils, and highlighters. There are many WANTED school supplies, of course, but that’s what we couldn’t live without.

  482. Paper and pens. Someone is always borrowing pens from my daughter and she never gets them back.

  483. My daughter uses this type of pen for two years. When we were living in Spain and she was going to third grade in school she started to use this pen because everybody in the class had it. It is more convenient and the paper looks always clean, they can erase instead of using tippex and make a real mess. Now, that we moved back to the US I bought a bunch of them, even for me , it’s good to have one in your handbag.

  484. Paper and pencils

  485. Pens and a new backpack

  486. Paper, paper and more paper…maybe throw in pencils too- we are always in short supply

  487. We need everything! Pens, pencils, paper, notebooks – supplies for home and school.

  488. A planner is a must to keep all of the assignments straight.

  489. My must-have school supplies:
    planner (got to stay organized!)
    mechanical pencils
    black AND blue pens
    notebooks (college-ruled)
    Post-It notes

  490. A little notebook to put side notes in, An agenda, Good pends that can be relied upon, A Highlighter is a must.

  491. Pens, pencils, notebooks, post-its, paperclips, stapler, staples, printer paper and toner, and binder clips.

  492. Paper!! Pens!! And Sharpies!!

  493. Paper,pens,pencils,and folders.

  494. Paper,pens,pencils,folders.

  495. pencils and notebooks

  496. Pens, pencils and markers top the list!

  497. open minds!

  498. Paper, pens and pencils

  499. My son always needs pencils and erasers!

  500. pens galore!

  501. we need all pens ..they just grow legs at my house..any and all pens are really needed!!

  502. we a;ways need pens

  503. A laptop

  504. Bright colored pens and new notebooks with crisp paper are the best school supplies!

  505. Need pens and a backpack

  506. pens, pencils, paper, trapper keeper.

  507. spiral notebooks

  508. Pencils, Paper, and all my BOOKS! :)

  509. Pens, pencils and locker decorations (this year chandelier for one & disco ball for the other)

  510. Must haves include highlighters, post it notes, folders, pens and notebooks.

  511. Must haves are printer paper and ink, binders, notebooks, multi-colored gel ink pens and pencils.

  512. Backpack

  513. I must have good quality pens and a binder with several dividers and folders!

  514. pens, paper and extra backpack (when the first one malfunctions or gets lost and stores are no longer carrying them in the middle of the school-year! ;) )

  515. Pencils WITH erasers!

  516. Need to have great pens, pencils, and a backpack

  517. My house must have paper!!! We will not survive without paper and good smooth pens, nothing scratchy for my son!!

  518. Pens, Notebooks, Binders and a Backpack to put it all in!

  519. Mechanical pencils

  520. A good backpack, paper, markers, pens, pencils, and a cool lunch bag!

  521. Paper and Pencils.

  522. Glue Sticks, Pink Pearl Eraser, Pilot Mechanical Pencils, Pilot Pens, College Rule Notebooks and Paper Clips and/or Mini Binder Clips.

  523. ipad

  524. My must have item is Pilot Pens.

  525. Backpack, pens, paper, pencils, books, calculator.

  526. My daughter must have erasable pens in different colors along with her pencils

  527. pencils and paper

  528. pens

  529. Notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, colored pencils, everything!

  530. A laptop

  531. Books, pens,pencils markers glue sticks a new back pack and a new lunch box make our yeast start off right

  532. A backpack to put it in

  533. purple pens are a must for back to school!

  534. A good fine point pen

  535. Folders!

  536. Pencils, laptop, and notebooks

  537. pens and pencils!!! I start the year off with cups full and inevitably have to buy more!!!! Thank you!!!!

  538. Pens, markers, paper

  539. A smooth pen that that dries quickly and doesnt smudge too much. I remember better when I write as opposed to type so a pen is absolutely essential! Preferably pens in different colors to keep it funky ;)

  540. Patience…and lots of it!

  541. My must have school supply is a fun themed folder.
    The most difficult school supply I had to find this year were red pencils.

  542. Good quality pens and pencils are usually lost and need to be replaced frequently.

  543. Mechanical pencils

  544. Composition books, folders, pencils, pens, glue sticks, crayons and lots more.

  545. Pens, paper, binders, aspirin.

  546. Must have pencils for my math classes.

  547. pens, pencils notebook

  548. Calculator!

  549. Backpacks are the best!

  550. We can’t do without some cool pens and some cool erasers and pencils. It’s all about the writing instruments!!

  551. Paper and/or notebooks, pencils, new backpacks, and of course new shoes!

  552. Pens like Socks seem to disappear in this house.

  553. pencils, notebooks

  554. Pens, markers, and notebooks!

  555. notebooks

  556. laptop, pens, pencils and paper!

  557. Pens and paper notebooks

  558. A good zip up trapper keeper

  559. Pens, paper, new backpack

  560. A sturdy backpack that is both comfortable to carry and can hold what needs to be carried to school

  561. The items on the teacher’s “what to bring” list, including pens, pencils and paper

  562. Pens, notebooks and craft supplies!

  563. Good notebooks and easy writing pens!!

  564. My kids are still young, so our must haves are crayons, markers and wide ruled notebooks!

  565. Pen and paper and someone to carry my books!

  566. Pens, paper and someone to carry my books!

  567. Index cards!

  568. Must have pens, particularly Pilot G-02 07 pens. I use them every day. Also spiral notebooks. These are a Definite Must!

  569. Must have pens and spiral notebooks!

  570. Pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, looseleaf paper, highlighters, and markers

  571. Just a pen and pencil, and an open mind.

  572. Paper, Rock, Scissors are all needed!!! (rock music!!!

  573. Must have pencils,erasers and notebooks

  574. Can never have enough pens!

  575. Lots of pens, etc

  576. Pens, paper, journal books, and storage boxes

  577. pencils, unique pencil cases and folders… express yourself daily :)

  578. Definitely have to have colouring pencils and pens

  579. My daughter is entering third grade in a week. She has her backpack but needs those cool Pilot Pens for art:)

  580. Pilot pens, paper, notebooks, highlighters, pencils, sticky tabs, Post it notes, iPad, and calculator! :-)

  581. We love markers, every color, and some thicker-grade paper or card stock to use them on. And glitter!

  582. Pencils, paper, folders, pens, markers, binders, back packs, high lighters, lunch bags

  583. Lots of BINDERS, pens, pencils, calculator, lined paper, many FOLDERS, and the lost goes one, and on, and on — even COPY PAPER for the school!

  584. Colored pencils and pens

  585. fun notebooks!

  586. pens and sharpies – do they just grow legs and walk out when no one is watching????

  587. Pens and more pens! I never have enough.

  588. Mechanical pencils

  589. the kids need everything paper,pens,pencils,markers

  590. I always loved new notebooks and really great pens. Now it’s the latest computers/tablets.

  591. New pens and notebooks

  592. A pretty pen and planner :)

  593. Must have pens and paper

  594. A pretty pen and a planner :)

  595. Pens, Pencils, Crayons, and Markers!

  596. For some reason, we have had a heck of time finding Elmer’s glue sticks.

  597. Pens, pencils, crayons, and glue sticks!

  598. My kids have a huge list for Back to School Supplies…They would be thrilled if we won School Supplies….Thanks for the opportunity…

  599. Mechanical and artist pens

  600. Pencils, paper, and folders.

  601. Pencils, pencil sharpeners, and paper!

  602. Always good to donate to my favorite teacher.

  603. Glue sticks – my students go through them so quickly!!

  604. I love colors and I’m a writer too and always write with colors because life is the color of you want.

  605. Got one in Collage one in Middle School you know how that goes.

  606. Have to have pencils and paper.

  607. Would love to win

  608. Notebooks

  609. Planner and lots of pens

  610. Paper, pens and pencils

  611. Pilot pens, white out, post-its and highlighters!

  612. Must haves for me and my daughter are bright sequined backpack, lots of the good pencils with good erasers and scented markers, pens and crayons.

  613. fresh pad of paper

  614. Pens, Paper and Pencils, and post-it notes <3

  615. Pencils,Paper,spiral notebooks

  616. Pens, notebooks, calculator, book bag, laptop

  617. Correction pens and printer ink

  618. My son is just starting kindergarten this year, so I’m about to find out what exactly he needs.

  619. Seems like there is a crayon monster that feeds entirely on my niece’s supply. We are always buying them, and I suspect the “monster” will follow her to preschool!

  620. Pens and notebooks.

  621. crayons and markers

  622. of course I need Pens, pencils and post its!

  623. Five subject notebooks

  624. Notebooks, pencils, bookish and new clothes, of course.

  625. For college, I just need a 5 subject 5 star notebook and pens and pencils!

  626. Sharpies in all colors and points!!

  627. Pens pens and more pens

  628. We are always needing printer ink and mechanical pencils.. :)

  629. pens and folders

  630. Always need pens and other school suplies

  631. Books, highlighter markers, and sticky notes.

  632. I must have black pens, mechanical pencils, and notecards.

  633. Pens are a must have! Not everything is done with modern technology. It is nice to see the kids grab a pen and notebook and just write.

  634. Quality Pens

  635. You can never have enough pens and sharpies.

  636. Mechanical pencils, paper, highlighters, pens, and more paper.

  637. A good quality backpack that will last many years.

  638. pens and paper!

  639. fine point pens and moleskin day planner!

  640. First it would be paper and/or tablets, then lots of colored pens!

  641. Ooh, pencils and paper and Sharpies.

  642. paper and pens

  643. Pencils, paper, sharpees

  644. calculater

  645. I find that my grandchildren are constantly needing cartridges for their printer. I guess everything is done on the computer today–makes it easier for the teachers to read homework assignments!

  646. pencils, paper and backpack

  647. My kids always had to have lots and lots of pens and paper.

  648. I would love to give this to my niece

  649. notebooks

  650. Backpack, notebook, ruler, erasers, #2 pencils, pilot pens, lunch pail depending on grade, healthy snacks and lined paper

  651. Pens and highlighters

  652. Pens, Pencils, Folders, paper, backpack

  653. Pens and notebooks. I still buy a new notebook for myself each school year.

  654. Folders, pens and pencils

  655. crayons, notebooks, pencils, markers, folders

  656. must haves are pens, paper, crayons, pencils, flash drives, notebooks and binders X4!! it ain’t cheap buying for

  657. A nice pen!

  658. Lots of paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, binders, calculators and backpacks!

  659. Pencils, composition books, a planner and post it notes!

  660. looseleaf paper

  661. daily planner is a must, paper, pencils, and pens!

  662. Notebooks and pens/pencils are supplies my students always run out of!

  663. Mechanical pencils, colored pens and markers, hightlighters, paper, post-its and staples!

  664. My must have school supply is pens – I love lots of colors and varieties!

  665. love those Pilot pens

  666. Pens, pencils, markers and paper to use them on.

  667. i;m a teacher i need it all

  668. Definitely ink for the printer and paper!!

  669. Pilot Pens!! Lots of them!

  670. Pens! They are ways getting lost!

  671. I need ALL my pens and my books!

  672. For me, my must have school supplies are really just a tablet computer to take notes on and a decent computer at home for writing code for my computer science classes.

  673. notebooks & pens

  674. Pens that are good writing pens are a must.

  675. Paper and pencils are the two biggest items

  676. Notebooks, pens, a backpack.

  677. Dependable pens!

  678. must have pens that write smoothly

  679. a good backpack, pens, pencils and a notebook

  680. A good assortment of colored pens like the picture above. I enjoyed doodling and change of color with my note taking :)


  682. The floor boards of my car has more pens than I do-pens of course clicky fat pilot ball points preferred☺

  683. Fat pilot clicky pens are the best

  684. My grand-daughter is starting high school this year. My daughter is a single mom and needs all the help she can get with school supplies for her daughter.

  685. must have pens, paper, calculators, rulers, binders, folders, pencils, notebooks, scissors, and backpack

  686. PENS! Of course. One can never have too many!

  687. Notebooks, pens, and backpack.

  688. pens and pencils – we never have enough – and paper and notebooks and binders…what don’t we need constantly?

  689. backpack, writing utensils, paper, binder.

  690. Paper, pens, pencils and crayons are the items I seem to always be buying throughout the year, and a few double pocket folders!

  691. My daughter needs a ton of supplies this year going into 8th grade. Right now we are focusing on organization. So, a lot of containers and desk accessories for her pens, markers, and such. We still haven’t found the perfect backbag for this year. As you know, what backpack you have defines who you are at 13 yrs. old ;)

  692. paper and pens

  693. Also great tool to use when quiiting!

  694. Never have enough pen’s and paper!

  695. I need colorful pens. I’m a color coding lover.

  696. my college daughter needs a netbook

  697. pens and pencils

  698. Notebooks, backpack, books, pens. Do new clothes count? ;)

  699. I have to have pens and cool post it notes

  700. Always need paper, pencils & pens!

  701. #2 pencils, lined paper, rulers, pencil sharpener, eraser

  702. Must have pencils and erasers!

  703. Pens, a good thick notebook, highlighters, and sticky note flags!

  704. Ink Ink and more ink oh and paper! Our non-profit could really use this!

  705. Good pens and notebooks. Can’t take good notes with pens that are out of ink.

  706. Notebooks, pens, and dorm room furniture

  707. We can never have enough black gel pens(my sons will only use these), and loose leaf paper!

  708. Jansport backpack.

  709. Paper and pencils – all that is needed for learning!

  710. Paper, pens, folders & binders!

  711. paper, pens, pencils, hand sanitizer, scott wipes, lip balm, ruler, calculator, folders, a trendy tote or leather back pack, sunblock, body spray, erasers, kleenex, a wallet, visa card with 20 bucks for emergencies, lunch box

  712. Paper and pens.

  713. Paper, pencils and erasers

  714. We always need pencils, pens and markers in every color imaginable for you never know when inspiration will strike!

  715. Definitely paper, pens and notecards.

  716. My daughter loves these pens!!

  717. Pens

  718. must have school supplies Pens paper folders.

  719. Pens pencils and paper

  720. Pens, pens,pens and more pens!!!!

  721. Some good pens, notebooks, folders,calculator and bookbag

  722. Pens and paper! Tons of pens and paper!

  723. I can never have enough pens. I buy Pilot pens even after accumulating free ones from hotels.

  724. Must have pens, colored pens and MORE PENS!!

  725. I definitely need notebooks, notebooks, and more notebooks.

  726. Paper, pens, pencils, planner, calculator, book bag

  727. Pens, Pencils and paper!

  728. My must have supplies are spiral notebooks, permanent markers and mechanical pencils.

  729. I love to buy school supplies! My favorite would be the box of 64 crayons with the sharpener.

  730. pens paper, books

  731. backpack, pilot pens, sharpie

  732. My must haves are pens and paper

  733. Pens are a must. And lots of them as they always seem to walk off….

  734. Binder, highlighters and pens , paper

  735. Sturdy, durable folders with pockets.

  736. Must have school supplies is notebooks.

  737. Pens, Pencils, Markers, Folders, and Kleenex!

  738. A nice and smooth writing pen.

  739. Best ball point pen ever made, and inexpensive!

  740. paper , pens, and pencils, notebooks

  741. Pencils, pens, paper, and erasers are what we go through the most.

  742. I must have my laptop, pens, and my notebook paper!

  743. pen! pen! where is a pen??
    whenever we need one they are never around!
    pens, paper, markers and pencils would be great to have on hand for homework, projects and bill paying and checkbook balancing.

  744. Pens, and paper

  745. Pens and notebooks.

  746. Three kids and one doctor equals a massive needs for pens that work!!

  747. We always need pencils in our house. They seem to disappear or break in half all the time.

  748. Pens and notebooks

  749. pens, pens and more pens

  750. Pens, pencils, erasers, and composition notebooks are must have for my two children. ;-)

  751. My daughter has a lot of school supply needs. She’s very delicate and we try to satisfy her every whim. As you can imagine, this is expensive, what with the miniature pony and trained penguin and the phoenix feather because she wanted to make a Harry Potter wand…

    Anyway, this year she needs the following: extra soft and moisturized toilet paper (she says the school stuff is way too rough), presharpened pencils (she gets blisters when she sharpens her own. Also these need to be pink and emblazoned with the word “Diva” in silver sparkle), a Katy Perry seat cushion because the school chairs are too hard for her tender tushy. (Note: I’ve told her that I don’t think Katy Perry seat cushions exist, but she refuses to listen) Also, she will be needing her own locker. The ones at school are way too small and there’s no way she’s sharing. She has an 11 x 14 No Direction poster that she tells me she is putting inside her locker door, so the door will need to be at least 11.5 inches wide. Lastly, she would like a Segway because the walk to the gym is entirely too far. That should do for now. Thanks.

  752. Binders, notebook paper & book covers

  753. Plenty of pens, pencils and notebooks… I can’t believe how many notebooks my goofball goes through :)

  754. pens and highlighters

  755. pens and expo markers

  756. pens, pencils,paper, and backpack

  757. Backpacks, pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, paper, and notebooks!

  758. I want to say “ditto” to what every one has already said. I hate to keep repeating but…..paper, pens and pencils….what would or could we do without them.

  759. Paper, pens and pencils

  760. Must have pencils, notebooks and crayons.

  761. Pens and notebooks and a labtop

  762. Mother of 8 – 3 done with school, 1 going to college, 1 in high school, 1 in middle school & 2 still in elementary school … we can never have enough pens and paper around!

  763. My son is going into second grade and does not have pens on his supply list, but they are all he wants to use at home.

  764. I need gel pens and white binders

  765. My kids could always use more paper, glue, and crayons.

  766. Pens, pencils, and notebooks.

  767. # 2 Pencils, pencil sharpener, pilot pens, and of course lined paper

  768. PILOT GEL PENS and composition books we fight over the gel pens here

  769. Notebooks, pens, and an organizer!

  770. must have school supplies: awesome pens, spiral notebooks, and a super comfy backpack to carry everything in and personalize.

  771. Paper!

  772. Every kid needs a back pack.

  773. Pens and paper!

  774. I must have pens! Thank you!

  775. I’m a teacher in an inner city community and my students struggle to purchase all school supplies, especially notebooks, pens and highlighters. Oh, and glue sticks are always in short supply :)

  776. Pencils and paper.

  777. As a teacher my first grade students go through colored paper and pencils like crazy. But they really love writing stories in pens–it makes then feel so grown up!

  778. I am a third grade teacher and my students are learning to publish their final drafts of their writing works in ink. I would love to have an array of pens for them to work with.
    By Margot

  779. I love to write. Pens & notebooks are my weakness. I am into collecting different colors and brand of pens including those gel pens. I am a pilot user since I was in high-school. I saved money to buy it and it lasts me longer than other brands. I also love how smooth is the writing.

  780. Paper, pens, binders!

  781. Sharpened pencils, markers, pens and folders

  782. paper, pens and markers !

  783. A cheap tablet to look up information on the net, write notes and email when out

  784. Must have paper.

  785. My grandkids need pencils, paper and notebook binders.

  786. Pencils and paper!

  787. Pencils, erasers, dry erase markers, gel pens, and paper….lots of all of it!!!

  788. Must have pens, paper and folders!

  789. love to win

  790. notebook paper – we never have enough.

  791. RED pens and a million mechanical pencils seem to be my daughters go to items.

  792. My laptop!! But after that lots of fun pens and notebooks!!

  793. pens pencils paper,ect for my grand child

  794. Pens, pencils, erasers and plenty of paper

  795. I LOVE a good pen and have been know to “borrow” one I like from my husband or kids. I have 3 in college and they would greatly appreciate supplies. If you haven’t tried the G-2, you should VERY NICE!

  796. I always look for quality pens

  797. Folders and pencils and erasers

  798. pens

  799. PAPER

  800. Great pens and cute notebooks are some of our must-have school supplies! It’s just more fun to write in a cute notebook with an awesome pen. :)

  801. Pens, notebooks, binders, page tabs, folders.

  802. pencils!

  803. Fresh notebooks and crayons!

  804. Pilot Pens, Pencils, lined paper, binders and journal

  805. Pens

  806. pens all sorts. but red as that seems to be the hardest to find.

  807. we got a massive list from the school of must haves! Folders of many colors, pens, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, crayons, tissues, hand sanitizer, pencil sharpener, highlighters and more! They don’t provide anything anymore.

  808. Need pencils and pens and paper.

  809. I have two children and I’m a teacher, so there are so many necessary items to buy when back to school time rolls around! I use different color pens when working with my special education students because it adds a visual element to the work that we’re doing. Colored pens are great for my own kids also because it makes writing an even more novel experience!

  810. Spiral Notebooks, Pencils, Pens, and a Backpack

  811. Pen and paper

  812. Pencils, notebook paper, spiral notebooks, binder

  813. Pens, Notebooks a pencil or two and a straight edge

  814. Pens and pencils, and more pens and pencils. They seem to escape my children’s grasp over and over. Where do they go?

  815. The must have school item for elementary kids is Glue Sticks! We always get an email from the teacher requesting more because the kids run through them.

  816. Mac air laptop

  817. Pilot pens and a mac air laptop

  818. Must haves include pens, pencils, paper, folder, backpack, erasers and a good attitude doesn’t hurt!

  819. pens, sharpie, notebook

  820. Pens and a good graphing calculator!

  821. We always need paper, folders, and glue. They can always use card stock at school also.

  822. Pens…a must-have for kids and for me (as a pharmacist, I write prescriptions all day long!)

  823. Pencil and pens. Glue and paper as well!

  824. Pens, pens & more pens, 3&5 subject notebooks, folders, markers, I still love to color! And construction paper.

  825. The big one is PAPER! Loose leaf, spiral bound, printer/copy….you name it, any kind of paper, they need it. I try to buy recycled paper since I’m a tree-hugging hippie & can’t stand the thought of all of the trees being whacked down to keep up with the demand for paper every school year. Then, there’s the pencils, pens, folders, markers, & calculators. I am teaming up with my friend, who is a teacher, to make fabric book covers that can be removed & washed in order to keep the paper monster away (lol) but still keep the text books protected from unnecessary wear & tear. My mother & I also gather up shoe boxes, which we also cover with fabric pieces, much like the book covers, to use as supply boxes for the younger grades & as a way to organize supplies for the teachers in the upper grades. Even though my children are older & out of school, I still enjoy being able to help kids who can’t afford supplies on their own. It eases that empty nest feeling.

  826. Pens, Pencils and paper are the most needed items on my kids list.

  827. Pilot Pens and Pencils, Paper, rulers, dictionary, calculator, alarm clock, watch

  828. Pens – in every color

  829. pencils that don’t have the lead fall out when you sharpen them

  830. Pens, pencils, paper, and don’t forget the Composition Books! Dear Lord, we were running around town last year tracking them down and couldn’t find them anywhere. To make matters worse, all of my son’s middle school teachers NEEDED one for every class. This year, I stocked up so that wouldn’t happen again. Lesson learned! :)

  831. Mechanical pencils, paper and Pilot pens!!

  832. Must have Fresh KICKS and a fresh Cut !!

  833. #2 pencils!

  834. Pens grow legs and walk right out of classrooms!

  835. As I’ve transitioned to the upper levels of learning I’ve found a three ring binder and a hole punch invaluable for my class notes. Being able to insert handouts and re-arrange the order of things really helps me organize my learning.

  836. Always need papers, many many lead pencils, and a HEAVY DUTY book bag.

  837. Printer ink, lab top and PATIENCE!

  838. Of course we need good dependable pens for writing notes and lessons on much needed paper; but much more important are GREAT, DEDICATED TEACHERS.

  839. one can never have enough pens, as they seem to walk away or get accidentally stolen.

  840. I love very cool nice writing pens

  841. mechanical pencils and yellow highlighters

  842. Why, Pilot pens, of course! ;)

  843. Ruled index cards and mechanical pencils

  844. Pens, sharpies and paper! My daughter loves making comics and drawing.

  845. Pens

  846. My must haves for school are post it notes and highlighters!

  847. Pilot pens, #2 pencils, lined paper, ruler, erasers, and a good sharpener, alarm clock, watch

  848. My son always needs a new backpack -and lots of pens & pencils!

  849. I must have new notebooks and brand new completely sharpened pencils with cap erasers.

  850. black ultra-fine G2′s for writing, red ones for grading, binders, sheet protectors, and post-it’s and pencils for all those “notes-to-self!”

  851. Pencils, pencils, and more pencils….and Pilot pens :)

  852. My kids are always looking for the perfect pen for note-taking and homework-writing! If they have the pen that “fits” their style, they are motivated and inspired to write!

  853. the coolest backpack! the most fun locker decorations! OH and of course, mechanical pencils, pocket folders with cool designs, notebooks in bold colors…it’s all about the fashion, even with school supplies! ;)

  854. Binders and a new backpack!

  855. Many multi-colored pens and spiral notebooks.

  856. Back to School MUSTS are new notebooks and pens!

  857. cute locker chandeliers pens in every color lots of sparkle and bright colrs

  858. Highlighter, mechanical pencils, hole puncher.

  859. Personally I think my kids eat the pens, pencils and paper in my house. I always need more.

  860. Baby laptop

  861. Pens lots of fat click pens

  862. Pilot pens of course!! Also paper, pencils, erasers, and the best art supplies. Oh and an alarm clock

  863. Lots and Lots of pens and paper

  864. Pilot gel pens!!!

  865. our must have is a very good quality backpack and lunchbox from l.l. bean

  866. Must have pencils, paper, scissors and crayons

  867. Awesome pens are a must have! I always loved finding the perfect pens.

  868. Pen, highlighters, and post-it notes. And these are for ME, not my kids — I’m in college at age 56!

  869. Pens, pencils and notebooks!

  870. Good quality pens and sticky notes rule!

  871. Paper and pens !!

  872. Must have good quality pens and highlights are a must have also.

  873. MOST NEEDED SUPPLIES: pencils and paper – my 7 and 8 yr old daughters are constantly drawing!! (I try to save everyone – am I crazy? heeeheee)

  874. Binders, paper, good pens and mechanical pencils, post-it notes-all are must-haves!

  875. Pens and Pencils. They are the only supplies that tend to disappear throughout the year.

  876. I’d like a new backpack!

  877. Two backpacks! My two tornados, aka sons always need two backpacks per year!

  878. a great computer, good pens, good copy books,and a nice bag to put it all in.

  879. pens, pencils, note cards, folders, wide ruled paper, erasers, etc.

  880. Pens and Markers

  881. Notebooks and pens

  882. Backpack,pens,pencils,binders,folders,markers,scientific calculators and sneakers……..all times 3

  883. A new backpack paper and cool pins

  884. A nice gel pen and post it notes!

  885. Multicolored pens are a must for teachers!

  886. Pens and paper, of course!

  887. My daughter loves to doodle and color! We go through tons of notebooks, plain and colored paper, and she loves colored pens, colored pencils, crayons, and markers!

  888. 0.7 mm lead.

  889. You can never have enough pens. Always having to buy more during the school year because the kids lose them.

  890. Pens and paper

  891. Pens, laptop, note paper

  892. Need pens, pencils, calculator, backpack, notebook, and paper!

  893. Must have pilot pens, #2 pencils, pencil sharpener, dictionary, eraser, calculator, binders, lined paper

  894. I was told that the must haves are pens, paper and a new computer

  895. pens,penscil, binders, notebooks

  896. Pens pens pens that never run out!

  897. pocket folders, notebook paper, pens, pencils, calculator

  898. Definitely need a variety of colorful pens and highlighters. My notebook is super colorful!

  899. As a grandmother of three, and a retired High School Administrator, I value school supplies and their ability to send a child off to a new year of learning with enthusiasm and anticipation. This year I have one entering first grade and two entering Pre-K and the oldest one had us buying her new school supplies a couple of weeks after her Kindergarten term ended; as she explained: it is the first time she is going to first grade. Obviously she is very excited about this new journey!

  900. Lots of notepads and pens are a must. I always buy 5-7 spiral bound notebooks and 3 packs of pens. Seems like within a month I’m down to a few pens.

  901. Notebooks & plenty of pens & pencils.

  902. Daughter usually gets binders and notebooks with pictures of animals, especially horses and cats.

  903. My four grandsons are constantly needing school supplies replenished especially pens and paper.

  904. My grandson uses tons of crayons and glue sticks. He will also need good pencils as he’ll begin to start his printing.

  905. notebooks, pens, paper

  906. Pens, Pencils, Paper and Binders

  907. notebooks. its funny how filler paper is always in the binder but notebooks is what is preffered and is mostly wasted. and pens/pencils, if they arent lost, they get claimed b others who borrowed.

  908. pens, paper pencils and a pencil sharpener

  909. My granddaughter needs paper, pencils and pens

  910. My must have school supplies include: tons of black medium point pens, college ruled paper and a laptop as well as an iPad.

  911. My must have school supplies are black medium ball point pens, college ruled paper, a laptop and an iPad.

  912. My must haves include binders, paper, and pens!

  913. loose leaf paper

  914. paper, pencils etc, for my granddaughter’s school

  915. Glue sticks, with four kids I always have to buy tons.

  916. My must-haves are thin ink pens, college ruled notebooks, and glue sticks!

  917. cool pens and pencils

  918. Pencils and lead.

  919. Must have school supplies would definitely be paper and printer ink!

  920. Every child no matter where they are at need pencils (mechanical preferably), pens (blue, black, and red), paper, and a calculator.

  921. Pens, pencils, colored pencils and lots of notebooks.

  922. Can never have too many pens. They eventually run out of ink or get lost.

  923. #2 pencils, paper, pocket folders with prongs, 1.5″ binders, notebooks and composition books, colored pencils, crayons, pens, etc…

  924. Pencils and erasers. My kid must eat them, because I feel like I’m spending $100 a month on them.

  925. Pens area MUST have!! ALWAYS running out of them!!

  926. I need theme books, folders, loose leaf paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, and glue

  927. This is a fantastic deal,everyone could use help with school supplies these days.Plus you could share them with others.

  928. laptop is our son’s must have.

  929. Pencils, pens and paper. You can never have too many pencils and pens. We are always misplacing the pencils and pens.

  930. pens and paper never have enough

  931. Paper, pencils, pens, eraser … and don’t forget the box of tissues

  932. I must have many different color pens, preferably Pilot Pens, notebooks,with lots of paper. Then I would be ready.

  933. Good pens and a journal. Have to stay organized!

  934. a great schoolbag that holds all my daughters books without making it too heavy

  935. My grandson is constantly needing more paper, pencils and pens and binders for classes. And he loves purple for everything.

  936. I volunteer at our local foodbank. i would love to have some school supplies to give to our families in need.

  937. I must have my different color pens

  938. Definitely good pens!!

  939. Crayons, pencils, pens, scissors, erasers and Kleenexes!

  940. I am always looking for a good, fat and heavy pen. Whenever I find one, it seems likes everyone wants it to and mine seems to turn up missing

  941. Pilot pens,pencils,& crayons

  942. Pens and spiral notebooks

  943. Pens, pencils and quality paper!

  944. Pens, paper, pencils are required by my daughter she loves to write and used both pens and pencils

  945. My grandchildren always need pens & paper.

  946. My must haves are a binder, gel pens, mechanical pencils, lined paper, sturdy folders and index cards.

  947. A must-have would have to be a great backpack with a lot of pockets!

  948. Laptop, calculator, notebooks and lots of pens.

  949. graph paper

  950. Pencils, pens and notebooks!

  951. My must-have is a Pilot G2 ultra-fine. With my crappy handwriting, the thinner the line, the easier my writing is to read.

  952. nice pens…. I want a to pick up a pen and have it write without arguing with it. I also have to get copy paper… there are always good deals on that and always good to stock up!

  953. Pens, notebooks, pencils, crayons, bookbag and lunch bag

  954. Paper & Pens

  955. Always in need of more!

  956. Paper, great-writing pens, and a good backpack :)

  957. I have a box of pens at my desk and i am always running out!~

  958. I can’t survive without Sharpie Highlighters and Post-it Notes !

  959. I always need school supplies because I have a lot of cousins in school. I use them also. I can share the pens with them and donate some to the local children who need school supplies. I am sure they would really appreciate the pens and they would come in handy for them to use throughout the school year.

  960. Pilot pens, # 2 pencils, sharpener, ruler, watch, calculator, lined paper, binders, index cards

  961. Pencils. Must have pencils. Lots and lots of pencils and pens 2!

  962. Pens, pencils, and paper are a must have for school.

  963. Pens, pencils, paper, rulers, binders, glue, backpack, tissues, Clorox wipes, erasers,.

  964. Neither my husband nor I have jobs right now so we can use all the help we can get.

  965. Backpack with paper, pen, notebooks and flash drive.

  966. Pilot Pens (of course!)in a variety of colors, paper, pencils and erasers, sharpies, sticky notes, calendar, notebooks, binders…there are SO many things that are a must, the lists go on and on. Thanks for the opportunity!

  967. I love to write and my family is always using pens, this would be a very special gift for me and my family,Pilot are the best Thank You!

  968. In my day it was always a good pen, a multi subject notebook and a backpack along with expensive books.

  969. I usually buy our granddaughter crayons, pencils, folders. I usually give out different school supplies for children in my Sunday School Class. Those pens would be a great treat for them.

  970. pens and pencils.. seems my kids eat them during the school year and the ones we have at home already… just arnt good anymore.

  971. My daughter needs a good backpack every year, paper, pens/pencils, printer ink, etc.

  972. pens, pencils, lots of paper, crayons, PATIENCE.

  973. Mechanical pencils are an absolute must for me

  974. Paper and more paper! Pens, of course and binders.

  975. Notebooks and pens and pencils are must haves!

  976. My must have is paper & pens, especially with both my son & husband taking college courses.

  977. My must-have school supplies are pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, tissues, Germx, and colored pencils!


  979. My must have list includes a good backpack, paper, binders, and of course Pilot pens!

  980. Pens, pencils, markers, glue sticks, erasers, kleenex-the list goes on & on….Nothing beats a good pen!

  981. paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, erasers, backpack…

  982. Pencils…my grandson is always losing pencils.

  983. Pencils and lots of erasers.

  984. paper, pens, sharpie, glue, notebook, scissors, calculator, crayons, binders, pocket folders,

  985. Got to have a new backpack yearly.

  986. Pens, pencils and paper.

  987. Anything that will keep us organized during the school year!!!

  988. Notebooks, pens and paper.

  989. pens, paper and all other related material

  990. My daughter uses a lot of pens and notecards!

  991. Pens, pencils, paper- got have em and lots of em!

  992. We all make mistakes so erasers and white out!

  993. notebooks and pens. I cant buy enough it seems.

  994. notebooks and pens. I never seem to have enough no matter how much I buy

  995. Please Please….and Please again!!!!! We could use the help. What more could we say?

  996. my grandsons are 19 and 21 and both are college students. this would be a great prize to share with their suite mates.

  997. Must have notebooks, 3 ring binders, folders, backpack,pens, pencils and dictionary, eraser, calculator, Kleenix, changes for snack machine.

  998. pilot pens have been my favorite brand of pen since i was in high school. back then you only needed pen, pencil, and paper.

  999. Pens and paper since Im in college and take lots and lots of notes.

    I’m excited!

  1000. An insane amount of pens and composition notebooks. Also, dry erase markers.

  1001. Pens, paper and crayons.

  1002. paper, pens,portfolios and pencils with sharpener

  1003. Paper, pencils, folders & bookbag.

  1004. Pens of different colors as well as folders, backpack and journal to keep it all flowing smoothly thru the year.

  1005. A backpack, paper, pens and pencils. We always need way more pens then we think we do!

  1006. Pens and pencils

  1007. My daughter goes through school supplies so fast. She shares with her friends and that is OK and all, I just need to know a few days before she needs more, not the night before. We are always needing more pens, paper, tape, glue, notebook, back pack ( the zipper always breaks ), subject dividers and just about anything else you can think of. Oh, a pencil box or bag depending on her mood.

  1008. Pilot Pens!

  1009. Pilot Pens!

  1010. The kids are older now, so their back to school supplies include lots of pens, and Pilot is the best.

  1011. I have 4 granddaughters in school from grade 2 to grade 12 and they go through a lot of paper,pencils,crayons,glue sticks and they are still bringing list home for different material.

  1012. The must-have school supply for my grandchildren this year seems to be a specific brand of #2 pencils – which costs twice as much as generic pencils.

  1013. Some of my must have school supplies include, scissors, laptop, paper & ink for my printer and gas for my car,

  1014. Loptop or table.. a must in todays educatio world….

  1015. Buy pilot pens, pencils, lined paper, backpack, binders, erasers, sharpener, watch, alarm clock

  1016. Pens, Pens, highlighters and notebooks. My daughter would spend hours in an office supply store. That was like her toy store. She’s now in college. She’s very picky about her pens. We prefer rolling balls and gel pens in our house. G2s are my favorite every day pens.

  1017. Black and blue pens, loose-leaf paper, and binders are the bare necessities here.

  1018. love pens, use everyday, would be great for work.

  1019. Paper, pencils, crayons, glue sticks

  1020. Pens, markers and colored pencils. Lots to share.

  1021. Paper and pens

  1022. Color pencils — LOVE them and use them all the time.

  1023. Pens and highlighters – MUST haves

  1024. Pens that actually work would be nice.

  1025. folders, notebooks, pens, erasers

  1026. colorful art supplies :)

  1027. pens and portfolios

  1028. Tons of pencils and pens, a good binder, and notebooks.

  1029. Post it notes are essential.

  1030. We are school supply geeks in this family. There is almost always a new package of pens or pencils in our cart. I am always looking for the perfect grip, my daughter, cool colors.

  1031. pens and notebooks and a backpack

  1032. We could use a backpack in pink, lunchbox soft sided in pink, mechanical pencils with extra erasers, and crayons and colored pencils and marker. Thank you for giving us a giveaway like this. Good luck everyone.

  1033. Pens! pens and more pens! GREAT!

  1034. Lined Paper, Pencils, binders, index cards, calculator and an electric sharpener for home for homework

  1035. A planner!Need to record assignment due dates, etc. With a pen of course! :-)

  1036. Paper, pens and pencils.. Most important P’s of school supply shopping. ;-)

  1037. Must have: Planner! And lots of pens and pencils!

  1038. Binders, notebook paper and lots of pens!

  1039. The usual – pens, paper, markers, binders, folders, etc…

  1040. My must have school supplies are: spiral notebooks, pencils, paper, folders, a backpack, pens and a scientific calculator.

  1041. my daughter is starting grad school as a speech language pathologist and she needs lots of supplies to work with in clinic and children in need:)

  1042. Let’s start with pens, pencils, and paper for a base and then see what else we need.

  1043. Whatever the school requests

  1044. paper, pens and pencils

  1045. pens, pencils, paper, folders and notebooks!

  1046. A really great lunchbag!

  1047. My daughter loves drawing intricate cards using different colors of pens. She’d love this gift.

  1048. pencils

  1049. Pencils, paper, and (Pilot) pens!

  1050. Paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, post-its, flash drive, index cards, highlighters….

  1051. There’s such a wonderful feeling of opening a new pen, applying it to a new notebook, and signing your name, doodling, and having fun with lots of squiggles!

  1052. Fun colored pens and folders!

  1053. Most important is a good planner!

  1054. Pens pencil paper folders

  1055. Gotta have pens and paper…lots and lots!!!

  1056. #2 pencils, sharpener, lined paper, ink cartridges for printer, folders, index cards and a watch

  1057. 13-pocket expandable file folder

  1058. Paper, #2 pencils, pens and folders.

  1059. pens and paper

  1060. paper, pens and notebook

  1061. notebooks!

  1062. Sharpies, post its and of course labels for all those pesky folders!

  1063. Pencil and paper are the essentials when it comes to going back to school.

  1064. Pens, paper, notebooks, folders, sticky notes, High Lighters and index cards and calculators

  1065. pens, pencils, markers, binders, folders, & lotsa paper

  1066. pens pens and more pens

  1067. My must have school supply is pencils!

  1068. Single subject notebooks and pens

  1069. Ipad!

  1070. Back pack, lunch box, folders, paper, pens, pencils, markers, scissors, glue, ruler, highlighters, index cards, box of tissues.. it’s never ending!!! Help!

  1071. Binder paper, highlighters, and fun pens!

  1072. I need pens, pencils, and notebooks!

  1073. Post It notes are a must have.

  1074. my list consists of loads of paper, printer ink and pens. -i’m a journalism major-

  1075. Pens,pencils and paper.

  1076. Water bottles (it’s HOT in Texas!) and paper/ink (we have to print out our son’s homework assignments every week).

  1077. Pens, Penciles, Rulers, Notebooks

  1078. Spiral Notebooks for each subject. A very comfortable pen that’s smooth and easy to write with. Big messenger bag to hold everything. Tablet to read during downtime.

  1079. Pens, mechanical pencils, erasers, notepads

  1080. Let’s start with pens, pencils, and paper for a base and then see what else we need

  1081. paper, pencils, sharpener and pens

  1082. My 12 grandchildred are always in need of pens!!

  1083. Writing different things w/ different colors is much more fun than just the same ol’ black or blue. Plus Pilot Pens write so smoothly.

  1084. spiral notebooks, gel pens, highlighters

  1085. I need folders, pens and binders for college. I especially need a new laptop for this semester.

  1086. My daughter is a terrific note-taker, she treats studying like serious business. Her must haves: paper, pens, mechanical pencils, post-its, index cards and highlighters.

  1087. Must have school supplies–notebooks, pencils, lead, pens, patience, wisdom, good sense of humor. Also need colored pencils and lots of polymer clay!

  1088. Notebooks! We go through those fast. I have some avid writers.

  1089. Black and purple pens! And spiral, college-ruled notebooks!

  1090. It seems that pens are always disappearing! You can never have enough for school and home.

  1091. We always have to have washable markers and glue sticks.

  1092. Quality pens that write smoothly and are comfortable to write with, paper, laptop, flash drive

  1093. Paper, pencils, pens, locks for lockers, notebooks, 3 ring binders, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, backpacks, lunchboxes, calculators, flash drives, index cards

  1094. Lots of pens and paper

  1095. My students are always out of paper and pens. I hide my Pilot pens and give them a cheaper pen when they need one. Otherwise, they would walk off with my Pilots!

  1096. must have….markers, crayons, scissors, tape, glue, stapler, hole punch, 3 ring binder, pens, pencils, highlighters, paper, folders, notebooks!!

  1097. Lined Paper, ruler, electric sharpener, #2 pencils, markers, colored pencils, binders, backpack wall clock, watch and alarm clock

  1098. This year seems to be all about composition books.

  1099. We must have notebooks, pens, highlighters and many colored sharpies.

  1100. New locker decorations, pencils, pens, and absolutely new shoes!

  1101. A laptop, binders, folders, notebooks, and lots of good pens and pencils!

  1102. Folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, colored pencils, backpack, pencil box, ruler, glue and lots of glue sticks, and anxiety meds (just kidding)

  1103. We always need paper, crayons, pencils my kids are always drawing pictures aside from for homework.

  1104. Different colors of pens for revising and editing. With 90+ students in my language arts classes we go through pens quickly!

  1105. I have finished sending my son to school and now helping supply grand kids with paper and pens. Lots and lots of paper and pens.

  1106. Paper pens and pencils… seems like these go the fastest

  1107. Paper..pencils..great pens..( which I love too)..a really good eraser..and a great attitude:)

  1108. Notebook paper!!!!

  1109. Five Star Notebooks and mechanical pencils

  1110. We have SO many ‘back to school’ supply needs … with two college aged students, one high school student, and myself – a first grade teacher, we are known by name at every discount store, office supply store, and warehouse clubs during the months of August and September … High on everyone’s lists are PENS – all colors and varieties, mechanical pencils, and spiral notebooks. Post it notes are also a big deal – we use them all the time! Thanks for offering this sweepstakes and helping families with much needed supplies!

  1111. Who doesn’t love nice writing tools and new school clothes.

  1112. hand sanitizer and a good backpack

  1113. Definitely my favorite pens and paper but also a great notebook

  1114. Bic Pens :) Love them!

  1115. I always need colored pens and markers

  1116. I always need to get lots of colorful pens and pencils for drawing

  1117. Paper, pencils and pens!

  1118. Paper and lots of coloring pen/markers!

  1119. dirrerent colored pens and 3 and 5 subject notebooks

  1120. Pens, pencils, paper, binders, calculator, erasers, spiral notebooks. My boys are in high school now, so our list seems to be getting shorter, thankfully!

  1121. Must have would be pens and paper, for sure!

  1122. Student planner and pens.

  1123. Pens!! I can never have enough! :)

  1124. Pens, pencils and folders!! Lots of each

  1125. Pens, of all colors, lots of paper, calculator, white out, a good ruler, Sharpies.

  1126. Calculator

  1127. Pens, pens and more pens are a must have! Blue, medium point, smooth as silk. Yes.

  1128. Paper, pens & colored pencils! My kids go through them very quickly, especially my aspiring artist daughter!

  1129. Must have spiral notebooks and loads of pencils & pens.

  1130. Notebooks and pens

  1131. 1st class items..

  1132. A great backpack and a great pair of athletic shoes are a must for almost every back to schooler, young or old.

  1133. What i don’t realize is actually how you’re not really much more well-liked than you may be right now. You are so intelligent. You realize thus considerably relating to this subject, made me personally consider it from a lot of varied angles. Its like men and women aren’t fascinated unless it is one thing to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs nice. Always maintain it up!

  1134. Those expensive calculators not to mention the binders that never quite make it to the endof the school year

  1135. Colored notebook paper for fun, pens in different inks, and plastic notebook zip pocket.

  1136. Composition books and pens

  1137. #2 pencils, lined collegiate paper, binders, notebooks, index cards, highlighters, electric sharpener, backpack and watch

  1138. Notebooks, pencils, and crayons! My kids go through so many!

  1139. Mechanical Pencils! They are s underrated and so great:)

  1140. Paper and pens

  1141. My must haves include pens, notebooks, binders, and post-its!

  1142. My must have school supplies are thick 5 subject notebooks (college ruled) and Pilot Gel Pens (all colors).


  1144. Mechanical pens and required reading books of the year.

  1145. any sort of BIC pens

  1146. Just LOVE all the fab colors. Just want any student would need. A 300 dollar gift card ALWAYS would help out too.

  1147. i absolutely must have highlighters and a great set of dividers for my binders.

  1148. Scissors, Ink cartridges, Computer paper, Sharpies, Glue Sticks, Pens, Memory sticks and backpacks

  1149. folders, mechanical pencils, high-lighters and sharpies are a few of our favorite things.

  1150. folders, highlighters and mechanical pencils are a few of our favorite things.

  1151. folders, high lighters and mechanical pencils

  1152. pencils and crayons

  1153. Pens, crayons, markers and notepads!

  1154. For grandkids – junior high level – so have to have notebook, art supplies, binders, paper, and pens and pencils

  1155. highlighters, folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, art supplies and more.

  1156. highlighters, folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, art supplies and more. – 3rd attempt to post

  1157. great pens of various colors as well as multi-colored index cards…and a clear mind, of course!

  1158. Pens that write well! Hate pens that crap out!

  1159. Pens, pencils, highlighters, folders, notebooks, scissors, erasers, ruler, pencil sharpener, and more!

  1160. Notebook, pens, pencil, sharpie, highlighters.

  1161. paper, pens, notebooks and a bag

  1162. gotta have pens

  1163. A great binder is my must have item!

  1164. paper and a ton of pens since they always seem to disappear

  1165. Need binders and dividers.

  1166. It definitely has to be pens! No matter how many I buy, they always seem to disappear and no one ever has any, so they steal mine! I always need a secret stash :)

  1167. Papers, pens , notebooks , calculators

  1168. Highlighters and a handy size calendar for tracking assignments.

  1169. pens, pencils & thumb drive

  1170. Besides the usual pens,pencils, notebooks, binders, folders, crayons, glue and scissors, we try to have a stockpile of $1 bills. It hasn’t started this year yet but we’re only two weeks in. Pretty soon, they will start selling junk and it seems you need a buck or more every other week or two. We call it the “buck you”. I’m needing some new pens so this would be great to be chosen for.

  1171. Besides the usual pens,pencils, notebooks, binders, folders, crayons, glue and scissors, we try to have a stockpile of $1 bills. It hasn’t started this year yet but we’re only two weeks in. Pretty soon, they will start selling junk and it seems you need a buck or more every other week or two. We call it the “buck you”. I’m needing some new pens to fill out those order forms, so this would be great to be chosen for.

  1172. Paper and pens are always in demand..

  1173. Gotta have a sweet pilot pen, lots of paper for note taking a cool lunchbox and rad backpack!

  1174. The top 5 must haves are:
    pencils that show personality
    scissors (safety)
    Colored pencils or markers

  1175. I love multi colored pens. They bring out my creative side and keeps life less boring.

  1176. Our grandchildren and the neighbor children will love the colors.

  1177. Having 5 kids is always a chore when it’s back to school time. Getting them ready and having them going to three different schools. It’s so horrible getting the supply lists together and trying to get things organized. It’s like buying in bulk. You think you get it all done and then they come home from school on the first day and you you have to run back out and get more! Mechanical Pencils, Pens, Papers, binders, and you name it…Note cards, colored papers and tissue paper! Anything helps!

  1178. Good quality pens are a must!

  1179. pens and Kleenex

  1180. Pilot pens!!!!!! These are must have!!!

  1181. i love a variety of ink pens in different colors

  1182. Notebooks! We are always running out of them.


  1184. I love school supplies……index cards, pens, lined paper, scissors and ink cartridges!

  1185. Would simply love this win!!!!!

  1186. pilot pens, paper, ink,

  1187. notebooks, especially good pens, folders, plenty of pencils,

  1188. I use more pens and pencils than I think are humanly possible. We are trying to cut back on paper, but pens/pencils seem to get lost in all the craziness.

  1189. We must have composition books, notebooks, folders, pencils, glue sticks, usual first grade stuff. lol The GC could get my boy a new backpack though:)

  1190. PilotPens and notebook paper.

  1191. we love all types of pens you could say we have a collection of pens and time to restocl

  1192. this is awesome! I need this, I just started working from home I go through pens like crazy. Crossing my finger ;) thanks for the opportunity

  1193. Every year it’s paper, pens, mechanical pencils, notebooks, binders, folders, colored pencils and a graphing calculator that i can never afford.

  1194. I enjoy writing with your fabulous pens!

  1195. I must have school supplies quickly as I will be starting classes to further my education in management at Syracuse University…and I don’t have anything ….and little money…would love to win…thanks a million ….Donna

  1196. Pens! & Mechanical Pencils!

  1197. For me, a day planner is a must, as is a binder for every class. Staying organized makes me feel like I’ve got things under control!

  1198. Pilot pens, pencils, paper…reading, writing, ‘rithmetic. All necessary for today’s schoolagers!

  1199. Pens, and notebooks! Doodling, and drawing in notebooks!

  1200. Pens,paper,crayons, markers, and glue

  1201. I love new binders

  1202. Must have pens, pencils, and some really cool locker décor to deck out that locker

  1203. we need 3 ring binders we need pens note books

  1204. need them

  1205. Always need more pens, pencils, and paper.

  1206. I like to have lots of nice writing pens and notebooks.

  1207. Always losing pens. Nice to have extras and even some to share.


  1209. My daughter can use the pens and the gift card.

  1210. Must haves at our house always included pens, mechanical pencils, poster board, and craft supplies for school projects (which they always let me know about at the last minute)!

  1211. Always need notebook paper and a binder to organize it all in. Colorful pens and sticky notes add fun to going back to school! :-)

  1212. Lined paper is top on our list. So versatile! Also, if there’s any left over, I can make my lists!

  1213. gotta have those pens and pencils.

  1214. Notebooks, pens, textbooks, study guides, calendar for school assignments. computer and software for college students.

  1215. Notebooks for sure!

  1216. Pens, pencils, paper, folders, notebooks, binders, and index cards!

  1217. Notebooks and glue sticks are the must-have school supplies in our house.

  1218. pens, pencils and notebooks for sure, but my must have for back to school is a new pair of shoes

  1219. pens, pencils, paper and sharpener

  1220. Our family’s must have back to school supply needs are varied dependent on which child your referring to. Our elementary-aged children benefit from: notebooks, folders, colored pencils, glue sticks, crayons, paper, pencils, eraser tops, highlighters, clipboards, and pencil pouches…also, we usually help the teacher out as well by donating some incentives for their students to gain when showing positive behavior such as stickers or candy! The high school-er in the family will ask for supplies like: notebooks, binders, paper, colored pencils, mechanical pencils, highlighters, ear buds, flash drives, and the latest style in clothing! Whew!!!

  1221. pens and pencils– and mechanical pencils are the best as they never need sharpening :)

  1222. My must haves? A journal & a pilot pen, of course! Keeps the stress level down :-)

  1223. Mechanical pencils and colored pens for doodling :)

  1224. Definitely Pilot Pens – they’re the only ones we use. Pencils, notebooks, markets, binders, etc.

  1225. every year i keep having to buy NEW scissors, folders,notebooks, crayons, tissues, markers,highliters,dry erase markers, pencil cases/boxes, etc cause the teachers keep them or give them out to other students…i have enough problems trying to supply for my own kids, i cant afford to supply the teachers and 18 other students….this gift card would be a school supply blessing for my kids!! *fingers crossed!*

  1226. grandkids go through a lot of pencils, glue, crayons and paper

  1227. Love neat, easy to use pens and pretty notebooks!

  1228. You’re never to old to want back to school supplies in the fall. Love all the pens, colored pens, markers, papers, dividers, organizers…

  1229. Notebooks and pens.

  1230. my daughter is obsessed with pens and notebooks. the prettier the better. she can never get enough

  1231. You must have folders, pens, pencils, glue and a positive attitude!

  1232. I love pens and I love journaling. I could truly use this. Thank you

  1233. lots of pens in different colors and paper and spiral notebooks

  1234. Binders, spiral notebooks and fun pens!

  1235. Our must have school supply was paper and just the right pen.

  1236. School uniforms, a ream of paper, and multiple pens.

  1237. Notebooks & pens!

  1238. Notebooks, pens, and Washi tape!

  1239. Lots of different-sized sticky notes for reminders, shopping lists, computer links to explore, to use as book marks, to jot down info that will be transferred later to their appropriate location, to-do lists, and many many more items.

  1240. A good, quality binder, a pencil case, and pencils made in the USA.

  1241. I just finished my master’s degree – I always needed tons of sticky notes, old-fashioned paper for making lists and more lists, and pens! Not to mention what my son needs! =)

  1242. crayons

  1243. pens, binders, notebooks

  1244. A good planner is a must! … and cute pens, pencils and colorful Post-Its make the workload fun.

  1245. Would enjoy coloring with my grandchildren. The colors would be great and allow imagination.

  1246. a good pen, college ruled paper, agenda books

  1247. Pens, paper, rulers. Keep it neat.

  1248. A notebook, lots of good books, a nice pen, and lots of pencils w erasers

  1249. Must have school supplies are Sharpies and notebooks!

  1250. Pens-pencils- paper

  1251. My kids so much homework and projects at school that they run out of pens constantly. I always seem to have yo run to the dtore all the time and purchase more for them every week. Pens are very important in our household

  1252. I have seen other use these in school for important notes in class. Each notes is in a different color. Fun and smart!

  1253. Colorful pens!

  1254. Highlighters, paper, pens, pens, pens. Oh, and some pens.