WIN IT! $500 Gift Card From Target

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Deck out your student’s homework zone with stylish supplies from Target. Enter the Family Circle + Target Homework Station Sweepstakes for a chance to win one $500 Target gift card by commenting below with what school supplies you would buy with the gift card? 


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354 Responses to “WIN IT! $500 Gift Card From Target”

  1. I would buy backpacks, clothes, shoes, notebooks, folders and pens.

  2. Backpack, shoes, sneakers, notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, markers, looseleaf, lunchbox, water bottle, folders, book covers.

  3. backpack, paper, pencils, paint, back to school clothes, printer ink

  4. I would buy a laptop, printer and ink to keep up in this technological age.

  5. I would buy anything that is on our grandson’s school list plus shoes and clothes needed throughout the school year.

  6. Pens, pencils, binders, notebook paper, clothes, spiral notebooks and a lunch bag.

  7. What wouldn’t I buy? I would get my daughter a desk lap, water bottles, clothes, paper, pencils, notebook, healthy snacks, and so much more!

  8. I would buy a new laptop.

  9. Any supplies that my daughters friends, and teachers need. As well as stuff for my daughter!

  10. anything grandkids need

  11. Pencils and glue sticks. My kids are always running out of those and I’m sure the rest of their classmates do too.

  12. I would buy paper, pens, and anything that my sister needs for her classroom.

  13. I would by my girls all that they needed. I would also look into getting them a laptop. :)

  14. Pencils, lots of pencils…also, paper, laptop printer ink, and printer paper!

  15. I would be able to buy everything I need for back to school. School Supplies and new clothes!

  16. With 5 children the list seems endless…All school supplies, back packs, expensive calculators, pencils, papers, notebooks, lunch boxes, binders of different sizes, some school cloths & shoes for all…All types of folders…With 5 children the school lists varies from age 7 thru 18….A $500 Target Gift Card would be such a blessing at this time & very much appreciated…Thank you

  17. A laptop to donate to my local school.

  18. Teacher supplies!

  19. My kids need pencils, paper, calculators for my new Jr high son, lunch boxes, printer, folders, index cards, glue sticks.

  20. I would buy school clothes and shoes. His back pack and lunch box. As well as all I could on the school list and what I could off the wish list.

  21. ink, paper, a good calculator, and shoes. With whatever is left, I would round it our with pens/pencils/notebooks, etc. There might even be enough for a few cute t-shirts and maybe a pair of jeans! It’s important to feel good when you’re just starting high school!

  22. Backpack, lunchbox, printer ink, clothes, shoes, boots, coat and water bottle.

  23. A working printer. Lol

  24. Backpack, shoes, sneakers, notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, markers, paper, lunchbox, water bottle, printer ink, folders, clothes, and snacks.

  25. Paper, folders, binders, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculator, colored pencils, and a laptop for older child.

  26. I would buy the graphing calculator, printer ink, writing utensils, paper, notebooks, etc… pretty much EVERYTHING at Target!

  27. backpack, glue, tissue, clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, index cards and uniform shirts…and socks.

  28. I would buy my daughter some totes, a backpack, laptop and anything to make her school year successful!

  29. Dorm room essentials!!

  30. Ger her some new clothes, a good coat, graphing calculator, digital camera (for photography class), tennis shoes, rain/snow boots, and a mini fridge.

  31. I would buy printer ink, paper, notebooks and pencils.

  32. My son will be starting kindergarten so I would not only get the supplies on his list, but I’d be able to buy items for the “donate” list that I know the teachers will need through the year!

  33. With 5 grandchildren ages college Jr to 2nd grade I am sure this would help with their supply lists…..notebooks,calculators,etc,etc

  34. I would buy my grand daughters school and winter clothes.

  35. I would use it to create a nice, organized study area for my big guy so that he is set up for success in the new school year. I would also get some new shoes and clothes for both of my kids, since they keep growing out of everything!

  36. Lunch box, supplies, books!

  37. Everything. Clothes, school supplies and snacks. Target has everything for back to school!

  38. I would buy printer cartridges, pens, binders and spirals and whatever else needed for my son and daughter. With what is leftover, I would buy extra supplies for my own classroom as well as my son and daughter’s classrooms so that the teachers would not have to spend own money.

  39. backpack, clothes, notebooks and a comfy chair to read in for their room.

  40. I would buy graphing calculator, socks, shoes, shirts pants, backpacks, planer, printer, pens, pencil box, flash drive, crayon, binder, and markers

  41. I would buy notebooks, binders and some new back to school clothes and shoes. Thanks!

  42. To help with backpacks, clothes,and school supplies for my 5 grandchildren.

  43. Everything…we have a huge list of supplies, plus backpack, water bottle and uniform. It’s all new for my kindergartener.

  44. New clothes and shoes for all three kids, plus dry erase boards and markers.

  45. Backpacks, lunchbags, laptop bag

  46. I know I would find many things at Target.

  47. I would purchase backpacks, food for lunches, after school snacks, socks, lunchboxes and bottled water. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  48. Clothes, backpack, binders, pencils/pens, paper, markers, crayons, storage bins, desk organization supplies, desk

  49. Definitely a new laptop!

  50. I would find out what our local school needed and buy as much as I could on that list! So many do without.

  51. A tablet or laptop!

  52. I would buy a collection of great pens, crayons, coloring books (for the kid in me) and printer ink for all the great door tags and bulletin boards I’ll make this year! Go Res Life!

  53. Clothes, shoes, lunch boxes….it would go a LONG way with two teenagers!

  54. I would buy a new touch screen laptop!

  55. Tablet or laptop!

  56. Clothing

  57. I would buy all things the couldn’t afford to buy our 4 kids before their first day of school today. New clothes, shoes, socks,backpack and lunch bags.

  58. I would buy new backpacks, lunchboxes and school clothes! Also love Target for healthy lunch box items!!

  59. Would buy the grands all the gear that is needed and maybe a tablet or 2.

  60. I would help get 3 of my grandchildren what they needed to start this school year.

  61. Everything!! School supplies, clothes, lunch supplies… L.O.V.E. target!!

  62. I would get a computer for my daughter and clothes and bedding. I love Target, can be really frugal and get lots!

  63. Laptop

  64. Clothes, shoes, pens, memory stick, binders, paper, notebooks, calculator, locker supplies

  65. I would buy backpacks, binders, paper, pens, art supplies….oh the list goes on and on.

  66. I would buy ALL of our school supplies from Target because it is our favorite!!!

  67. I would use it to buy crayons, markers, paper, and all the other basics my daughter needs for her first year of school. And i would also use it to buy all the new school clothes she would need through the year.

  68. We would replace our broken computer!

  69. Katie needs bedding and kitchen supplies (college student). She loves the colors red and turquoise.
    Of course, printer ink and paper as well as 5 subject giant notebooks.

  70. This would help us out tremendously! For my three kids and donating to a few more with our 4H Club!

  71. Uniform shorts/shirts, book covers, binder, folders, pen, paper,
    High lighters, pencils!

  72. Pencils, pens, notebooks, binders, school snacks, juice boxes, jeans, shirts and so much more

  73. Pencils, pens, backpacks, shoes, Sharpies, and much more.

  74. Highlighters, markers, scissors, glue, binders, calculator, clothes, shoes, lunch bag, pens, pencils, and more!

  75. I would buy a desk, backpack, and clothes!

  76. Backpacks, binders, shoes, clothes, esp. Bras, socks, undies all for two teenage girls and an 8 yo boy. Oh my, $500 would be an awesome help. Maybe a laptop or tablet. Schools expect everyone has technology at home…not everyone does.

  77. Uniform shorts/uniform shirts, binders, pens, highlighters, notebooks and a few books to read.

  78. IPad, a printer & lunch food

  79. I would buy school supplies for our grandchildren.

  80. Wow! That would go a long way to equip my three teens for school – with 2 in High School and 1 in college, there are always a ton of school supplies to buy! I need three new backpacks, scientific calculators, notebooks, binders, school books – you name it!

  81. Clothes,clothes,clothes,sneakers,healthy snacks,beverages,lunch items (we bring due to allergies). Oh and did I mention winter coats for waiting for the bus in 10° Upstate NY weather. Then I will save the balance (loyal coupon user) till Spring when they grow out of it all & start again. -Mom of twins.

  82. College age so something where I can communicate with them, and something for them that they can use for studying. It is tech based.

  83. I would scoop up some great deals on basic supplies for grade 1 kids. Crayons, pencils, erasers, paints, coloured pencils, note paper, glue, construction paper, Kleenex tissue, anti-bacterial gel and stickers…lots and lots of stickers!

  84. I would buy my granddaughters all their school supplies and clothing. My son is a single Dad and he could use all the help he can get getting the girls ready for school!!

  85. With 4 school aged kids, won’t take long. Binders, notebooks, fancy calculators, highlighters

  86. Notebooks, writing utensils, folders, backpacks, clothes for 4 students.

  87. I would buy her supply list, a desk organizer, something to display her words of the week, a planner and clothes of course!

  88. School supplies for 4 boys and a laptop! :)

  89. I would buy things for my 5 Grand kids for school

  90. Have 4 kids, you name it, I’d buy it. Shoes, backpacks, stationary supplies, jackets, socks, tissues, baggies, hand sanitizer.

  91. I would buy the kids new backpacks and all the supplies needed. I would get them some new clothes too.

  92. A comfy desk chair for daughters room and some desktop organizers. Just finished a mini-remodel:)

  93. A wireless printer and lots of paper, a good reading lamp and a coffee maker for all-nighters.

  94. With grandkids going to school, the gift card would help out a lot with the items they will need to do school work at school and home.

  95. Clothes and shoes.

  96. Binders, notebooks, mechanical pencils and lunchbox goodies.

  97. Laptop, Desk, and whatever last minute supplies my kids needed!

  98. I would purchase pencils, notebooks, flash cards, crayons, folders, and a planner ;)

  99. I would buy backpack,pens, highlighters, lock for locker and everything on their school list.

  100. I will buy new laptop for homework

  101. I would buy a desk,lamp and chair for my granddaughter to put in her room to study. My grandson a new backpack and a chair for his room so he could read and study

  102. I would buy supplies that the teachers need, and I would create a wonderful homework cubby for my middle schooler.

  103. School supplies for my daughter and supplies for my classroom!!! Thanks!!!

  104. Need items for my son’s dorm room. Definitely a carpet and a large drying rack. Body pillows for his bed. Maybe another set of towels.

  105. ipad

  106. I would buy pencils, markers, crayons, paper, notebooks, backpacks, clothes, shoes… Oh my! ;)

  107. A little bit of everything as I teach in a poorer district and my students don’t always have what they need which includes warm clothes in the winter.

  108. Backpack, shoes, pencils, crayons, folders.

  109. I am a first grade teacher. I would buy backpacks,pencils,markers,crayons, and other needed school supplies. I would spend most of the money on boys and girls underwear,socks,pants, and tops. I teach in a low income school district. Many of my students don’t have spare clothes at school in case of an accident. I would purchase sweatshirts and sweaters to help keep these students warm. I would also purchase some spare sneakers for my students who don’t have proper fitting shoes.

  110. Backpacks, lunchboxes, crayons, folders, pens, paper, and desk organization items for a inspiring work space.

  111. I would buy my new college student a laptop and lots and lots of supplies for my classroom. Thanks for the chance :)

  112. I would buy supplies for my classroom. I work with special needs children and would buy items that would help them in the classroom and make school easier for them.

  113. We don’t get lists until the week before school starts so we never know! But always on the list is paper, pens, pencils and binders. Then there is always shoes and clothes!

  114. I would buy notebooks, sneakers, school clothes, pencils, backpack, lunch bag, and tissues for the class.

  115. I would buy all the things on the kids supply list plus some great back to school clothes!

  116. Backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, clothes, notebooks, and other school supplies for my daughters.

  117. Everything on the school list would be bought!

  118. I would buy an Ipad air.

  119. I would buy an ipad air

  120. I would buy organizational products for my desk and my kids’ homework stations.

  121. Organizational products for my children’s workstations – and mine :)

  122. everything. pens pencils, paper, markers, rulers, scissors, even a tablet if i had enough money to do so

  123. a laptop

  124. Backpack, clothes and perhaps a laptop!

  125. I’d buy back to school clothes and school supplies.

  126. New school, so all new supplies! Also donate to others who need school supplies.

  127. Things I would buy- everything on the 3rd grade list that the teacher needs throughout the year to take care of her class.

  128. Backpack, lunch box, spiral notebooks, shoes spiral notebooks, pencils, erasers and much more.

  129. I would by a backpack (it’s zippers are coming apart), tennis shoes (it leaks when it rains, and get my feet all soggy).
    Aside from “needed” items, I would like to splurge on an nice, fashionable laptop tote!!


  131. I would definitely buy some organization supplies, plus a nice water bottle for my daughter and a backpack for myself. Adult backpacks are so expensive!

  132. I would purchase a backpack, lunchbox and clothes.

  133. I would buy backpacks, lunch boxes, BPA-free water bottles, paper, writing and marking pens, pencils, and crayola coloring supplies. Additional art supplies would be helpful, too, such as water-based paints, brushes, and drawing pads.

  134. Backpack, notebooks, Paper, Pens, Pencils, Clothes, Sneakers

  135. I would buy lots of spiral notebooks because you can’t have to many.

  136. computer and graphing calculator

  137. My kids go through craft supplies and school supplies like crazy. They’re always writing and illustrating stories, so I would get notebooks, pens, markets, crayons, and paper for them.

  138. My daughter can’t use just a pencil…it has to be mechanical pencils, index cards, notebooks, highlighters, more index cards, more highlighters and, did I say index cards????

  139. paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, filing cabnet

  140. We would buy school uniforms.

  141. Oh I would buy my daughter a dozen or more 3 ring binders cause she goes through them like water! I would also get her supplies for reports and big projects because doing well on those gets you a much better grade if they look nice.

  142. Desk, chair and lamp; printer paper, ink cartridges and report folders; desk organizers, pens and paper.

  143. What wouldn’t I buy! Need clothes, shoes, pencils, backpacks, lunchbox, pens, notebooks, folders, binders, and organizational items for our homework station at home.

  144. I would like to get a tablet !!

  145. I would buy a new laptop or school clothes.

  146. Locker shelves, pens, paper, pencils, notebook, calendar

  147. Winning $500 would be a blessing. I would purchase backpacks, but binders, notebooks, pens & pencils. I would create study areas for both of my boys with lamps, comfy chairs, hanging calendars and task boards to help them to be organized.

  148. I would use some for my grandchildren and the rest I would use for a school supply giveaway that we have at our church each year. We go by what each class needs and try to provide for each child. I also get tooth brushes and paste from my dentist.

  149. I would get an iPad for my special-needs son :-)

  150. I would get my son a new lunch box, new shoes, binders, pencils, hand sanitizer, paper and a desk so he can do homework in his own space.

  151. Zip it pencil pouches and a lot of pilot gel pens!

  152. Papermate clear point pencils and yoobi supplies to support classrooms in need.

  153. I absolutely LOVE target! It definitely helped start my school supplies addiction. :) I would buy just about everything with the $500 gift card. You can never have too many index cards or post it notes!!

  154. Definitely a computer!

  155. I would purchase clothes, notebooks, planner, pens, pencils, and an alarm clock. A loud one!! :)

  156. What wouldn’t I buy…..hmmm. I am in Target all the time and I have 2 girls in Elementary and Middle School.

  157. I would get all the essential school supplies.

  158. I would buy some new clothes for back to school, some school supplies maybe some snacks for my sons backpack,

  159. I would buy school supplies and clothes for the students I work with everyday at JFK High Schiool. I already started a clothes and supply closet where students can get what they need w/out other students knowing . It’s often so hard for HS students to admitt they need thing’s.

  160. I would buy school supplies for my third grade classroom. Many students start school with the supplies they need, but may not always be able to replace those supplies when they are depleted throughout the year.

  161. Clothes, shoes, and more clothes… :)

  162. I would buy a laptop with the gift card!

  163. A place dedicated to homework will help ensure that homework is done. It also has a better chance of being done neatly.

  164. pens, papers, notebooks!

  165. I would use it to stock up on printer ink and paper, and also get some binders and gel ink pens and use the rest for clothes.

  166. I love patterned file folders! They make organization so much more fun!

  167. I would buy my son a laptop as he goes to college for the first time in the fall. I would buy my other son new clothes for school. I would also buy new furniture since our puppy has ruined some of our furniture by biting them and having constant accidents in our home. Thank you.

  168. I would buy all that I could at Target! The only place to shop.

  169. Circle me in for Target shopping.

  170. post it notes, pens, notebooks, etc.

  171. Target has everything you need for back to school supplies and at really good prices. We always p/u lots of markers, pens, pencils, paper, and more. Hope I win!!!

  172. I would buy a tablet , school backpack,color pencils,etc..for my son. Definitely will buy some nice tshirts and pants.

  173. School supplies: pencils, binders, folders, etc… and supplies for the class like extra boxes of Kleenex!

  174. I love that desk!! Would buy it for our living room, plus a chair. It matches my son’s furniture but he’s only 4 so eventually would migrate to his room.

  175. I would get pens, pencils, a fancy calculator like they need for calculus, alarm clocks, and hopefully more!

  176. I would buy a computer/laptop. With 3 boys in school we desperately need one. They have homework, reports, etc that always need done on a computer & when you don’t have one it’s hard to get things done. I hate having to go to a family member/friend’s home to use theirs. It’s inconvenient not only on us but on them as well! After buying the computer if there was any money left I would buy a printer, ink, & paper to go with it so they could then print their homework, reports, etc out. Thank you for giving this opportunity to win this amazing & much needed prize!!

  177. I would buy all the back to school necessities (notebooks, pencils, etc) on our back to school lists, plus a new lamp for my desk since (after 15 years home) I’m headed back to school full time this fall!

  178. I’d buy anything that my grand kids need for their back to school.

  179. Whatever is on the school supply list and maybe something for mommy!

  180. I would use to set up a study area for my grandkids (3) whom use to live with me, they need a place to zone in and stidy

  181. Pens, paper, folders and what ever else my kids need. Having one in Collage & one in Middle School you can just imagine what they need. Plus I always try to buy extra for the school.

  182. Sequined bookbag, pencils, pens and ink for the printer.

  183. Needed fun and creative school supplies my daughter can use for homework and arts & crafts at home. Would buy pens, paper, binders, backpack and desk.

  184. all sorts of items

  185. I would purchase items for my son’s room at college and school supplies.

  186. A new desk, chair and books also dictionary and backpack

  187. I would create a homework station at home for my son. Desk and chair with all the office essentials to help him along :)

  188. an ipad mini and clothes

  189. I would buy that cute desk!! Then I’d fill the top with pencils, pens, markers, cute containers for all, a TI 84 + C calculator, a clock, and adorable notebooks, folders, papers, stapler, and scissors. Thanks for the opportunity to win!! YAY for you all and for Target (my favorite store)!!

  190. I would buy printer ink and paper and then backpacks and supplies for my church donation to local schools.

  191. Oh, I love my daughter but she needs some serious organizational help! I would buy a new desk and a ton of containers and desk accessories to help her stay organized. I would top it off with a great desk lamp and get her back into her room doing her homework instead of my kitchen :)

  192. I would take my children to Target and have them help me pick the items they want and need to make the perfect homework study station for them. That way it would be there space with things they wants and need and not something I designed myself!

  193. School supplies and Fabric to use with my Quilting hobby! good workspace for a sewing machine!

  194. backpack, etc

  195. I would buy student desk, chair and a good reading lamp, motivational posters, #2 pencils, new tennis shoes and also backpack and maybe new lunch pail too I would be so thrilled to win and help our daughter on the path to success.

  196. A computer or tablet for the kiddos!

  197. I would buy school supplies for 3 kids in 3 different schools.

  198. I would buy clothes and shoes for my 14 and 9 year old and use the rest for storage and organization supplies got their horrific rooms.

  199. I would get everything on the supply list plus extras for kids in need.

  200. if i won this $500 gift card i would be able to purchase ALL the supplies the school requests them to have but i cannot afford
    having 2 teens in high school and one in elementary costs me an arm and a leg every year of money i just dont have
    to not put all this stuff on credit cards this year would help immensely

  201. A computer or table!

  202. Wood and white desks

  203. I would purchase a tablet, a lunch bag, and note cards. Target has it all!!

  204. Backpacks and clothes for sure!!

  205. furniture would do the trick!

  206. Alarm Clock, Wall Clock, student desk, chair, and good reading lamp, backpack, healthy snacks, lunch bags, Ziploc baggies, #2 pencils, new tennis shoes, watch, and maybe throw pillows to read on bed

  207. I would buy a new tablet.

  208. I would purchase a tablet and art supplies for my classroom!

  209. Nice Storage Boxes, staples, colored paper.

  210. jeans, jeans, and jeans

  211. clothes, etc

  212. Desk organizer, alarm clock, storage containers, desk.

  213. What couldn’t we do w/the money? We have 3 college students in our home. One will be moving to an apt closer to school in September. He needs a chair as well as bookshelves (or crates), containers for supplies, among other things. We always purchase new calendars, notebooks, binders among other things. Thanks for a chance to win! We LOVE Target!

  214. I would buy clothes and the basics

  215. anything and everything. I teach kindergarten and they use up/destroy supplies quickly

  216. Dorm room supplies for my niece heading off to college.

  217. Desk, chair, reading lamp, batteries for CD player and wall clock, alarm clock, healthy snacks, brown bags, Ziploc baggies, Tupperware to put healthy snacks in. Binders, backpacks, # 2 pencils and a good pencil sharpner

  218. shoes

  219. new bedding

  220. I would buy a new desk, chair and lots of post-its!

  221. I would definitely buy a filing cabinet to keep all projects and artwork in for safe keeping. Then more supplies pencils, pens, erasers, paper and maybe some chalkboard paint to cover a wall for spontaneous creativity. Thanks Target for letting the creativeness run free.

  222. markers, etc

  223. I would treat my son to a lap top because he works so hard in school. He always tries his hardest to make his father and I proud of him each and every day!

  224. I would buy snacks, backpacks, clothes, shoes, notebooks, folders and pens, papertowels and lysol wipes

  225. Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer for classroom and backpacks, Kleenex, paper towels, desk, lamp, alarm clock, watch, wall clock, batteries, snacks, Ziploc baggies, # 2 pencils, Airborne, cough drops, and sheets

  226. Storage solutions to keep everyone organized during the school year.

  227. lunch boxes

  228. Buy supplies, storage solutions to help organize for the school year

  229. alarm clock, etc.

  230. With two sets of twins in middle school and myself in nursing school I would definitely use the $500 to purchase all the extra pens, pencils, post its, and anything in between. :)

  231. that cool wood and white desk, maybe two

  232. After providing the items that are needed, I would love to be able to use the remaining gift card balance to purchase items for children that are unable to purchase supplies on their own.

  233. I would purchase highlighters, binders, notebooks and Post-It notes. Then, I would donate to my Mom’s, aunts’, and friends’ classrooms based on their needs.

  234. highlighters, etc.

  235. My kiddo is starting kindergarten. I’ll need to buy folders, composition books, paints, felt tip pens, scissors, crayons, etc.

  236. Lunch box, clothes and school supplies!!!

  237. Every year I purchase back-to-school items and donate them to my local homeless shelter. With a $500 Target gift card, I could also purchase clothing and HBA items for these disadvantaged youngsters. Starting school can be stressful enough — imagine doing it while living in a homeless shelter!

  238. It would be wonderful to provide supplies for kids who aren’t able to do so on their own.

  239. clothes and shoes

  240. paper clips, etc.

  241. Art supplies and crafts kids would enjoy at school

  242. iPad, pens, paper, book sack, erasers, markers

  243. Target is great! Everything from uniforms to footwear and all of the school supplies on their supply list

  244. markers, lunchboxes

  245. Giving supplies to students whose parents are unable to provide them would be a great way to utilize the gift card.

  246. Desk, chair, pillows to lean on and read, good reading lamp, rug, #2 pencils, electric sharpener, alarm clock, wall clock, watch, healthy snacks, Target hand wipes for desk and hands at school, Kleenex, Ziploc baggies, Tupperware to bring healthy treats.

  247. stapler, etc.

  248. We could use a new study area for her. We can get a nice little desk and lamp to give her her own study area (instead of our dining room)!

  249. I would buy a laptop computer. The laptop I have now is so old, it has Microsoft Word 2003. It barely has any available memory left and it is very slow.

  250. I would definitely buy a new backpack. Mine keeps ripping in the same spot lol!

  251. jeans and markers

  252. purchasing supplies for students whose families are unable to do so would be a great way to use the gift card

  253. Bookshelves for the books and materials the kids use…

  254. erasers, etc.

  255. clothing, shoes, an ipad

  256. I would buy an iPad Mini, sneakers, folders and pens.

  257. desks and datebooks

  258. I would buy a new backpack and post-it notes!

  259. A graphing calculator and a laptop.

  260. clothing

  261. graph paper, tracing paper

  262. Stuff 4 the dorm room!

  263. desk, chair, reading lamp, rug, throw pillows, wall clock, alarm clock, good watch. # 2 pencils, electric sharpener, binders, and lots of hand sanitizer for back pack and desk also healthy snacks for school and when they get home

  264. printer ink, etc

  265. My son got a really long school supply list this year. I would buy everything that’s on that list. Unfortunately, I was not able to afford to buy my son school supplies this year.

  266. Clothes and equipment for a new year of sports!

  267. I would buy socks, jeans, backpack, paper pencils and headphones.

  268. I would buy a MUCH needed desk and matching shelves!

  269. I’d love to get a new desk chair, a lamp, clothes and backpacks!


  270. A laptop!

  271. I would buy desk, chair, reading lamp and throw pillows for fun, also pencils, binders, index cards, electric sharpener, backpack, sheets, new tennis shoes and snacks lots of healthy snacks

  272. I would buy school supplies and clothes for back to school. If theres any left I might treat myself to new lipstick or something nice like that. Would be fun!

  273. backpack, etc.

  274. headphones

  275. Basic supplies (pencils, crayons, paper, clips, scissors) and also organized containers and bins to put them into:)

  276. New backpack, art supplies and books for college

  277. I would use the giftcard to provide supplies for those students who are unable to purchase them without financial help

  278. Would buy student desk, chair, lamp, and throw pillows to read on floor and kick back, backpack, binders, wall clock, alarm clock, watch, electric sharpener, calculator, books, sheets and healthy snacks lots of Ziploc baggies to go to school and hand sanitizer for home and school

  279. With two kids in college I would use the money for the never ending list of school supplies and dorm supplies necessary.

  280. Pens and pencils, of course!

  281. snacks, etc.

  282. I would use it to purchase pens, pencils, paper, a backpack, notebooks, folders, a calculator, and a desk.

  283. what ever is needed plus some cool items

  284. A new desk and chair

  285. A new desk and printer.

  286. Supplies for upcoming school projects (poster board, etc.)

  287. A new desk and chair for our boys, needed supplies for my husband’s classroom, and any extras the school might need.

  288. More and more, we need more technology based school supplies so a computer and maybe a desk or printer too!

  289. I would buy a new lap top and printer

  290. Desk, chair, lamp, throw pillows, wall clock, alarm clock, rug, sheets, pens, pencils, backpack, watch, healthy snacks, Ziploc baggies, lunch bags, Airborne, and hand sanitizers

  291. tape,etc.

  292. after purchasing required items, the remaining balance would be used to provide items that others who can not afford them may need.

  293. iPad. How times have changed, right?!?!

  294. Something on the teacher’s wish list!

  295. glue, etc.

  296. I would buy a room of furniture

  297. Reading books that the kids will enjoy!

  298. Student Desk, files, chair, good reading lamp, throw pillow, sheets, wall clock, alarm clock, watch, binders, pencils, electric sharpener, healthy snacks, Ziploc baggies, and of course lots of hand sanitizers for home and school

  299. notepad, etc.

  300. Fun notebooks and cool pens!

  301. Organizational and storage supplies

  302. all the fun little nicknacks that Target has for back to school and a nice desk

  303. The gift card would go towards buying needed items for those students who could not afford them.

  304. Ink cartridges and paper to last the school year!

  305. I would buy whatever my grandson needs for his first year of college.

  306. I would get the wood desk that is pictured in the Family Circle magazine, and also a graphing calculator and a lamp to make the homework area inviting.

  307. Rosetta Stone, Desk, chair, reading lamp, electric sharpener, pencils, backpack, wall clock, alarm clock, watch, tennis shoes, hand sanitizers, target wipes, UP vitamins, and lots of healthy snacks

  308. folders, etc.

  309. I would purchase a new computer for my daughter.

  310. desks and lunchboxes

  311. Clothes, Shoes, Backpack, pens, paper and possibly a new laptop if possible!

  312. school clothes, pens, pencils, notepaper, notebooks and more.

  313. educational books and educational videos

  314. I’d buy items for my daughter who is a teacher!

  315. New books, notebooks,pens,sharpies, backpack, lamp, and a new desk and comfy chair! :)

  316. I would buy a new desk and chair.

  317. New curtains, comfortor and sheets would be first.

  318. jeans

  319. Math supplies: protractor, compass, calculator, ruler, graph paper, etc.

  320. Tons of supplies like pens, paper, computer ink

  321. I would buy a new ipad because I know that everyone in the house could use it to get a lot of work done!

  322. the gift card would go towards supplies that students need who are unable to pay for them on their own

  323. I would be an assortment of necessary supplies: pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, folders, crayons, glue, etc. and provide them to our local school district for distribution to the kids in most need.

  324. If I were to win the gift card, I would buy an iPad to fend off arguments about who gets to use the computer, and organizational items to keep all the paperwork, etc. at bay!

  325. trash can, etc.

  326. I would design a special work station that would meet the needs of weenie, teenies ,pre weenies, poppa and mama.

  327. Prep for the winter…coats, sweaters, boots, etc.

  328. A new desk and chair since her old one has seen better days. Plus some filing boxes and a corkboard for special notes.

  329. the gift card would be used for purchasing supplies that students need who are unable to buy them

  330. I will help pay for items that my nieces need: backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.

  331. i would purchase items for students who need them but can not afford them

  332. With this generous gift card I would buy an ipad for my 9-year old daughter!

  333. Educational games to practice skills for learning…at home or at

  334. dividers,etc.

  335. remaining school supplies needed and organizers

  336. I’d get my girls notebooks, binders, & a new backpack #FillTheWishlist

  337. notepads, etc.

  338. Desk, chair, throw pillows, lamp, alarm clock, wall clock, watch. Hand Sanitizers, UP vitamins, healthy snacks, Ziploc baggies, pencils, binders, backpacks, and kleenex

  339. for students who are unable to purchase school supplies, the gift card would be used for helping them get what they need.

  340. Totes and other organizers, backpacks, lunch bag; lamp, clock/music player; paper, pens, sticky notes, pencils; tissues; flash drive, ear buds

  341. Desk, chair, throw pillows, alarm clock, watch, cereal, healthy treats and school lunch bags and snacks, lined paper, lamp, pens, post its, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, vitamins

  342. lamp, etc.

  343. Desk, Wall Clock, Alarm Clock, Vitamins, Cereals, lunch fixings, pens, post its, Rosetta Stone, calculator, Electric Pencil Sharpener, hand sanitizers, Kleenex, paper towels, lined paper and backpack, watch

  344. Healthy snacks for school and after school!

  345. pencil sharpener, etc.

  346. I would start getting supplies for my step-daughters college dorm room. She is still a junior in high school, but some staples like bedding and towels and toilet paper are always needed. I would also start getting things for our youngest who will be starting kindergarten when her big sister starts college.

  347. I would by a laptop computer, some clothes and sneakers.

  348. I would purchase pens, lunch bags, notebooks, an iPad mini, new scissors, inspiring office accesories, and even some mittens for the mitten tree!

  349. A sturdy, but cute backpack, lots of writing implements, a lunch container, a desk & lamp for studying, at least one new school outfit, organizing containers for the supplies, some good school lunch snacks.

  350. I would buy pens, folders, paper, pencils, glue, markers, crayons, binders, scissors and hand sanitizer.

  351. Definitely a tablet! Our son is homeschooled, so there is a lot online that can supplement what we do at home!

  352. Jeans, shoes, snacks

  353. Laptop

  354. desk & chair and everything it needs to be a functionable homework spot