Mother’s Day

Every Mother Counts

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By Reisa Feigenbaum

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the folks at handbag e-tailor Emilie M. have chosen to sponsor a charity that’s dear to their hearts and consistent with the brand’s mission of supporting women in all walks of life. As a mother herself, Emilie was undeniably drawn to a cause that strives to provide the love of mothers to millions of children.

“From the first day, motherhood is a journey of dedication and giving. Giving a hand, giving advice, giving encouragement, giving smiles, giving love. For all the things our mothers give us, shouldn’t we give back?” asks Solomon Hedaya, president of Emilie M.

Between April 15 and May 31, 5% of the brands’ proceeds will support Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit founded by model and mother of two Christy Turlington Burns, dedicated to making pregnancy safe for every mother by informing and engaging audiences to take action and support maternal health programs worldwide.

Nothing beats a gift that gives back. You’ll find a collection of timeless accessories for any mom on a budget (all under $110), including statement-making silhouettes in polished styles from printed canvas and neutral linen to colored croc and tri-tone color block.

Irene Ostrich Shoulder Bag in Rose, Emilie M.,, $85

Leslie Compartment Double Shoulder, Emilie M.,, $90

Kimberly Ostrich Tote, Emilie M.,, $110


Mother’s Day Savings

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We’re celebrating 100 years of moms! President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation declaring Mother’s Day a national holiday in 1914. Say thanks for everything she does—or drop hints on last-minute gift ideas—with great online deals.

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What It Means to Mother Yourself

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As Mother’s Day approaches and millions of Americans reach out and touch the speed-dial button to their favorite floral shop, I find myself thinking about the day in another way.

This Mother’s Day will be the first for me without the visible presence of my own mother, Joan Taylor, who passed away last spring. The loss of my mother has made me think about the qualities that I need moving forward that will allow me to mother myself.

Those qualities include treating myself with compassion and loving kindness, and being more accepting of difficult situations by hearing my mother’s supportive words in my head—words like “everything will work out” or “you did a great job”—even when I’m unsure.

Since I have four daughters myself, Mother’s Day makes me examine the legacy that I am trying to leave for them, a legacy not of material or financial wealth but of social and emotional capital. In other words, the ability to tap into their own reservoir of self-understanding and acceptance with a dose of optimism sprinkled in.

This holiday, it’s also important to remember that while 90% of women want to be mothers, 39% of them may never be because of issues of fertility or circumstance. And  6% choose to be child-free. For these women, Mother’s Day may have multiple meanings.

One consistent factor for all women is the reality that we have been mothered. That experience, either with a biological or nonbiological mother, has a lasting impact throughout our lives. We learn how to love, experience life’s challenges, work out feelings of frustration and develop our strengths and values from our relationship with our first love and primary attachment, our mother.

The capacity to support each other as women by sharing our experiences of being mothered and what we have learned about our mothers and ourselves is truly what Mother’s Day represents. It’s about honoring our growth and origins and loving who we are just as our own mothers, in their unique and individual way, loved us.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

How do you mother yourself? Post a comment and share.

Janet Taylor, MD, MPH, a mother of four, is a psychiatrist in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @drjanetRead more of her posts here.

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Three Quick, Easy and Pretty Mother’s Day Gifts

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It’s only Thursday, so while the weekend’s still a couple of days away, the good news is that Mother’s Day is too. Here are a few quick gift ideas that won’t break the bank but will let mom know you’re thinking of her—and value her love and advice. Be sure to order now, before it’s too late! And don’t forget a card or a handwritten note. Chances are she’ll cherish that the most.

The best thing about Teleflora, other than the fact that they bring fresh flowers on demand to virtually everywhere in the U.S., is that this Mother’s Day they’ve teamed up with Spafinder to offer spa eGift Cards along with their arrangements. So now you can treat mom to a bouquet and a massage in one swoop. She can redeem the gift card at any of the 20,000+ local spas that belong to the SpaFinder network. Choose from four styles, each with a keepsake vase, and three different eGift Card denominations ($25, $50 or $100). Shown above is the Pink Bliss bouquet., from $83 for a standard bouquet and a $25 eGift Card



One of these lovely porcelain plates makes for the perfect finishing touch on a dresser, vanity or nightstand, where mom can use it to stash her rings and bracelets. Or pair the plate with a sweet-smelling bar of soap; it’s the ideal soap dish for a powder room. Shown above is the Porcelain Word Plate in Je t’, $18



Think you can’t afford to buy her diamonds? Simply not true! Get her a diamond candle, and once she’s finished burning it, there’ll be a ring with a bright sparkler inside, valued at $10 to $5,000. A modest jewel is the most likely outcome, but she’ll definitely enjoy the thrill of burning the candle to reveal the spoils—and for the pretty scent it’ll bring to the house in the meantime. Diamond Candles,, $25





Send Mom a Card that Might Save a Mother’s Life

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If it weren’t for the excellent health care I received when I was pregnant, neither I nor my maddening adorable teenagers would be here today. In some places in the world, that health care is not as readily available as it is here in the US. Actually, for some mothers here in the US, that health care is not so ready and available. Maternal mortality has doubled in the US in the last ten years.

I was lucky. My first pregnancy would not have had a happy outcome if it weren’t for a clean emergency room, skilled doctors, a great deal of modern medicine, and the health insurance that allowed me to avail myself of that care. Many mothers in the world don’t have access to the care I got. In some places there are no hospitals, doctors, medicine or knowledge. In other cases, no insurance or awareness of the dangers. In fact, every day 1,000 mothers die in childbirth. That is one woman every 90 seconds. Those deaths are tragic and leave families, communities, and children bereft. And they are completely avoidable. The medicine exists to prevent almost the conditions that would cause a woman to lose her life while giving life. Some women simply don’t have access to that medicine. Merck has started a 10-year, half-billion-dollar initiative – Merck for Mothers – that hopes to create a world where no woman has to die from preventable complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

As part of this initiative, Merck will give $1 to Join My Village for every Mother’s Day e-card sent from its Merck for Mothers site. The cards are sure to make Mom feel great. They cost you nothing. And they help prevent this unnecessary and tragic loss.

You can still give Mom flowers, too, if you want.

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