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42 Ways to Cut Everyday Costs

Use these smart strategies to budget and save money on shopping, health care, travel, and more.

By Celia Shatzman

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save money on cell phone bills
Stephen Webster
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Cell Phones

—Recycle old cell phones on and get cash back—two cell phones earn you an average of $65. List your model, answer a few quick questions, and enter your e-mail address, mailing address, and choice of payment. The site even provides a shipping label.
—Slash cell phone bills in minutes on, which examines phone usage and then recommends the most cost-efficient plan.


—Shape up virtually. With costs starting at $30 a month, gym memberships, personal trainers, and yoga classes can get pricey. But you can find free online workouts from certified trainers at the iTunes store and on YouTube (and Netflix, if you're a member).


Consider raising your car, home, and health insurance deductibles, says Stacy Johnson, author of Life or Debt 2010: A New Path to Financial Freedom (Pocket Books). Choose a high deductible, such as $1,000 for your home and car, and $5,000 for health. Then deposit what you save in monthly payments into an emergency-fund bank account.

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