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13 Fast Money-Saving Fixes

You vowed to take charge of your finances. With these quick and easy 5-, 10-, and 15-minute strategies, you'll stick with the program and boost your bottom line.
5-Minute Money-Saving Moves
Save money
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Alexis Rom

  • Sign up for or's Credit Report Card, two free tools that provide a number range for your credit score (instead of an exact figure). It's a good indicator of how much you need to improve to get the best interest rates on credit cards, a car loan or mortgage.

  • Create a separate e-mail address—at or another free site—solely for shopping online and receiving e-newsletters and other promotional offers. You'll reduce clutter in your primary in-box—and the temptation to click on every sale-mail.

  • See if you're entitled to any of the $32.8 billion in unclaimed funds being held by state governments. You might be owed money from a forgotten checking account or a mislaid security deposit. Go to (for tax refunds) and to and (for everything else), and type in your name and all the states where you have lived or worked.